Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tin Baths and Hot Cops

(Digitally muck around with? Moi? As if! Sigh. Alright, I confess. It's over-cooked.)

Christmas is a-fast approaching, and if I don't get my act together soon, it may well wind up passing the Cassa-Shrinky household by altogether this year. Sadly, being on Santa's naughty list, he's turning a deaf ear on my pleas to put everything forward by a month. Sooooooooooo. I'm outta' here (nah, just joking), but I'm gonna' have to be far less in here for a wee bit. Still I've come up with a crafty plan to distract you from the coming neglectful desert of my callous abandonment (well okay, for some of you then. Not so much so for my long-standing, faithful long-suffering friends, but well, tough. You are friends right? Get over it.)

The beauty of having put my old blog out to graze, is I now have the lazy option of filching the odd old post or two to strut out and claim as new again. What? Oh, c'mon, it's hardly plagiarism, after all I did once write these bloomin' things y'know.

So apologies to all the old crew - feel free to skip the comments section if you please, I'm a toughie, I can take it. Anyone else, plough on and forget all of the above, this is a new post, crafted only today, okay? (Wink, wink).


We have an alternative to the Cambridge v Oxford boat race over here, it was held yesterday in Castletown, which is about about a 15 min drive from our house. It's called the Tin-Bath Race, and is held in the harbour. I thought I'd take the camera in tow with me, so I could let you join in with us this year.

As you can see, we have beautifully wide, open roads.. it's really great for two-way traffic. Now, let me make it perfectly clear from the outset, I'm a pretty lousy guide as tour guides go, but if you follow me around for a bit and try not to nag, I'll give it my best.
Let me introduce you to a member of our our state-of-the-art police force. As you can probably see, he's regularly put through rigorous exercise regimes in order to ensure this peak of fitness. (Sorry Goddess, I think this one's already taken). The station behind is a veritable fortress. Oh, wait a minute, it really is one. It's situated in part of the original castle.

There are many smugglers coves around the island, and we are a regular stop-off point between Ireland and the the mainland of Britain. During the troubles, the island was a favourite route for smuggling explosives and guns through to the IRA. These days, drugs seem to be the main cargo, smuggled through to the thousands of caves which dot along our coastline, eventually ending up either dispatched or confiscated.

It's a pity it was so dull and overcast on Saturday, the rain didn't do much to enhance my photographic efforts, but I'm sure you can still get the gist of it. This is the nautical museum, but as I haven't been in there yet, I can't tell you much about it. There are many, many museums on this island, and I have yet to work my way around to all of them. Yeah, I know, a bit of a let down, but face it, as I am all you've got, you might as well quit sniping.

Moving swiftly on, the town clock still works fine, so there's no need for any upgrade yet. It sits on the wall of Castle Rushen (which is why the town is called "Castle" town). The Tin Bath World Championship Race (yes, your read right, it is a WORLD championship race) kicks off at 3pm, which in order to get us all in the right mood, first begins with a little spot of child abuse.

This involves hurling little kids from the top of a bridge, down in to the freezing waters below. Being Manx kids, wet suits are unnecessary, as we all know most of them were already born with ice-cubes up their bum. .. Some of these little darlings could win an Oscar for the amount of reluctance they fake, but luckily we had a sturdy adult posted by to stop them wasting our time.

We then slowly progress on to the Snake Race, where teams of nuns, amongst others, cling on to some rubber tubing, and try to reach a cluster of balloons in advance of any rivals. I did think it a tad un-nun-like for the bearded nun to slash the young boy scouts tubing with her crucifix, but then, to be charitable, she probably doesn't get out that much. Eventually, time moves ever so snail-like round to the much awaited main event itself, the Tin Bath Race.

As you will note, our athletes are every bit as finely toned and ruggedly muscular as any of our Putney oarsmen from across the water. They endure strenuous training involving lots of Manx kippers and a steady supply of Okells ale. Their sports kit adheres to the strictest of Manx safety standards, and have all been tested on various animals several times over.

Sadly, all these precautions still didn't prevent this poor chappie from swallowing half of the Irish Sea when his tub overturned. It was rather unfortunate that the life-boat crew had only called their tea-break a couple of minutes before hand, and as everyone knows you can't interrupt a working lads tea-break, he was kept bobbing around for a bit until they were finally able to rescue him. Still, a fine time was had by almost all, and this year the casualty rate was disappointingly low, all things considered.

We decided to quit whilst we were ahead, and forewent the family three-legged swim. There's always next year, eh?


Marty said...

Glad you had a chance to repost this one. And as far as your picture being "over-cooked" on this side of the ocean we just call looks like this HOT!

I passed along an award to you - hope you find to soon.

mrsnesbitt said...

Looks fun!
Christmas.hmmmmmmmmmmmm not got the tree sorted out yet.......some christmas cards arrived, first one from Brenda as ever, saddo I call her to her will get round to sorting out stuff....

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! New James patterson Thriller was awesome, see I had to read it as somebody was waiting for it! LOL yes, I'll get round to it!

BRUNO said...

Beats the re-runs on our television, for what is considered "entertainment", nowadays. At least YOURS has a personal-touch to it...!!!

Akelamalu said...

The tin bath race looks like great fun!

You had another blog? I must be one of your new readers. :)

Fletch said...

I'd rather you'd titled it "Tin Cops and Hot Baths" but hey, that's just me! Repeat post? Never! Still as fresh as ever, and it IS an annual event.

You must visit and take a look at my 'saddo' post titled 'Rambo', but not if you're a bit squeamish. It will give you a chuckle at the end.

Suldog said...

As you know, darlin', I'm not averse to running a re-run or two over at my place, so...

Oh, wait a minute! This is a NEW post (nudge-nudge-wink-wink.)

Pat Houseworth said...

Good Ol' Memory...and let's face it, this time of year, if you aren't too busy to "surf" and post, something isn't right on the home front.


~Babs said...

Lord, I love this post!
So many stories,,,,,so little time!
Rock on, you gorgeously Photo Shopped beauty,,,,there may be hope for me yet!
(Googling cost of Photoshop)

Leslie: said...

What a great idea to repost something you've written before. Lately, I haven't had much to say since I'm in the daydreaming stage of new love. But, I really enjoyed this and it reminds me of our "Bathtub races" we have in the summer. They race from Nanaimo across the inlet to downtown Vancouver - lots of teams, costumes, drink, and fun!

*Goddess* said...

"State of the art" police force? Yeah, ummmm about that...LOL!

Love the "nuns":)

Sandi McBride said...

Well, now I know the secret...just start a new post and pilfer errr..borrow posts from old blog...hmmm...yes, I suspect the young copper has been hanging out at the doughnut shop waiting for a shoplifter...actually loved this post, its all new to me...enjoy your break!

Alex L said...

I'm doing it aswell so I can't complain.

Doug said...

Hi Carol,
I assume that police officer has been
on a strict beer & doughnut diet.
Regarding Christmas,I'm somewhat
bah-hum buggish this year.

I'm back to blogging after a long
break. Drop by when you get a chance.


Mushy said...

Yeah, with Photoshop you could be Bruno for all I know!

Love those annual event shots!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"It's over-cooked"
Try 225 for a half hour, next time.

"Anyone else, plough on and forget all of the above, this is a new post, crafted only today, okay? (Wink, wink).

The white was beginning to wear off that lie a bit, at the end, so I touched it up a bit for ya with my white out. It's the lie season. We're allowed.

Stuff like the tin tub international championships is the essence of our souls, although I would encourage that cop to get in the action, that is, if he can!

BRUNO said...

What a RUDE comment for Mushy to leave you! Why, your MOUSTACHE only shows when the light hits it wrong!!!

Now, as for the hairy CHEST---well, maybe we should just "let sleeping dogs lie", eh???

LOL!!! All while trying to ROF&L!!! Big, fat PEAR-shapes don't roll too easily....!!!

BRUNO said...

And, BTW: I still haven't forgotten about PETER, the APE!

Go on, I DARE YOU to re-post THAT one...!!!

Fireblossom said...

So anyway, a viking, a bunch of nuns and a fat cop walk into a bar....

Shrinky said...

Awww Marty, thank you soooooooo much - I'm legging it over to quickly grab, er,that is - graciously accept what ever awaits me there. Smiles.

Denise, I've just literally decorated the tree this day. Sigh. Sam always helps. Take seven times longer and frazzles my nerves, but there is no denying he is certainly a happy bunny tonight.

Well bruno, I went with the thought that most of my old crew are far too old and senile to even recall what I posted last week, never mind what went up in my old blog (ow,ow,ow, stoppit - yes, alright, sorry, it was a JOKE, okay??)

Akelamalu, I was, er, a little too frank about sending up a few of my neighbours and acquaintances in my last one, they kind of tracked me down and smacked my bum over it. I am a much better and reformed character now (wink).

Hey there fletch, so lovely to see you again my dear friend. I look forward to popping by, I know you never disappoint. x

Suldog, I am so glad you did re-run the last post dedicated to your dear old gran, had you not, I would have missed it altogether, and that, my dear friend, would have been a crying shame.

Oh Pat, if you only knew what a flap I am in over Christmas, it'll all turn out all right in the end, but I am running soooooooooooooo behind in everything, it's downright scary, so it is!

Bab's, ya' know it's amazing how popular I am with my sisters thesedays, they send on all kinds of rot for me to transform in Photoshop for them. I'm considering charging a fee - giggle.

OMG Leslie, new love? Oh, how wonderful. And you've run dry??? C'mon girl, spill.. we won't tell anyone, will we guys? (hugs)

Goddess, hey there lady, this is Craggy Island we're talking here, ya' takes what's on offer and be's grateful for it, young whippersnapper. Hmph.

Sandi, you're just spoiled so you are, being as how you've had yourself surrounded by the finest of the fine of what's to be had in uniform for oh so many years. Maybe you can have a whisper in one of their ears, see if they fancy doing a little exchange visit with our lad for a month or two?

Alex, 'tis the month for repetitiion, just look at the telly programmes, we are in good company. Smile.

Hi doug, welcome back! So good to see you again. I'm hot-footing it over as I type.

Mushy, I'll have you know Bruno and I were separated at birth, is it any wonder I legged it to another continent to grow up?

Hi dan, ah, the cop knows he'll catch anyone without too much effort - all he needs do is wait by the ferry for him to turn up. Anyone indigenous never gets away either, they always get recognised and have their wrists slapped. Why waste the energy running after them?

Bruno, this is my new blog, I've turned over a new leaf - not a word about Peter the gorrila and me please - for goodness sake man, I have a new image here to maintain!

Shay, I know, commonplace every Saturday night over here. And your point is..?

david mcmahon said...

Aye, I remember this post - and the photographs.

Fireblossom said...

I've tagged you. Come to my blog and see, please!

Shrinky said...

Hi David, yeah (sigh) well you know my motto, anything worth showing once..

Fireblossom, having just tripped on over there, all I can say is you are a stinker of the highest degree, Madam. However, methinks I may have found a way around it..

(Exits with an evil cackle.)

CJ said...

Like a local used car dealership states "it's new to you!". Loved, loved this post. You are an absolutely fabulous tour guide. I am LMAO about the ice-cube comment. Those are some tough kids. Next time I make it over to London, I want you as my guide!

Anonymous said...

Not over-cooked. Um... Artistically manipulated. (how's that?)

I want the Peter the Gorilla story! (stamping foot)

Shrinky said...

cj, what do mean about "Next time"?? You mean you snuck over to London before, without even telling me? (Slapping you up-side the head for being so sneaky).

I'm escaping off for a week in January there if you are up for it?

Shrinky said...

For the love of God, Chewy, keep it down, will ya? I'm a reformed character on this new blog, as well you know..

Bloody mischeif-maker.. muttermutter.

CrazyCath said...

Well I'm a first time rounder and it looks too darn cold this time of year! Or any time of year for that matter. Mad Manx Men...

Mama Zen said...

This is hilarious! Love the pictures!

SJ said...

I remember this post... it was very funny. Still is.

BRUNO said...

AHA!!! I see I'm not the only one who remembers "Peter The Ape"!(And, unlike ME, "Chewy" has CLASS!)


(Well, sounds a LOT better than if we yelled, "WE WANT PETER", don't ya' agree...???)

Shrinky said...

Cath, you are not wrong there hon, they are stark raving bonkers if you ask me!

Momma Zen!! Hey everybody, come and say hi to my new visitor, she's okay, she comes with referances! Lovely to see you in here, hon (smile).

Oh sj, thanks for putting up with all this crap, you are a love.

Bruno, you keep this up and I'm sending you to the naughty boys corner.. have a care!

Leon Basin said...

Looks great...I want to join...:)

Kit Courteney said...

Brilliant idea to re-post if this is what we get!

Love it.

More, please!

Jules~ said...

Another fun post. Just looking at that water makes my teeth chatter and clatter together. What a fun and goofy merry tradition to have all the townspeople partake in.
I learned something new today!

Anonymous said...


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