Friday, February 22, 2008

When the proverbial hits the fan

Yup, I hold my hands up, I should have known better than to use my real name and location in blogland. I guess it was a tad naive to say the least. Ah well, I'm trying to close the barn door - despite the horse having already bolted.

How do you like my new site? Much as it pains me, I've taken my old one out of action. Those who know me are probably aware my family are not exactly comfortable about me broadcasting their little peccadillo's to all and sundry. I didn't see much harm in it myself, but then what I hadn't figured on was what a small island it is we live on. Word got out. Teacher's, work colleagues and neighbours started peeking in.

Then Nutty Nora tripped over it (sigh). Well, she's not a happy bunny, is she? She's even less of a happy bunny now. I could kick myself, I always meant to remove that post, (I've copied it over if you want to see, it's the one directly below) but you know how you get caught up in things and stuff? Anyways, Looking on the bright side, I hardly see anything at all of her now (giggle).

Oh gosh, I've not been around for months, have I? So much has happened - where to start? Okay, first up, if any one of you ask me about this sodding not-quite-yet-a-book-of-mine, I'm banning you from ever coming back in here. Two thirds in and I've hit a brick wall. Wee Karen (my main protagonist) and I have fallen out big time, I hate the little brat. I'm sure we'll patch it up eventually, but I really don't want to talk about it, so please quit with the nagging.

Swiftly moving on - (tee-hee) - I managed to escape the family last weekend, and flew over to London for a couple days of reckless fun with my bestest, bestest friend. Ahhhhhhhh, I do miss her. But as she says, it's probably just as well I now live where I do, otherwise we'd both wind up dead inside of a month. Her rotten brother was supposed to pick me up at the airport. Hmph. The unreliable little sod cried off just as I was about to set off. Man-flu, so he said. (I so hope he didn't suffer TOO much..)

Now, even back when I did live in London, I haven't negotiated the underground tube system in well over twenty years. Have you seen what they've done to it since then? Bloomin' heck, I normally get lost simply crossing the road, I just wanted to die when I got down there. What happened to all those little ticket booths with real people behind them, you know, the ones where you pay your fare and get those helpful directions from? Don't forget my massive over-the-weight-limit suitcase I had in tow (a girlie always needs to be prepared).

A word to the wise, don't ever trust your credit card to those thieving machines down there. I keyed in for a single to East Croydon and wound up with a day return for London. I wouldn't have minded so much if, when I did finally find my way to East Croydon, the dummy guy at the gate hadn't torn it up as I passed it to him. I was too knackered to argue the toss by then.

I don't know East Croydon. My dear mate assured me I'd find her office no problem, just ask - everyone knows where Croydon college is. Well I'm sure she's right, it's just a pity none of them speak English. I knew it was a bad move to wear my high heels.

I finally staggered through to reception gagging for a fag (you can't smoke anywhere these days), so as I waited for my absent friend to work her way down from the fifth floor and sign me in, I limped outside to join all the fifteen year olds out on their ciggie-break. 'Course, I had to lug my meggacase with me in case it had a bomb. I looked the oldest runaway in town.

It was all worth it in the end, her boss is great, he obligingly sent us off to enjoy an extended lunch. At the end of the day her work crew piled off to the pub with us, and a very fine time was had by all. Thankfully, my mate's partner had the good sense to finally come and collect us (we were meant to be going out that evening).

I can't handle staying up all night anymore. My head hurt like hell in the morning. But still, I had a great time, and it was good to play catch up again.

It truly is a crying shame what happened with me on my flight home (still cringing). But that's a story that will have to wait 'til next time. (Wink.)


Anonymous said...

Much Better (claps hands)

Shrinky said...

Chewy? (Grin)

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi, was just browsing and found your blog, and I was interested in who Nora was, so I went back to read your post. Poor soul, she is just really an unhappy person and needs lots of hugs and a good friend. I can totally understand your frustration.We lived in town for many years in the middle of rent property. There was always something new, weird, scary and exciting in that neighborhood with each new month. There is no price for peace. blessings, Kathleen

pat houseworth said...

Welcome back to the Fray!

Mushy said...

Oh happy day, oh happy day, when my Carol came back! I'm alive again!

Shrinky said...

Thanks Pat,

It sure feels good to be back!

Shrinky said...

Aww Mushy,

I've misssed you my friend! x

Shrinky said...

Good to meet you Kathleen,

Yes, you are right, she was in a bad place back then. She's certainly moved on since (wink).

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi there honeybunch, great to have you back! I dont think there will be enough sloe gin for Nora...should I bring 2 bottles? LOL!

YesBut said...

Welcome back.

Now say the truth, you've been on a Caribbean cruise for the last two months - sunsets & cocktails.


Fletch said...

Welcome back. Missed your sharp tongue!

Must go and update the links to your 'new' site.

BRUNO said...

And I have found you once again, of course! Just wasn't the same without ya'!

And I shall return....!

Maalie said...

Nice to see you back Shrinky :-)

Buck said...

Wow, Carol... I wondered what happened! Repeatedly and often, at that. I stopped coming round when your blog notified me that reading was "by invitation only." I'm glad to see you're back and that your usual, customary, and reasonable cheeky self is still the same!

(That's a compliment... just to be entirely clear!)

david mcmahon said...

Red-carpet welcome for you, lass,

You shoulda rung me. I would have given ye directions to East Croydon.

Stuck with the book? You're not the first, nor the last. Take a bit of a break and tell me what the specific problem is (or call me) and we'll work it out. There's ALWAYS a solution.

Bless ya - and the clan


simon said...

You back! great! :o)

Les Becker said...


[happy dance]


[happy dance]

So. You're back, huh?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Shrinky! Welkum bak!!!

Now tell me, wat is it on that playte by the kettol? Scones? Biccies? Tea caykes?

Mummy sez HI! AN sez it's "rarther tellin that that Nora knew hoo she waz".

Nose hugs!


Ju's little sister said...

Even I missed you!
Don't worry with the book - I have issues with my characters all the time David M is right, just take a break for a while.

I like your new name ;-) Best wishes

Shrinky said...

Hi Denise,
Nutty Nora not only doesn't drink, she firmly disapproves of anyone else who does..

Shrinky said...

Ah yesbut,

If only! A weekend in London was all I could stretch to (sigh).

Shrinky said...

Hey Fletch,

Sharp tongue? Moi? (I thought I'd toned it down?) Wink.

Shrinky said...

Hello Bruno, my dear friend - stick the coffee on, I'm coming round. x

Shrinky said...

Hi Maalie,

How was Wales?

Shrinky said...

Oh Buck,
You little sweet-talker, you! (Hugs) It's great to hear from you.

Shrinky said...

David, David, David! Arms crossed, foot tapping.. Shhhhhh. We don't mention the "B" word right now (not unless you want me to throw another hissy fit, right?) x

Shrinky said...

Ah Simon,

It really warmed me when I read your comment asking after me in Maalie's site - thanks for not giving up on me!

Shrinky said...

My dearest, darling Les, (big wide grin plastered across my face) C'mon - let's dance! Wheeeeeee!!!!

Shrinky said...

BT, you are a very profound bear, do you know that? I took that piccy on a self timer. I was going through a phase of waking around 4.30am (I never need much sleep, but even for me that was ridiculous). Behind me is chicken marinating in a bowl, and chopped mushrooms and onions - I didn't want to write and I was bored enough to prep at 6.30am! (I'm sleeping fine now) x

Shrinky said...

Hi Ju's little sister!

So lovely to see you in here, and thanks for the words of encouragement - the main problem is I'm bone idle (sigh..) I just need a good kick up the backside - I'm working on it.

singleton said...

Whoooo~hooo~ Hallelujah! So glad to see you back! Muah! We missed you girl!

SJ said...

Good to have you back and I am still around with my other blog (

I might (or mightn't) start a new blog soonish.

piktor said...


There are a lot of teenager "creatives" lurking, reacting, displaying their sense of "fun" to friends and enemies.

As comrade Whatshisname said, never explain, never apologize. Just chop off their heads with superior smarts.

San said...

Shrinky, Sweetie,

You're back!!!

Love the new site. Now what's happening with that book? (Covering head, flinching, in anticipation of assault with biggest, heaviest kitchen implement at hand.)


Shrinky said...

Ah San, it's a good thing it's you that's asking.. (sheafing the butcher knife).

I'm pleased with what I have, but I need to come up for air. It's not fun, it's work - and every girlie needs a bit of fun now and then.. I'll press my nose back to the grind-stone soon enough.

Shrinky said...

Piktor my friend,

You of all people should know I refuse to take myself that seriously - life is far too short. There will always be those who like you, there will always be those who don't - in the immortal words of Rhett Butler, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! (Well that's how I believe the scrip was originally meant to go.)

I moved site for my family, not me (sigh).

No said...

I can totally relate to having your privacy invaded; I hate when my work buddies read my really pisses me off....

I also got in serious trouble...but I'm still blogging...imagaine that.

Shrinky said...

Ah no,

We don't blog for approval, we blog because we must. Yes, I CAN believe that, and gratefully applaude it.

mrsnesbitt said...

OK, tell you what...I'll still bring 2 bottles LOL!
Ferry Tickets arrived! Ooooooooh!

david mcmahon said...

Not mentioning the B word - but I'm delighted that you're back!!

skinnylittleblonde said... glad you came back! And as for Nora, things will be as they will. When I read the first sentence or two of this post, I thought 'oh my...did a blogger show up at her barn door?' Glad that didn't happen & most pleased you are back!

Lin said...

Woo-hoo - are you really back to stay for a while? Do I dare reactivate your link given the current circumstances or would you prefer to fly under the radar for a while longer? Let me know!

Maithri said...

What a great blog!

Your voice speaks so clearly and with such charm and wit,

Sending you peace and love from the land down under,


Catmoves said...

Shrink, or Shrinky, or Carol, or whatever pseudonym you're using now, we've all missed you.
Just googled you and although there's lots of entries none I tried connected to your blog.
Do I need to redo the link to you on my pages?
I absolutely love "...tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:"
It's nice to have back with us.

BBC said...

No comment other than to say that your tits appear to be starting to sag.

Casdok said...

Welcome back!!

Shrinky said...

Ooops Denise,

Please remember, I don't want my location known on this new site (Shhhh, mums the word - just in case you might let it slip - not that you have, and I'm sure most folk already know anyway, but all the same..)


Shrinky said...

ah David, my dear friend,

You sure do know how to make me feel welcome. It's feels SOOO good to be back, it's like coming home. x

Shrinky said...

Hey there Skinny!

Nah, no bloggger has landed up on my doorstep (yet), it's a bit too remote for most of you! (But you and your sis' would be welcome to come over any day.) Hugs.

Shrinky said...

Hi Lin,

No I'm not about to run out on you guys anymore, promise! It's a new link now hon, the old one is gone.

Shrinky said...

Hello Maithri,

How lovely to meet you. Thank you for the kind words (flattery will get you everywhere). I look forward to visiting your site.

Shrinky said...

Hey Catmoves,

You can call me anything you like!
good to hear from you, my friend. I hope Wildthing is well on her way to a full recovery now?

No, I'm afraid it's a brand new link now (sorry), the old one is gone.

Shrinky said...

I note the odious BBC has managed to stalk me to my new address.

Can someone please tell him to go away? (He doesn't listen to me.)

Shrinky said...

Hey there Casdock,

How are you? I must pop over for a visit!

Hoot Gibson said...

Do not worry about BBC Carol, with the attitude and the age, me thinks he will be meeting God shortly, and boy is the lord gonna be pissed.

I'd almost like the see the look on Billy Boy when JC tosses his sorry butt down the shoot.

Anonymous said...


BBC wasn't smart enough to stop at "no comment".

He's a miserable old sod that has nothing else to do but harass women and talk to himself.

Anonymous said...

ps It's difficult to remain anonymous when others won't let you.

I don't use my real name on my blog nor in comments on other people's blogs...and yet, people who do know my real name (via email) type it into the comment box. (They don't mean any harm, they are only being friendly.) Therefore I no longer tell anyone my real name.

Shrinky said...

My dearest Chewy,

You tell him! (Hugs)

Shrinky said...

Ah, Hoots!

What a wonderfully graphic image that conjures up - thanks for making me laugh!

Suldog said...

Yay! I'll immediately add you to the active list again!

Shrinky said...

Cheers Suldog,

It's great to see you again!

Cuckoo said...

Welcome back Shrinky !! ;) You were badly missed.

Liked your name very much. Just got home after a hectic schedule and here I am reading your blog.

Aah, nice wall colour you have here. Even I moved to my new home.
This is the address. Do come over sometime.

*Goddess* said...

I finally made it over here! I wondered if you hadn't been "outted" to speak:) Glad you're back.

Shrinky said...

Hi Goddes,

Ah, Icouldn't stay away any longer, I missed you guys too much!

Anonymous said...



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