Thursday, August 12, 2010

Five Floors Up In SW7

"It's a matter of my National security," said the angry-man in the nasty-lie, "Failure to comply with rule 24, sub-section 6, will result in your instant deportation to Cold-Hearted-Bitch-Land."

"But, -"

"Step away from the question Ma-am, lest it cloud my mind!" Producing a syringe filled with guilt, he backs her into the corner.

"I don't understand!"

"Persistence in terrorism has dire consequences."

"What is it you want from me?"

"Complete compliance and total acceptance. The sky is a fluffy, soft mirror of all that is right."

Without taking aim, the bullet "Untrue!" flies out from her mouth, winging his pride.

Staggering now, red-splattered with rage and hell-bent on revenge, he lunges, plunging his cold, sharp serum between the soft, bruised folds of her pity. Twisting, full dose undelivered, she darts for the safe cover of reality, hoping to reload her sanity.

"What are you thinking of?" She shrieks, watching as he pulls out a blindfold to cover her outrage. "Distort as you will, the truth is firm!"

But his conviction is strong, and her cruelty is weak. Bound and gagged she gives up the fight.

It is willingness, not this rag-doll he demands, and displeased, his kettle of tears reach boiling point. He wants to scald her with them, see her wince in his pain. But his blood-sugar is low, and he needs to eat, so settling for a juicy carved slice of her disillusionment, he sits instead to devour her last vestige of faith.

Belching, moving off in seek of pudding, he tosses her, "You should have read the small-print." as he slams the door behind.

I posted this rather cryptic missive some time ago.  I was too numb and still reeling then, to elaborate.  Now I realise I did nothing wrong, other than to be very naive and stupid enough to accept someone at face value. I know I am not to blame.
The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it is also a rife ground for predators to stalk.
I've formed some lasting friendships through blogging.  I am wary of joining sites such as "Facebook" and the like, I value my privacy, and liked to think I was pretty savvy concerning "putting myself out there".

A female fellow blogger, one I had grown to value and to trust over time, offered to step up and to come over to meet me in London, when a friend of mine, whom I had arranged to spend a week away with, through no fault of her own, had had to pull out at the very last minute.  As the apartment and attractions we had arranged to see were all already booked and paid for, it sounded a wonderful alternative solution.  I was excited at the prospect of meeting up with this (what I had come to consider) dear friend of mine.

A slight warning bell sounded when she - at the Nth hour - mailed me to confirm, um, I WAS paying for her return flight from America, yes?  Only (how embarrassing) she has told everyone now - she just naturally assumed..?  

I hadn't planned on that, no.  But..  yes, I am stupid.  I sent the fare.

What I certainly never planned on, was that "she" would turn out to be a six foot two, almost as wide as large, transvestite/wannabe transgender guy.

One who wanted a relationship with me.

Let me make this loud and clear, I don't give a toss over what sexuality anyone has, having led a rich and varied life myself, I am the last one to cast any stones.  However I DO give a toss about honesty.

Thing is, I actually felt sorry for him, and swallowed all his guff of the tragic life he has (because he truly actually does have a terrible life, this I know for sure).  I was even prepared to go through with the week as his friend, and to try to make the best of it.

But he was mortified I was so cruel to as to reject his advances, so much so, he called another unsuspecting UK on-line friend of his, to come and "rescue" (what she thought was her), from this wicked person (me) who had turned his trip into what he billed as a living nightmare.

The guy ate for Britain, he couldn't pass a cafe/restaurant, without having a three course meal (which I unfailingly was left to pick up the tab for, each and every time).  He claimed low-blood sugar.  I, having no appetite, usually just sat and watched him.  Despite his flouncy frocks, waiters frequently "Sir-ed" him, and when they did it was cringe inducing - he became extremely vocally abusive in return.. God, such a drama queen, I lost count of the times I prayed for the floor to simply open up and swallow me whole!

Frankly, I felt only relief upon finding his goodbye note.  Earlier that day, I had left him to pay his own friggin' tab, he'd been particularly obnoxious, sulky and non-communicative.  I'd finally had enough, and told him I would do my own sight-seeing for the day, and would see him back at the flat.   I literally danced a celebratory jig on the spot when I came back and found him packed up and gone.
His other poor, unsuspecting friend was as shocked as I to discover whom "she" actually was.  She later (we never knew each other beforehand) tracked me down and emailed me.  Long story short, we had soooooooooo much in common (smile) we just had to become friends.  I can only imagine how he must have squirmed at the thought of us two swapping our notes together.  My goodness, I could hardly believe the lies he'd told her about me!  Mind, her hair curled too, when she heard what he'd told me about her..

Him?  No, we are no longer in touch, yet I do have it on good authority that yes,  he's very much alive and active in the blogging world, and still doing so in the guise of a woman.

One thing I will say about him, he is a very gifted poet, not to mention fantasist.


Kyna said...

Holy crap O_O

You just never know, do you? I met my husband online, and I was really lucky he didn't turn out to be something other than he said. People can be anything they want on the internet. I love the internet, but I also hate parts of it too.

That sucks you had to go through all that craziness, but I'm glad you found a friend out of it. My husband would say, 'Things might be bad now, but it all comes out in the wash' lol.

Shrinky said...

Kyna, I placed a half page ad in a trendy London magazine to find my husband (internet, 20yrs back, wasn't really an option back then)! Admittedly, he was one of the last of my replies I answered to, but it seems to have paid off!

Kate said...

Details...I need details! Names....OR....are you pulling my leg, Shrinky?? This sounds like the start of a John Irving novel.

Shrinky said...

If only, Kate! I have no intentions of "outing" him, much as he deserves it. He's too mentally unstable for me to have that on my conscience. Oddly enough, someone seems to have. I recieved a few hate-comments from a couple of his supporters blaming me for that, but it was unjust and unfounded. He has enough problems, I am not about to add to them.

Pat Tillett said...

What a story!
That's the kind of stuff you just can't make up. Truth stranger than fiction...

It's a great post and really well written!

mrsnesbitt said...

hey hun - I am touched you shared this - tis good to know where people are who we can trust and be our whole selves with.

BTW ...have your tissue ready tomorrow, well 40 minutes away cos it is a special, sad day for me.

Shrinky said...

Pat, I do often question if am just a trouble magnet (smile). Life is seldom boring, this much is true! (x)

Hi Denise, I'll be sure to drop by your place, never fear.

Leslie: said...

Omigosh! Lesson learned, I summize, about not having anyone "stay" anywhere with you until you KNOW them! I'd have run faster than a cheetah (and I can't run!) lol Oh well, you can always tell this story to your grandkids as a cautionary tale. :)

Charlene said...

I had a similar "mooch" invitation. A somewhat business associate from the past invited me to "come on down to TN and spend the weekend!". It was a litany of meals out where the host never had money for a burger or a glass of wine, and at the last minute I had to buy the "soon to be famous" author a laser printer cartridge so she could print out her book to send to the publisher, for a promised copy of the book.

No book. No repayment. No returned call ever from me!

I am glad you survived that time with the insane she he; you know one or the other.

Mushy said...

"Let me make this loud and clear, I don't give a toss over what sexuality anyone has, having led a rich and varied life myself, I am the last one to cast any stones."

Mmmm, tell me more?!

mythopolis said...

This is so funny and horrible, I can't help but think, you are my kinda gal! So fun to read!! Keep it comin'!

Cheeseboy said...

NO WAY! I have heard of stuff like this happening, but never known anyone that it actually happened to.

That story is just too insane. But I am so glad you shared it.

Shrinky said...

HeyLeslie, wish I had had your wisdom at the time (I love that image of you running like a cheetah, that is exactly what my insticts told me to do, I just lacked the guts to follow through with it). I am far wiser, with hindsight..

Charlene, if you are anything like me, you must smart at allowing yourself to have been taking for such a mug?? We live and learn, eh?

Mushy, you are a dirty old man! Ask me no questions, I shall tell you no lies (grin)..

TechnoBabe said...

That is awful but as always you were a good sport and you did more than most of us would have done for him/her. Other than my hubby I have not met anyone in person. And I am not comfortable posting photos of me online even though hubby does of him. My reservation is because of some things in my past relationships. So many people do not post their photos so we don't know is people are being honest, do we? I just take people at face value per their posts and hope they are being honest. I am just glad you were safe and nothing horrible happened.

Shrinky said...

Mythopolis, actually, that was only the start of my problems, it actually got even worse.. if you have the patience, visit the site where the story continued.. sheesh, talk about being crucified for your sins.. It certaintly wasn't my finest of moments..

Joe Cap said...

Wow, that is pretty amazing. I promise when I come to visit you in the UK I will pay my own way there AND back! K?

Rock Chef said...

Wow. I have met up with a few internet friends over the years and they have always been exactly how I expected! I count myself extremely lucky after reading this!

I hope you don't mind me admitting that a part of me found this extremely funny too...


Jazz said...

I've met at least 7 or 8 people from the net and they've all been exactly what I was expecting from their blogs or from forums. You obviously hit the jackpot. Wow. I'm impressed you stuck it out so long.

Still, I don't think you'd meet that many more creeps on the internet than in a bar for instance. You can always be what you want whatever the circumstances. Except maybe in the case of 6'2" transgender males...

mythopolis said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned tale of transgender psychoterrorism!

Shrinky said...

You're on, Joe (grin)!

Yeah Rock Chef, even I can see the funny side of it now. This was the only time I had ever met up with a fellow blogger, can you believe that?

Cheeseboy, it truly was insane, he insissted he was a woman. I thought I was going mad. Eventually, when he took his two hour daily bath, I dug out his passport and shoved it up his nose when he finally surfaced. Finally, proof positive it wasn't me who was nuts!!

TechnoBabe, I never actually felt in any danger of him, in truth, I think it was him who was more scared of me! But, he did serve 2yrs in the military, so maybe I was labouring under a false sense of security there - who knows?

Jazz, later, when another fellow blogger was on a visit to my isle, she suggested she and her hubby meet up with me. I had severe reservations! I made sure we met on my home ground, and with hubby in tow. I needn't have worried, they were great, a truly lovely couple. You are right, there are good and bad folk in every walk of life.

Mythopolis, sure keeps me on my toes, eh? (Laughing). I'm touched you took the time to follow my link, thank you for that, my friend!

Rock Chef said...

That was your first time? I can see why it has been your last too!

BRUNO said...

Yep, my Dad always DID say: "Don't go by looks-alone, boy---get up there, an' SMELL before you go fishin' with that pole!"

An' for more years of puberty than I care to admit: I thought he was talkin' about the catfish-bait!

Reminds me of my Dads'-admission that, being raised "in-the-sticks" for all of his life, he came to the only logical-answer:

"Always figgered those homo-and-trans-sexuals were just idle gossip, until I passed-through San Francisco(California),upon my return-trip from the service! But, I'll be damned if they really DIDN'T have some "converted-over" that way!"

"Gotta be careful out there, boy!".....☺

The Urban Cowboy said...

WOW...DOUBLE WOW! I would have written that one off as a flake the minute I was asked for money.

I have only met with one person from the online world, and she was as sweet as her blog is.

Now, I have to ask...who is this blogger with the false persona?

Fen said...

Blimey, that was an eye opener. I've had only good experiences with meeting people on the net, mind you I've only ever once done it as a one on one situation. Most of the time it's been group things.
I've met a few nutters but none with manners that bad! Wow.
I promise if I ever visit that I'm mostly nice!

Shrinky said...

Hahahaha, oh Bruno, ou have such a way with words, thanks for making me laugh. Pity I didn't have you along with me on the day (giggle)..

Hey Urban Cowboy, don't rub it in! I know I was too stupid for words.. I can't believe I actually went along with this. That said, he is troubled enough without me adding to it, so no, I'm not about to hang him out to dry by naming him. He is who he is, and it must be a hard path to walk. That does not, however, excuse him for being such a nasty, repulsive little prick, and complete user.

Anonymous said...

You're bringing back this horror? Ugh. I went back to Gatwick... I had forgotten about that episode. (shaking head) Only you, only you.

The Urban Cowboy said...

I would never rub it in, Shrinky...I think you just have a soft heart and he took advantage of that.

Middle Child said...

Kyna said it "Holy crap" - you were game...and what a con man - I am always shy of those who regale you with how horrible their lives are - the aim being that you will feel sorry for them - I know people with truly dreadful lives and you only know about it because you know their circumstances not because they have had a big whinge

It'll be a cold day in hell before I take anyone in sight unseen - have learnt in the past but not from the Internet

secret agent woman said...

Holy Hell! That's a crazy story! But you are far kinder than I would have been - I'd have pulled the plug at the request to buy the ticket.

BRUNO said...

You wish that I was there with you, ya' say? Why? So's I could run interference(as in AMERICAN-football), for YOUR-escape? LOL!

Yeah, OK---you KNOW I'd a-done it for ya'!

I've never had problems, with gays at least. I don't agree with their lifestyle, but then again, hell---whatever fills your wagon! As long as it's not forced on me---I can let it go, as THEIR choice.

BUT---the poor bastard who tries to "switch-gears at the intersection", and needs it BOTH-ways?

Now, THAT-ones' gotta go, especially if "it's" FORCING "itself" on me.

I wonder if there's an operation that can reverse being an unwilling-member of the human-race?

Naw, that's OK! I likely DON'T wanna know, anyways...!☺

Shrinky said...

Yeah Rock Chef, it was the VERY FIRST time I'd every met anyone from blogland - unbelievable, eh?

Hi Fen, aw, you are sound, how can you not be, being half-Manx? (Grin)

Hi Chewy, as you know, I posted the first part "Five Floors Up in SW7" shortly after returning home. I was even more angry with myself, than with him at the time. It's proved threaputic "writing it out", with distance from it. Gatwick - ha! You are right - only me, eh?

Aww, thanks for that Urban Cowboy. You would not believe the lies that man spun, not just before, but even after we met. He lived in a complete fantasy land.

Yeah Middle Child, you live and learn, eh?

Hello Secret Agent, I only told my best friend that I was sending on the fare (which, incidentally, I later found was several hundred pounds more that the actual cost). She was so furious with me she actually stopped talking to me for a few days! Wish I had listened to her..

Bruno, talking of operations, he claimed he'd had all the surgery, too (which I seriously doubted), and was legally a woman. He spared none of the gruesome details, claiming he had to be met, wheelchair-bound, at the airports by friends, and how painful and expensive it had been. Another sad tale to elicit my sympathy. That's why I dug out and confronted him with his passport, up until then, I didn't even know his real name! Even then, he was totally unapologetic about the elaborate lies he had spun me!

G-Man said...

You Da Bomb!!
I warn people all the Time!

Shrinky said...

Yup G-Man, just keep on warning 'em!! (Wry smile..)

Fletch said...

I really didn't think you'd post this one. But the memory must have been like an itch that needed to be scratched ... !!

Shrinky said...

Ach Fletch, above all, I'm a blogger.. this was just too good NOT to post, wasn't it? Admittedly, I needed some space to set it straight, make sense of it all. Thanks for being there, at the time (hugs) x

laughingwolf said...

goddamn expensive lesson, on so many levels :(

glad you and your other new friend are rid of that dickhead!

Shrinky said...

Yes Laughingwolf, it certainly was, wasn't it? I suspect he will easily find other idiots to con, folk like him always do.

Margaret Benbow said...

Shrinky, never apologize for your pure and trusting heart. What a poisonous jerk Mr. Creepy was to take advantage of it! Thank you for your brave post. Other bloggers will be safer because you wrote about this.

Shrinky said...

Oh, thanks for that Margaret (smile). A creep is a creep, but in his case, the internet is his stalking ground, I feel bad for the next victim he manages to snare (because he will, of that I am sure).

SJ said...


How could she have lied about something like wanting a relationship or her transgendered status!!! You should have walked away at day no minute one.

Shrinky said...

SJ, he lied he was a woman all the time I knew him on-line. When we met, he eventuially spun me a yarn of having gone through numerous op's, explicitly describing the pain and horror of each one (none of which was true, he may WISH to be transgender, but he was very much still male), I had to dig out his passport to him, to confirm this. I truly thought I had entered an alternate universe. He gave me such a sob story, you would not believe.. how his family had rejected and abandoned him, his ex-wife was mentally ill.. sheesh! I think I can understand why.. and in fairness, when I met him at the airport, he did sport a very loud jacket covered in various badges advertising he was a lesbian..

He is a nutter, you are right, I should have left him with his luggage right there and then.

Calamity Jane said...

Ohhhh Shrinky!! Don't know what else to say love, (yes I know long time no blog - have been lured by Facebok meself, blush, but it's only for the games honest!). Gosh you are such a nice gal. Wanna meet next Tuesday week? I'll bring the axe, 'K?
Big hugs xx

#1Nana said...

Thanks for sharing your cautionary tale. I need the reminder that everyone is not always as they represent themselves.

So, now wouldn't be a good time to ask if I can come visit? After your experience I don't think I would ever meet up with anyone again.

Thanks for sharing. It's a lesson I need to remember.

gaelikaa said...

Yikes, what a story Shrinky. I've made relationships with people on the net and I often wondered if something like this could really happen. I suppose it can happen in any situation really. Hope you're okay. I think you opened a page on a social network once and I tried to friend you but you obviously didn't go in much. I am quite open about my life but there are certain things I wouldn't share. Oh, poor you, hope you're okay...

Shrinky said...

Hey Jane, how great to see you back again! Aw, don't worry about the axe, from here on out, think I'll be packing my own (wink).

Hi Nana, I firmly believe most of the people in blogland are on the level, and what you see is what they are. The majority are good, but I confess, I am far more wary now for this experience. I've only met one other blogger since, and that was on home ground, with my husband at my side!

Hello Gaelikaa, I briefly did open a page on Facebook - but it scared me to pieces - all these people I barely knew tapping to come in - my children's friends, their parents, neighbours, teacher's, etc!! I pulled the plug on it after barely a week, being the wimp that I am!

Akelamalu said...

Crikey! You made me wary now. ;)

Shrinky said...

As well we should be, Ake!

Debbie said...

That is incredible! It is hard to know what to believe and who to trust. I chose to trust more than not.

Jingle said...

grand beginning,
hope that you enjoy your talent ans smile!

~Babs said...

jeeeeze, louise!

I was hoping this was one of your very well spun stories!
Gotta say you are a much nicer person than I am, Shrink. I wouldn't have even gone so far as the fare.
Scarey stuff,,,and I'm glad it sorted out safely.You could have been history, girlfriend!
(I'm sounding just like my mother)

Jocelyn said...

My first visit here, and already I'm shrieking with you--and adding in a "Holy Crap!"

You dealt well with weirdness out of left field, for sure...

Shrinky said...

Debbie, despite what happened, although I am more guarded I still like to think I can trust, and believe folk are mostly honest.

Hi Jingle, nice to see you again.

Babs, that's exactly what Chewy said, too (grin)!

Hey Jocelyn, thanks for stopping by! Um, this post is a bit off the wall for anyone to read on their first visit over here - I promise you, most of my ramblings are no where near as strange as this one!

Parabolic Muse said...

52 shrieks?!?
wow. who needs my shriek, when they have enough for a whole year of weeks?!

speaking of shriek week, I have been unable to visit. i'm cathincup now.


Parabolic Muse said...

Wow. I just read this, and WHAT a horror! It always amazes me when people are completely unable to get through life responsibly. I would cringe to even think to be such a user. I have enough other faults!

Great story. Thanks!

Anna said...

Shrinky, this is one hell of a story. I always was paranoid if someone came close to me when blogging (like why you need my address, or phone number), because I know it can happen, and you are now the true proof. I have wild imagination, so may be this keeping me away from the trouble, lol. Well lets put it that way, you lucky he was only transvestite, okay cheap one too, lol. Excellent story again, and you always surprise me. Hope all is well. Anna :)