Friday, March 1, 2013

Abby & Shrinky Go AWOL

It had been over a couple of years since I'd left the isle, as we don't do family holidays any more.  Well, Matt takes off with his mates now - his latest plan is to do Route 66 over the summer.  As for Bec, once school lets out, she and the wondrous Ben will be buying student railcards for unlimited travel throughout Europe for a couple of months or so.

Abby is off to New Zealand and Australia next month, with the school on a hockey tour, and as for Sam, well he and his dad are doing their usual thing, following the motorbike races in Ireland for a week.  Sam doesn't cope too well on beach holidays, it's all a bit too overwhelming for him, but he truly does look forward to his annual trip away with his beloved daddy (I'd rather scoop my eyeballs out with a blunt toothpick, than to join them over there).

In the nineteen years Sam has been around, his dad and I did try once to have a romantic, long weekend away, alone together.  Well, that's not quite true, we took my rather frail father-in-law along too (him having just lost his wife, we felt it was only but right). We flew to Verona, and caught an evening open air opera, performed in the breathtaking setting of the Roman Colosseum, where Christians were once thrown to the lions.  It was magical,   But when I phoned home that evening, Sam had gone virtually catatonic, and my best friend, Ally and her husband (who had moved in to take care of him) were seriously worried - as were we.  We chartered the next flight home. 

For the following six weeks, Sam was doubly incontinent and spoke only in gibberish.

We've never left him again, not without one of the two of us being there to look out for him.

So I don''t have much call to go away anywhere these days.  But last summer I decided to kidnap the youngest, and ran away with her to Madeira for a week.

She didn't have much faith in my ability to get us there and back on my ownisome, honestly, talk about fret - that girl could nag for Britain - but I eventually persuaded her all would be fine.  Hum.  Well, anyway, here's the vid of some of what we got up to..

I'm not very technically able, as the video proves - and the reason for the laughter on the balcony bit (don't tell Abby I told) is because every time I talked to camera, Abby kept letting rip deafening farts - which is one of the main reasons I'd escaped out onto the balcony to begin with.   Do watch out for the bum-crack guy on the boat, or maybe not, just shield your eyes.  The model shoot of the beautiful girls in the square ended rather abruptly, after the photographer bodily lifted me up and out of the way (not my fault I don't speak Portuguese) - oh, and do rest assured - all ended well after the mountain rescue, we did eventually get our passports, money and bags back in the end..

Don't think I'll bother taking off anywhere, this year.


Shelly said...

Now look at that glorious picture! It is beautiful, and the video was utterly enjoyable. Goodness, your family will be covering a lot of territory. Grand adventures, to be sure!

It is good to see you around these parts again~

MarkD60 said...

I enjoyed the video, but regret not seeing the butt crack warning beforehand.
I love your voice.

Bijoux said...

What a delight to hear your voice, Shrinky. Music to the ears for this American!

Route 66 is cool. I hope your son gets to do it.

We've taken some trips away from our middle child, and it's always traumatic for her, but she usually settles own by day
2. How was he while you were away this last time?

Shrinky said...

Hey there Shelly, how great to see you again! I do get nervous of my offspring spreading their wings so far, especially for my eldest, Matt - young 20 somethings, and male - I'll breathe easier once he and his friends makes it home again safe and sound!

Oops, sorry about that, Mark. I truly wrestled with myself to publish that vid, I had an eye infection and looked like shit (shrug), but I decided to publish and be damned, anyway..

Awww, Bijoux, now you've gone and made me ears turn pink (grin)! Oh, Sam was fine with me gone, as his dad was there for him. He copes alright so long as one of us is around for him.

#1Nana said...

I still like to travel, but I've found that I'm really quite content with the comforts of home. How fortunate you are to live on your's like a vacation everyday!

Leslie: said...

Well, I'm assuming you're not still stuck on that dusty road! lol Seriously, it's good to "see" you again and I want you to know you can always come and stay with us for a holiday. I'd love to take you up to Grouse Mountain to see the view of the city below. And other stuff...

Akelamalu said...

I would have loved to have watched the video but it wouldn't play for me. :(

It's always a worrying time when your kids take off by themselves, such a relief when they come home.

Joanne Noragon said...

Such a nice bit of fun from your trip. My sister in law is visiting from England next month; listening to you is like a little preview.

roaring40 said...

Seriously worried of Douglas as in Hacked off from Hastings or Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, sending letters off to the Times :-D.

Madeira is a mothership for anyone who deals with plants. It's like a vertical windowbox/botanic garden.
I would never have put it as a destination for anyone under 30 though. I really don't know how you shanghaied the kid. And frankly I wouldn't have put you there either, truth be told. I think it as a destination for retired army officers of a certain rank. But I suppose that's a dated impression these days.

wishihadakarmaanghia said...

Aww - looks like you ladies had a fab - if windy - time! Botty crack made me giggle - how did he not know that someone could park a bike in there?!
As for your lovely Sweet Sam - you are way ahead of us but I can't imagine me and Dave jetting off into the sunset without Jude in the future either. And that's ok actually. Whatever works (but I do have my eye on a Greek island, a bottle of ouzo and me - just me - one day...and not at all in a Shirley Valentine way!!) Loving your video xxxxx

Rock Chef said...

You did well. Napoleon )ost whole armies in that place! :-)

Mamma has spoken said...

It's been so long since I've had a vacation away I forgot what they are........

bill lisleman said...

great video! Oh wait let me try that in Brit talk, video was brilliant! Blue waters, lovely ladies, bum-cracks and abandoned tourists on mountain top - this could be the next reality TV show.

X. Dell said...

(1) Um, I hope you hooked up with your ride, eventually. Nice cliffhanger, though.

(2) That is some gorgeous blue water.

(3) So you lost fifty pounds at the casino? Sounds a whole lot more fun that dieting and exercise.

Pat Tillett said...

Hey there! So glad to see your post and happy that you are doing well! Traveling can be a huge chore. It's funny that you mentioned Route 66, because that is exactly what we are doing right now. We're on the California and Arizona desert portion. Again happy to see you...

Secret Agent Woman said...

I love geting to go places with just one kid - it's a whole different dynamic. Glad you got to spend some time with your daughter.

Hilary said...

I think a mother/daughter getaway like that would be a blast. If I had a daughter, that is. Always fun to see what you've been up to. Your videos (I remember you taking us on a walk with you, once) always make me feel like I'm there with you. Thanks for the holiday.

Shrinky said...

Hi there #1 Nana, so good to hear from you again. I confess I do tend to huddle indoors most of the winter, but yes, summer is on it's way and that is when the island really comes alive.

Wow Leslie, what a tempting prospect - watchout, I may well take you up on that kind offer one day (once we pay off the builders, etc..)!

Aw nuts, sorry about that Ake, but in truth there wasn't that much to miss. Yeah, it is scary knowing your kids are going to be so far away from home.

Haha, so funny Joanne - and sweet, too. Which part of England is she from?

Ach Vince, that truly ISN'T an outdated version of it at all - in fact, next to Abby I found myself one of the youngest staying there. I only chose the place because it was one of the limited destinations that offered a direct flight there, bypassing all the hassle of going via Gatwick. We kind of got a hint as we boarded the plane - we shared the flight with tour loads of pensioners. Actually, I met some lovely folk there, but yeah, I did feel quite sorry for the daughter there.

Hello Kristina, my darling girl - aw, that's the trick hon, least it is for us, we play tag team, allowing each of us to escape away now and then - but I do sometimes envy those couples who have raised their kids to the level where they are looking forward to planning their retirement travelling (as my builder is). You just have to shake yourself out of it, after all it is as it is, and it certainly could be a heck of a lot worse, eh?

Ha, trust you, RC, to jump to the historical battles fought there!

Well now, Mama, I can understand how easily time slides by, but maybe you should MAKE the time to take a little break? Life is short!

Oh Bill, you do make me smile, and I so love your comments. I've tried to find my way into your blog hon, but it's just too complicated (unless I join google+), I do hope you understand, as I feel terribly guilty not returning your much welcome visits. x

Hi X-Dell,

1. It would take a whole other blog post to talk you through that one.

2. Yes, and clear too.

3. Anything is a whole lot more fun than dieting and exercise.

Hi Pat, oh really? I must tell the eldest to pop over to your site!

Hello Secret Agent, I have to confess Abby is a bit of a mummy's girl anyway, whilst the others tend to head for the hills, she (bless her heart) is one of the only ones who does positively seek me out for company. That said, if I were to go away with her again, I think I would likely invite one of her friends along too - there is only so much one on one time a 16yr old can spend in the sole company of her mum!

Aw Hilary, I'm so chuffed you still recall my other vid, what a lovely thing to say! I think this is most likely the last time I'll have the chance to scoop her away with me, so I did savour it, yes.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

One of my friends was born on Madeira, it's always been on my list of places to go. Looks gorgeous.

Darlene Duncan said...

Obviously someone rescued you from your abandonment. How frightening, to be dumped on a deserted mountain top.

Bone said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the narration, though I couldn't see the last half of the video after being temporarily blinded by bum-crack guy.

Barbara Shallue said...

How cool it would be to take a little vacation like that with my daughter! Thanks for taking us along with you, and I'm so relieved to hear you got your bags, passports, and all back. Did you have to walk down? YIKES!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

'Seriously Worried of Douglas'! My goodness, I'd have been seriously worried too - where did he GO?? I'm so glad to hear that your got your stuff back. Phew!!

'Bum crack guy! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!