Friday, April 24, 2009

Stepping Out

I'm not disappearing, not really. I'll still be around to pop by, and I have every intentions of still posting up the odd piece now and then. I'm simply stepping a little back for the time being, that's all.

I have a few projects I want to play with and devote more time to, but to give these justice something has to give. Blogging has entered my bloodstream, and like most addictions, it's demanding more of me than is healthy - things have slid - particularly with my creative writing.

mostly, I wish to be virtuous and focus on finishing up that not-quite-yet-a-book of mine that's been languishing for so long. There are also a dozen or so other ideas floating around in my brain, and like wasps around a wine-glass they keep buzzing in my ear, I feel compelled to chase them down if only to see where they land.

For those dear friends who wish to touch in, know my email is always open and very much yours, please do feel free to call by at any time, I shall certainly love to hear from you.

So there we have it, Shrinky is taking a sabbatical! 'Til the next time, have fun my friends, but do still remember to behave, eh? I'll be watching you..



Marty said...

Shrinky my Dear, I will keep you on my lurking list waiting for that odd piece now and then. You have my email too so feel free to write. I am proud to have had some wonderful conversations with you. I know that your book needs to be written so go at WRITE IT!

Anonymous said...

Not-quite-a-book little by little will become the-book. Write while the iron is hot. And get hubby to do the clothes ironing. (wink)

Cath said...

I'll miss your fun, stylish, upbeat posts, hearing your voice although I have never heard it in my ear. :)

I understand though. So many things to do and not enough time on the clock! So enjoy your sabbarical, come read from time to time, and know that we think of you too and that you are welcome, certainly at my place, anytime.

Anonymous me said...

We'll just wait then ... write well, write true. xxJ

TheWritersPorch said... know I'm sad but soooo understand! I too am going to have to back down some pretty soon! I WILL be usung that e-mail address for sure!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Totally understand...but we'll miss you!!!! Best wishes as you finish your book! I'm sure it will be a best seller! ~Janine XO

Akelamalu said...

You'll be missed for sure but we'll still be here when you pop in. :)

Jay said...

I'll miss you, but you are in my news reader so when you pop back up again, I'll know!

Good luck with the not-quite-book. And if we come over to your craggy island, I'll drop you a line. Maybe we can meet for coffee. ;)

Margaret's Ramblings said...

I will miss you but understand. Will keep you on my blog list so I will catch the occasional postings you do do.

Take care


Scott from Oregon said...

...butt butt... you just got back from VACATION...

Pouty Lips said...

I can promise to check in by email once in a while, but behave? I don't think so!

Lover of Life said...

Good luck with getting things done. I'm having much the same problem. Books remain unread, writing unwritten, dust lingers. Take care, we'll be here when you come back.

Robin said...

you mean if i stop blogging and reading blogs i'll get some stuff done? hmmm...

i'm missing you already but also, i'm hoping you will still stop in occasionally.

and yeah, i will definitely be emailing you - if nothing else, to needle you on the airport fiasco. what? you thought i'd forget? ha!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Shrinky. Until we meet again...

david mcmahon said...

Good luck, God bless, and you DO know I'm only a phone call away.

Run into a problem? Ring me. Sometimes it helps just to have someone to talk you through a story-construction issue or to find your way around a temporary roadblock.

~Babs said...

Go for it!
I'll be the first in line for a copy.
Signed, of course.
Leaving the light on,,,,,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest are the best of bloggie friends...always an encouraging are so humble, authentic, and gifted! I am going to miss you very much while you are on sabbatical...but I look forward to reading your fact, I'm really excited about it...and so I will part with you for a little while so that you may pursue your work...even though it hasn't been long since I found you, you have truly touched my life...:-) Love to you~Janine XOXO

Ian said...

I understand as I'm beginning to feel the same way. I'm worried that if I post much more of The Mongolian Girl on my blog, it's going to seriously prejuduce my chance of getting a decent publishing deal, but to be fair to regular readers, I'll probably let you see the remainder by e-mail.

You shouldn't really post any part of a novel online, which is probably something you are already aware of.

Anonymous said...

Ah no! I am so sorry this happens , just as I have discovered your blog. take care and do post now and again!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Blogging is that vacuum into which we pour all time, and then some.

I too, have had to step back occaionally, and to my horror, there were all these other tasks undone!!

While the selfish part of me wants to continue to read those wonderful free stories, the practical part of me (MUCH smaller:) knows you have dreams to pursue.

So dear Shrinky, chase those dreams, grab that rainbow!! Know I could no more forget about you than I could shut up!:) In the best tradition of the South in America:


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Your bullet proof vest gotcha in trouble, didn't it? C'mon now, didn't it?:)

Puhlease tell me you didn't wear it into the country!! Shrinky, I luvs ya to the end of the earth, but anytime you go to airports, you need a note from your hairdresser that says:

"This is to certify I'm not really a blonde!" LOL!

SJ said...

Not that you were blogging a storm up anyways. (OK nor was I).

Good luck with your plans and be back soon.

Shrinky said...

Aw Marty, we've had our moments, haven't we? Grin. Thank you my friend, I promise to work long and hard to find myself back this way again soon.

Hey Chewy, I'll pass the message on, and thanks love, for all the faith you have in me, I can't tell you how much that means. x

Oh Cath, I will not be a stranger, you can count on that hon - for what it's worth I always look forward to reading your wonderful offerings.

Anonymous me, I shall certainly try to - smile.

Hi Carol, you too, huh? Keep in touch hon, I'd love to hear from you!

Janine, Best seller? I'd just be happy to have it in print.. thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot, you know. Hugs.

Which I shall, Akelamalu, this I promise!

Oh Jay, yes, you MUST, I can think of nothing more fun. Don't forget, now!

Oh, please do Margaret, and I won't be gone for long, I love it in here far too much too deny myself the pleasure of it for any real length of time. Smile.

I know Scott, I've got lazy in my absence. Actually, the recent enforced break has allowed me to realise I really can survive for a little outside of posting. (Not for too long, though.)

Pouty (laughing), aww, that's my girl!

Hi Lover of Life, yes you completely understand, don't you? It's such a wrench to pull away, but sometimes you just have to. I hope it won't be for too long.

Thank you Michael, I am sure it will not be long before we do!

Gee Robin, there is no escaping you, is there? Giggle. Okay, okay, shhhhhhhh, I'll spill all about it as soon as I return, alright? (Shaking my head..)

Oh David my dear friend, it's solely down to your support and encouragement that I have ever started out on this path - you have been a huge inspiration for me, words can not tell you how much I have come to value your friendship. x

Ah Babs, be careful what you wish for! Grin. I love that thought of the light left on.

Janine, you have brought a big lump to my throat, what a lovely thing to say. You inspire so many people with your wonderful writings, I do feel truly privileged to count you as one of my dearest blog friends.

Hi Ian, yes that can be quite a dilemma, can't it? I (against the advice of my dearest on-line friend) posted many excerpts from my novel on my blog. It gave me great feedback and the confidence to believe I had something solid worth pursuing. Reluctantly, having later found an agent keen to receive the finished manuscript, I felt it judicious to close my blog down - this here is my second blog, and I have purposefully decided not to post any more of my novel here. I do miss that part of my blogging, but guess it is probably for the best.

Hi Meredith, aw you can't get rid of me that easily, y'know! Wink.

Dan, the very idea, as if (giggle)!

And as I love you to pieces, wild horses won't drag me away from visiting your feisty offerings, so there! Catch you soon my friend.

SJ, it ebbs and flows, this is true - in those immortal words, "I'll be back"!

Sandi McBride said...

ENjoy the break Shrinky...we'll be looking forward to your return!

Mushy said...

Yeah, what she said!

Hilary said...

My dear Shrinky.. best of luck to you with your endeavors. I will look forward to hearing that your books to be are a roaring success. I have little doubt they will be. I'll miss you, of course, but I'm so happy that you're focusing on your needs. Hugs to you, dear one.

Shrinky said...

Hi Sandi, I am sure I will have horrible withdrawal symptoms until my return!

Ah Mushy, I know (sigh), it's not like we haven't both been here before, is it? Smile.

Thanks Hilary, I've decided it's time to stop inventing reasons not to get on with it.. wish me luck!

Kit Courteney said...

Get that book out girl.

It'll be a good-un.

You rock x

PRH....... said...

The weather is getting warming Shrink...I'll be spending less time myself on these pages...but keep in touch via facebook and the comment sections....we will do the same.

Alex L said...

Well as usual don't take to long. But enjoy yourself.

Suldog said...

Everybody needs a break, now and again, so enjoy (and get done what you feel the need to do.)

I'll pop in every now and then, just to see if you've returned. I do enjoy you, you know :-)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Have a wonderful Sabbatical Shrinky!!

i beati said...

we'll miss you but have a productive sabbatical and come back someday !!Sandy

i beati said...

Helena said...

I haven't been able to blog much lately, certainly Bob and Dilly haven't. Sometimes your energies need to recharge offline and sometimes 3D stuff has to come first.

Get yourself a nice big glass jar, write all the stuff you think of doing onto bits of paper, put these in the as you think of them. Whenever you have a spare day/weekend/afternoon take one out and see if you can work on it. Whenever you have a new idea for something but no time to do it, write it on a new slip and put it in. This way you don't have to keep it all in your head, you don't have to worry about forgetting the stuff you meant to do. It's less stressful than a list and is very freeing.

Hope all goes well.

Hugs & cake


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Nose hugs


~Babs said...

Just checking in,,,I heard you typing,,,,must be working on the book.
Just making sure I wasn't missin' anything, ya know!

Shrinky said...

Hi there everyone, just wanted to pop over to let you know I am still alive and well-ish. I'll be far more well when the results of quitting smoking kicks in and the cravings decide to leave me be (but at least I've DONE it, whoopee-do, eh?).

I'm finally back in my stride on the writing front and happy with what I've got, but it's


Guess that's just the way I get there, I'm learning to be patient with myself, at least I have put aside a set time each day and am finding the discipline to stay with it. Smile. I am still visiting as and when I can, and hope to catch up with you all soon. Big hugs ((x))

Hilary said...

Wow.. good for you. Stick with it.. those cravings will fade to a point where you can easily sweep them aside. :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you typing.

simon said...

good luck with the writing- I certainly understand your position.. blogging is addictive

Suldog said...

Hey, from a long-time smoker to another: CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the good work!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Kelly Dickson said...
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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Hehehehe!!! How goze it? :@D

PRH....... said...

Hey what's with the e-mail.....?? Do you have a new one, or have you disconnected em' all?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You must be one of the very nicest bloggers out here!!! Thank you so much for returning my visit, Shrinky!!! You are terrific!!! And I admire you so much!!! ~Janine XO

San said...

Best of luck with your projects, Shrinky. I look forward to reading your book!

Sigh. I am all too familiar with the push and pull of various responsibilities. I would be a more faithful visitor to your blog, had I more time for such merry-making.