Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do You Believe In Ghosts?


Oh boy, and doesn't that one question open up a whole can of worms?

I don't know about ghosts, but I do know of several first-hand, very unsettling experiences I've had, which have certainly given me serious cause to pause and consider.

In all honesty, I don't think I really do believe in ghosts, at least, well, not in the conventional haunting, earth-bound, chain-rattling sort of kind. I do know there is much more out here than our conventional senses usually trip over, having personally "tripped over" several unsettling occurrences myself from which, even to this very day, I have never yet found a rational explanation.

Odd thing is, it's mainly only happened when both my big sis' and I are together.  Both of us have had our own individual accounts of some pretty strange and weird happenings going off around us, but for the large part, anything you might term "paranormal", mainly seems to kick off only when she and I are both together, under the same roof as it were.

Not that it's happened that often, you understand, but believe me, on the few occasions that it has, it's proved more than plenty enough for her and me! 

I do have my own theory as to the trigger, and it certainly isn't anything to do with any Poltergeist activity.  Each event came at deeply troubling periods in both my sister and I's lives. I truly believe our brains are capable of harnessing many unknown energies, which one day we may well be capable of understanding. My sister and I grew up uncannily close, less than a heartbeat apart. We knew without speaking, took it for granted, if something hurt one of us, the other would know. That's just how it was, always since forever.

I'll skip our childhood. It wasn't pleasant. My big sis' is over five years older than me, and she managed to escape home early by marrying another likewise, hapless soul, which is how I came to find myself living with both her and her new husband before I'd barely turned fourteen.  This is when the first incident occurred.  They had landed a live-in job as stewards of a Bridge Club (very pucker premises, so they were). It involved long hours, lots of mouse-traps, and endless, long, empty corridors. A cavernous, ancient building, it echoed long and loud well after the last patron left.

I hated washing up the bar glasses before bed. The bar was on the ground floor, our living quarters and the main kitchen lay two floors above, where my sister that night was busily rinsing off the cleared supper dishes (non-human dishwasher's being virtually unheard of, in those times).  My brother-in-law-the-chef, cooking done, had eventually quit for the night and retired off to bed.  Her duties finally completed, big sis' then saw fit enough to take pity, and joined me downstairs to help lend her hand with the last of the clearing up.

It was a stressful time, both of our parents were lying in intensive care, yet we still lacked the energy to discuss it.

That's when the glasses started to fall from the shelf above our heads. Individually, they flew from their perch, and one by one, crashed, to shatter against the far wall, a full twenty feet from where we stood, frozen. 

When I say one by one, I don't exaggerate, we saw them go, each one at a time. Scared the bejesus out out of us - holding hands, we legged it as fast as our feet would carry us, up the stairs, inside to our flat, firmly bolting the door behind.

We sat up the whole night, drinking tea at the kitchen table, far too spooked to turn in to bed.

Next day, when we finally mustered the courage (with big brother in law in tow) to re-enter the scene, we were dumbstruck to find nothing but a fine powdered glass by where the skirting board lay - the glasses had not only shattered, they had completely disintegrated.

Then skip on a couple more years,  to the time I visited my sis' and her husband for a couple of days.  We were chatting in the living room late one night, and as usual, the conversation worked it's way round to - well, a painful subject.  Like a toothache we couldn't leave alone, we almost always ended up prodding our emotions raw there.

A heavy crystal ashtray on the table beside us, gave a loud crack and "melted" into sands of glass.. and if you think that freaked us out, you should have seen the state of shock it left my brother-in-law in!

Time moved on, and we got along with our lives, May and Jim eventually settled down in Norfolk, and had a daughter, I by this time was living in London, and had opened my first recruitment agency there.

After eleven years, cracks began to appear in my sister's marriage, and she came down to stay with me for a week to give herself space to think.  Their relationship was much a victim of outside forces, (taking a whole other post to explain), and they'd been through a lot.

She cut her visit short, deciding to return early to surprise him.  

It certainly did, not to mention his future wife that she caught him in their bed with.  Hey ho.  It was a very long time ago, my sis' did remarry too, eventually, and both she and her ex have long since been able to put their differences aside.  But back then at the time, it pretty much signalled the end of her world.

She threw him out, of course, and I dropped everything to hoof it up there.  Frankly we were both in shock, Jim was like my big brother, I'd known and loved him since I was twelve years old, and when I'd had no where else to go, it was both he as well as my sister, who had had opened their door to care and look out for me.  

Because of the untoward circumstance, he'd also hurriedly left without any goodbyes to his daughter, then only five, who virtually worshiped the very ground that he walked upon, and my poor sister had no idea at all of what to say, or how to comfort her.  

Everything was a huge, bloody mess.

May couldn't face continuing to live in the same house Jim had been entertaining his mistress in, so we decided she should rent it out, and both she and my neice would, for now at least, move to live in London, with me.  I lived alone in a large flat, and could easily offer her employment at the agency.  It would take only a few days at most to tidy up her affairs, and to pack up what they needed to take with them, and that's exactly what we were in the throes of doing (in between the shared bouts of  rehashed tears, anger, hurt and recrimination).

We'd both been using the scissors that day, cutting twine to tie round the packed boxes.  We were tired and emotionally exhausted, and both of us in need of a break, so after tucking Jenny up in bed, my sis' and I downed tools, poured ourselves some wine, and flopped down to veg-out before the telly.

Except the channel kept changing every five seconds.  It wasn't our remote control, we'd removed the batteries after the first full five minutes of that nonsense.  Could have been some kid by the window with one, playing tricks - maybe - not that we spotted anyone (and we did look).  Then the video-recorder came on, rewinding the tape in there.  On.  Off.  On.  Rewind.  Off.  On.  Fast-forward.  Eject.  The volume on the telly is getting really shoutie by now.   May leapt up and manually switched it off.  On it came again before her bum could hit the sofa.  No remote in the world could do that.

Freaked, we unplugged the whole lot at the mains, to finally win the battle.  Silence.  That's when I spotted the scissors lying out there where we'd left them.  The blades are completely twisted around in on themselves.  The force that must have taken - these are heavy duty almost-shears I am talking about here, not some flimsy set of nail scissors.

We fled up to Jenny's room, and found her sound asleep.  My sis' gently woke her, and carried her through to her own bed.  We would all sleep (or try to) together that night.  But the night wasn't quite over.  

With Jen snoozing by our side, we attempted to make some sense of the nonsensical.  What the hell was all that about?  We spoke each other down, calmed ourselves some, to the point where I even felt brave enough to venture back down to fetch up the wine (no way was May about to leave Jen's side).

Reaching in the fridge, I glanced at the clock.  It has stopped.  Crossing back through to the living room, I see the mantle-piece one in the living room has also stopped too - both the clock in the kitchen and the living room clock have stopped AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.  They are battery operated.

The night wasn't through with us yet.  My sis' eventually decided a long hot soak in the bath might do her well, and with me to stand guard over Jen, she took herself off to the tub.  I heard her splishing about (she'd left the door ajar), as I flicked through the magazine I'd found.

Her scream brought me racing.  There she stood in the doorway, still dripping wet, and white as a ghost, her hand outstretched.

"What?"  I ask.  Then I look down to her palm.  She's clutching the remnants of what's left of the plug-chain - it's all snapped and twisted, broken into hundreds of tiny, little shattered metal pieces, not one link recognizable.

She had gone to pull the plug, and the chain fell apart through her fingers.

So, okay, this was HER, right?  I mean, I was nowhere near this darn thing when it happened, yeah?  I'm in the clear here, wouldn't you agree?  I sure did.  Much as I love her, hell, I'm even starting to feel relieved the bath-chain's exploded about her, sure, if we have to have one Carrie in the family, I'd much rather it be her as me, ya' know?

Only problem is, going back to the bedroom, as I pick up to move that magazine I'd been reading, I find the pages all loose.  The staples holding it together have slid to the floor in a dozen pieces.

We left at dawn the next day, we couldn't drive away fast enough.  

That said, it's been more than a decade since anything BIG like that has happened.  Well, not unless you count the birds.  Yeah, that's kind of weird.  Happens a lot, birds landing on me out of the blue - and they stay, too - don't just swoop in and fly off, but make a proper hello of it.  I actually had time to fetch the camera last time round and post a photograph here of it,  jumping about in my palm - remember?

Myself, I just think we're a wee bit "witchy", my sister and me.


Furry Bottoms said...

Personally, if there is such a thing as energy, why not ghosts?

I believe that we are contacted by manipulative energy for sure. But I don't know if they are "ghosts" that are stuck to earth or anything like that. If God and other heavenly beings are able to do things to create miracles here on earth, won't those who have passed on over have that ability? We won't know until we get there, I guess.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

I think I believe in ghosts, I've had some weird things happen. Not in the realm of what happened to you but other bizarre stuff. I kinda find it fascinating.

Tabor said...

Ghosts need a definition. Weird happenings might have nothing to do with an entity. Maybe it is misplaced energies?

foam said...

Seems you are witchy.... :). These are pretty amazing incidents.

The only thing that's happened to me is when a book, which was solidly shelved in a built in book case, popped out and knocked me upside the head when I was standing in front of said bookcase. It was my dad's metal bound pocket bible that his mom had given to him when he went off to WWII.

Ms. A said...

I DO believe in ghosts. Thank goodness I have never experienced anything like you have!

mythopolis said...

Well, this is darn spooky, and I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you.... and I would actually be skeptical except for what happened today. This morning I was having coffee and felt a funny little sensation on my forearm. Like one of my arm hairs had moved, or something. I looked down and it was a flea! So, I pressed my thumb down on it to mash it dead. I rubbed it out! Then later - in fact all day long, I kept having that same sensation either on my arms or my legs. But, I would look and there was nothing there! I would say at least 37 times. Maybe 38. I knew then that the flea had come back from the dead to haunt my body. Even now, I think I feel him annoying me in the crack between my big toe and the next one over on my left foot. I am doomed!!!

Leslie: said...

FREAKY! I am not sure if I hope something happens when I'm there or not. It'd certainly be a tale to tell. But...will I survive it??? LOL

Hilary said...

Well I'd far rather have birds land on me than all of the rest. Sheesh. I'm good with a lot of unexplained incidents but those sound so unsettled and violent. That would certainly scare me. If you ever come visit, please don't bring your sister. ;)

bill lisleman said...

oh what a nice story before bed. No I don't really believe in ghosts. There many strange events and our senses don't pick up all the details. There are very strange things predicted by quantum physics. Quantum superposition - particles exists partly in all their particular, theoretically possible states simultaneously. Quantum entanglement is another weird one. Who knows maybe your sister and you are partially in a parallel universe and don't know it. At times physics seem spookier than ghosts. Just before a big exam many students get spooked. Maybe Dr. Who has the answer.

Akelamalu said...

WOW spooky goings on! I do believe in the spirit world and totally believe what happened to you and your sister.

Not sure if you follow Crystal Jigsaw's Blog but she has another blog called Marvellous Mable where she shares other people's paranormal experiences - I'm sure she'd love it if you shared this with her. Go to if you're interested in sharing and tell her I sent you.

Bijoux said...

I'm officially freaked out right now! I was really hoping this was one of your stories!

Chantel said...

The unexplained fill in the cracks and prevent boredom. (and raise the hair on the back of my neck! lol) These sounded rather frightening, but I'm glad there's been silence for a decade--too much of this and you'll need a pointed hat! xo

Rock Chef said...

Wow, some interesting experiences there!

I believe in ghosts and stuff, but truly detest those ghost hunter TV shows, which only make the whole idea look ridiculous.

We had a ghost in the house I grew up in. He regularly came in through the front door, went upstairs and into one of the bedrooms. We all heard him. My mum (a bit of a witch herself) saw him and even touched him once.

mrsnesbitt said...

There are inexplainable events which come our way what we make of them is all down to how we feel ourselves. I agree that energy of some kind is involved, what or who, just don't know.

Barbara Shallue said...

I started to read this before going to bed last night, but stopped before getting too far into it. Whew! Great decision on my part! I just finished reading a book where the main characters and her sisters are witches, and their magic was uncontrolled when they felt strong emotions. I do believe there is much we don't know about this world, and keep an open mind about different dimensions, angels, demons, and the powers of our minds. (I'll echo Hilary here, though, and say if you ever come to visit, don't bring your sister! lol)

Mamma has spoken said...

I would have left too. Or called one of the many tv shows that are based on the paranormal. You have one based out of England and they show it here in the USA. Can't remember the name of it but there was this blond woman and a man who was ALWAYS getting possessed by the spirits in the room. I've seen a lot of England by night thanks to that show ;o)

Vince said...

Good story.

Ahh, the question is are you and the sis the direct cause or is it that you end up living in places that are dimensionally enhanced, as the estate agents would call it.

Of course there is a tradition where you come from. He didn't lick Macbeth from a stone afterall.

Linda Sue said...

AWESOME in the most AWESOME sense! My sister in law has that sort of energetic phenomena happening all the time. Y'all are witches for sure- high priestess sort of witchery...
Just popped in quickly - glad i did- I am off to London now...

s.m. said...

interesting experiences ! everything has a explained, but this is really interesting.
best regards

Furtheron said...

Like you not in the conventional sense of a "ghost" but there is a lot of stuff we can never fully explain - my son lived in a flat in a very odd house at one point a couple of years back - both he and the boy in the room next to his were convinced something was about, odd things appeared/moved when noone in the house, noises again when noone about etc.

Dave said...

Don't you come near me Whitchie!
Now that's a real strange story Carol. My, you must have a fertile mind! Fun though - Dave

chewy said...

With a ghost in the house playing about with electricity...last thing I would do would be get naked in a bathtub full of water! - Although... I might have the courage to back for the wine.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I saw you had stopped by my blog and was so happy you did. I love meeting new blog friends.

Something weird was going on with you and your sister. I do believe we are not alone here. There is energy of some sort with us. I have never had any experiences like you did. I don't know what I would do if I did. You're one brave lady.

Choco said...

Shucks! I want to be a wee bit witchy too! Nothing cool like any of the stuff u've mentioned in this post has ever happened around me! I was thinking that you made much of it up as I was reading. Fiction? Right? right??

david mcmahon said...

Hi there, Shrinky

Can’t recall if I ever blogged about it, but Mrs Authorblog and I had an interesting series of experiences while travelling overseas. Must post about the curious occurrences one day, when I find time to return to my blog ...

Stay tuned ....!


david mcmahon said...

PS: Maybe you and Leslie should keep vigil each night while she visits - to see if anything happens.

I can't wait to see those blog posts!

X. Dell said...

One thing that comes to my mind is unusual electro-magnetic properties around either the place, or your sister. Some people have a higher electrical charge than others, or have phases in their life where their body generates more electricity than normal. They report many of the things that you do here (except for the glass-shattering).

I note too that these experiences seem to revolve around your sister, although I don't know if I'm reading that correctly. You've obviously have lived apart for over ten years, which is the last time you saw something anomalous. I'm wondering if she were there too when you saw something spooky, "Carrie"-like.

Middle Child said...

Not sure if they are ghosts - or the ghost of emotions past pr actively involved - but have many instances which i can't deny - My daughter (eldest) often sees figures out of the side of her eyes and then when looks they are not there - she doesn't bother looking now - just ignores and has the sense not to invite anything - an instinct thing - grew up in a house with the ghost of a young woman which my sister and I saw sitting on our other sister's bed one night - we know who this young woman was and nothing to be afraid of - I have felt my husband's touch just for a second by way of comfort and I have heard his voice as real as real - smelt my mother's unique soap smell - lived in a house in which few would sleep down in the flat - few from my family anyway - its just a normal part of life really - as said I don't invite but am aware and thankfully most have been people who have loved me so not to be too scared.

nancygrayce said...

I've never had anything of that nature happen....but my sister and I are very in tune with one another and our mother knew beyond a doubt when something was about to go wrong!

Pearl said...

Whoa!! I've had a handful of experiences, but nothing so wonderful or vivid!!


chewy said...

Hey! Did the ghost get you? - Chewy

Nezzy said...

The Bible speaks of spirits...good and evil. It's something we seldom talk about.

I've always thought that a child can see things we can't. That maybe the imaginary friends the speak to are actually guardian Angels. The spirit world is active...some may call 'em ghosts! 'Nuff Said!

Have a blissfully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

~Babs said...

Well, I have NO idea what to make of all this,,,
but I certainly hope this IS just one of your stories.
Awesome though it is,,,it's got me shuddering.

My Sister called me a witch one time.
But she apologized,,,,,

Skunkfeathers said...

I personally recall no obvious ghostly encounters. But I work in two old gold mining mountain towns (both founded in 1859) that are replete with 'haunted' buildings (in use and not). And I've seen a couple pieces of pretty hard to fake evidence of 'something else' present.

Suldog said...

I've never had a ghostly encounter, so I basically don't believe in ghosts. However, I'm a Christian, so I certainly believe in things that are unseen, and who am I to say that there aren't more unseen things out there than I can imagine or have experienced?

Good tale, as always.

icyHighs said...

Brrr! I near pooped myself after watching 'Saw', so reading this was not the best idea!
Seriously though, wouldn't you love to know if there were such a thing as ghosts? The stories they must have!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't believe in ghosts, but those are intriguing (and unsettling) stories.

Michael Manning said...

No, I don't believe in ghosts. But as Secret Agent Woman said, these are quite "unsettling" stories! ;)

Bone said...

Tell me you are making up these stories!!! I really should not be reading this at such a late hour, sitting by myself as I am.

I don't know about ghosts. But I do know I run up the stairs to bed every night, just in case something is chasing me.

s.m. said...

very nice story, I love these things.But I don't believe in ghosts.

Helena said...

I would need something physical like this to happen to make me believe, and to maybe bring back any faith.

With me,in the past, I felt my home was haunted. If you haven't felt that feeling of being watched and followed and breathed on, well there's no real explaining the creepiness of it.

I also heard things, whisperings, footsteps, door slammings.

When it all continued after I'd moved home I just thought oh well, the ghosts followed me. I didn't question it because the experience was so real.

The last straw hearing K in the house one time, running down the stairs, humming, whistling. But he wasn't home. I went to the doc, I'd had enough.

Finally the depression/bi polar thing was taken seriously. They gave me anti-psychotics. After just two days I no longer heard or saw things, or felt creepy. All hallucinations stopped.

Then I thought hey, if a pill can make all that bad stuff go away, it can't be real.

Or does it just turn off the ability to sense it all?

Don't know. But I'm going with the 'mind plays tricks' theory.

I haven't had anti-psychotics for a year. I'm hearing my dead cat in the house. Strange, since Scooter is ill. Maybe she has come for him? Maybe she has come to comfort him? K saw him standing, staring towards her grave the other day for ages.

Maybe it is just stress from worry about him, and a ton of other stresses, my head is ill again....

Don't know. But if something physical happened, maybe I would know.

X. Dell said...

Hope everything is okay.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I've had a couple of bizarro experiences, adds a bit of something to life right?

Brighid said...

Ah, you live in Terry Pratchett heaven too....