Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaf Fight!

Snow on Thursday, t-shirt and shorts weather on Sunday.. go figure!

Oh, don't worry, these little vamps weren't let out in public like this, they posed in our "garden", down by the river. Beccy just loves dragging her friends home for a "photo-shoot". Wish I could say the same for my other three - the minute I pick up the camera they go AWOL. I have so many more photo's of other folks kids than I have of any of my own; unfair or what?


Still, I savour what I'm given. I so love the vanity of teenage girls, all the primping, fussing and giggling. They come alive allowed a box of make up, are willing to pose in any which way, and are in nothing short of girlie heaven when raiding each others wardrobes.

The boys simply don't get it, well not yet anyway (wink). My eldest usually barracades himself in his cave, not that he always escapes the hoopla. We often need a prop or two from his room (he has a fine collection of guitars they love to knock out of tune).

My hat collection gets hammered, as do my shoes, and you just wouldn't believe the weird and wonderful outfits these kids can cobble together for the cause.

The wonder is, this last batch of photo's were taken first thing after the girls had been up most of the night for a Halloween sleepover. Cross my heart! I witnessed them stuffing their faces with pizza, as they watched a scary movie way into the wee small hours.

Come the morn I was wrecked.. Them? Fresh as daisies.

Oh, to be thirteen again, eh? All that enthusiasm, energy and zest for life - it's downright contagious! (Don't get me wrong here, Bec, out of all of my brood is the one most likely to drive me bonkers, she can push all my buttons and regularly does. Sometimes she likes to have just a little bit TOO much fun and needs reeling in on a regular basis!)

This is the girl who offers rides out to her friends without it even crossing her mind to first check with me if it's okay, she frequently invites half of Douglas round for tea without warning, and as for her bedroom - I found a real live rat in there last week (don't even ask)!

That said, she reduces me to tears far more often from her dead pan sense of humour than from any misbehaviour.

Beccy was so very ill as a baby. Now look at her. The girl's doing just fine. (Nervous smile.)

ps. She's the one on the right, throwing the leaves with her arms up high.


Scott from Oregon said...

Way faring fun!

What is it about girls and cameras and make-up and posing?

Akelamalu said...

Those girls are just beautiful! It's hard to believe they're only 13 though! :0

Anonymous said...

Oh What FUN!
Now... re... um... DARE - put on that Halloween costume of yours and crawl around in the leaves with the self timer set on your camera. (shove)

katie jane said...

Beautiful girls, Shrinky. You must be so very proud.

Kit Courteney said...

Fantastic pictures.

Beautiful subjects and brilliantly taken.


OMG these babies are BEAUTIFUL!

I really, really miss my daughter being this age sometimes. The house was always like yours, full of girls,,,delighting in life, each other, and themselves.
One minute babies, and the next minute fully bloomed women.
Scarey,,,,and though I often miss it, I am satisfied to be beyond her being thirteen. She managed to turn into a delightful young woman,,,,,in spite of herself! HA!
Great post Shrinky,,,thanks for the memories!

leslie said...

They are NOT 13!!!! Gorgeous, all three of them! Keep them young and innocent and - CLOSE BY! lol

Life moves at a far too rapid pace and one day you'll be like me, aching to see your grandchildren.

CrazyCath said...

Only 13?
They are beautiful. All 3 of them. Such smouldering eyes...

Mushy said...

Did you know that if you Google "leaf fight+girls" your post comes up 2nd? I did it to see what would come up, expecting the worst, but I suppose it remains innocent.

I worry too much I suppose.

See ya.

SJ said...

Wow they all love NY :)

Fireblossom said...

They look like Bananarama!

Sings: It's a cruel...cruel summer...

I raised a son, who now towers above me and of whom I am just as proud as I can be. But I did always want a girl and that never happened.

So now I feel bereft and fat and ugly and old. Thanks a lot, Shrinky!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Every time you post one of your pictures, I get this awful urge to give my camera's away!! Your talent with a lens is breathtaking!!!

The pictures, the season, make me want to go play in the leaves myself (after the girls are suitably gone so they won't laugh at this old fart of course).

I'm going to be impolite, and take the liberty of naming this trio of beauty "Carol's Angels!"

And Chewy, you are really a trouble maker!:)

RiverPoet said...

THIRTEEN??? I didn't look like that at thirteen. I was quite the awkward girl. Wow!

Peace - D

Carol said...

OMG Carol! I KNOW why God only blessed me with boys! I'd have her locked in her room til she's 30!! Make that 35! Wow! Beautiful. Just beautiful. (you got your hands full, girlfriend!)

Shrinky said...

Aw scott, you're a boy, you will never get it!

Akelamalu, yeah they look far more their age without all the greasepaint, I promise you.

chewy, you want to get me arrested and deported, don't ya'?? Grinning.

Hi katie jane, being hugely biased I know all my babes are gorgeous (what mum doesn't?).

Hey kit, thanks for that. I love playing around with portraiture, I suck at landscapes!

Ah babs, I'm kind of torn, the clock is ticking against our family all being under one roof. Next year my eldest will turn 18 and leave for university. This means leaving our island, as there is no uni here. Other than for visits, I am doubtful if he will come back. It's the same with all the youth over here, once they leave, they tend only to return after marriage and starting their own family. (Pout) Yet part of me looks forward to them flying the coop, too! Such mixed feelings..

Hi leslie, yeah safe - one reason we left London behind. It helps to live in a small community where most everyone knows each other, it's a big comfort to me. Grandchildren??? Yikes, not for many, many years yet I SINCERELY pray!!

Cath, I have a confession to make, their eyes were far more beautiful after I ran them through photoshop (giggle).

Mushy, really? Gee. Ah, don't worry hon, I hold them close at all times, I promise you.

sj, yeah, sweet eh? One of the girls brought them all back matching t-shirts from her trip over there.

fireblossom, hahahaha! You slay me. I can always ship one of mine over, hell - have two, I could use the break! And for the record, someone as sassy as you can never grow old, ugly or frumpy..

Dan, "Carol's Angels", teehee, yeah, it has a certain ring to it, huh? Come over anytime Dan, we're both still kids at heart, who says growdiups have to stop having fun? And yeah, that chewy.. she is a complete minx, probably why I love her so much!

riverpoet, fear not, without the make up they revert back to babies again. This shoot was just a bit of fun, they don't walk around like that (definitely not)!

carol (laughing) - yeah, she is blessed with a big brother who is gifted at spoiling her fun, he chases boys off her with a stick at school, teehee. I stand watch the rest of the time. Between us, she is kept on a tight reign, believe it.

*Goddess* said...

Those girls need to start a rock group:) That third pic would make a great cover shot!

Yep, you officially have our same wacky weather.

Shrinky said...

Yeah goddess, hell, being tone deaf never prevented Bananarama, did it? Giggle.. phoning agents as I type!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm only winding you up.

Oh, Goddess has a great idea! Bec's older brother's band can play the music.

david mcmahon said...

There is pure joy in this post, Shrinky.

Fireblossom said...

Hey woman,

I'm going to add your blog to my links if that's all right. :-)

PS--the music player promised to be good, so I let it out of its room again, in case you ever feel the urge to hear Farewell To Tarwathie again. :-)

Shrinky said...

Hi chewster! Wind away, I'm plotting a come back as I type.. teehee (watch out kid, I'm coming for you)!

hi david, aw, we had a great day hon, loved it!

Fireblossom! Ah, cheers girl, you've made me day.. trotting over to your site as I type (I'll slap you on my blog roll too, if that's okay?)

Suldog said...

My God, Shrinky. Those girls are just way too pretty! Lovely.

Sandi McBride said...

Have you parents purchased your shotguns yet? You're gonna need them...those are some beautiful girls who look way older than 13...
Congrats on POTD mention!

Shrinky said...

I know suldog - it's such a mystery to me, being as how I was such an ugly duckling at that age! Sigh.

Oh Sandi, I had no idea! Big cheesy smile now, must go peek in and look..

Marty said...
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Marty said...
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Marty said...
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Rachelle said...
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Rachelle said...

So funny! I am actually working on a post like this myself with pictures of my 14 year old daughter.
Well, no leaf frolicking, just some great face and eye shots :))
Great minds my friend.
PS- Mushy, I googled after the Summerland post and Shrink came up second too. I think she is just famous.

Wow! I know someone famous!!!! Can I ride on the tour bus with you and pour your lattes??? Please, please, please!!!???

Rachelle said...

um.... don't know what happened there, perhaps I am officially schizophrenic and my 'other half' posted??

Jules~ said...

Thirteen? My goodness these beautiful girls look older than thriteen.
Yes the joys of being young and carefree, getting ready to conquere an ever changing world like no one has been able to accomplish in thousands of years. It is an infectious blessing.

Having all of the youth around.... Isn't it fun? My girls too are always inviting so and so over or along for whatever event is getting ready to happen. I frequently get door knocks with the question of "can I hang out here?"

Les Becker said...

My God, those are gorgeous girls!

THIRTEEN?! Like hell, they are, really??

imbeingheldhostage said...

OMGosh they are gorgeous! got bars for your windows yet? Seriously, stunning girls, gorgeous photos. wow.


To Ms. Shrinky

It's wonderful album of photos, showing latent intimacy among the persons photographed. I would like to revisit your blogs.

If you are interested in paintings, then a short visit to my blogs would be a good idea.

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Alex L said...

As someone thats been a thirteen year old boy, I can confidently say I feel sorry for you and your husband. I'd suggest getting a really big dog or a gun! Lovely pictures though.

Shrinky said...

Oooh, rachelle, I can't wait to see these photo's - I've already seen your daughter, she is stunning, I'll bet she'll make you a perfect model. Ooop, sorry, I forgot, I can't be wasting my time on all you lesser mortals, not now I'm famous (can't wait for the rich bit to arrive!) guess you guys understand, huh?
Is that Madonna on the line..? Teehee!

Yes jules, life is never dull that's for sure. Although I do often wonder what it would be like to have a more predictable life-style!

Hey les, remember, I've seen your little cherub too.. think we both shouls sleep with one eye open until they reach adulthood, huh? Smile.

imbeingheldhostage, take this as a warning hon, you are looking at your future - plan accordingly! Wink.

Hello naval, how lovely to find you in here and thank you for your kind comments. I have just returned from your site, seems you have many blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading one of your short stories. You have a gift for writing.

Hi alex, I don't know why I'm laughing here, call it nerves. As for the big dog - hmph, got one, useless lump that he is. Guess it's on to the shotgun then..

Les Becker said...

Sigh...* It has yet to be determined whether my Idiot Child will reach adulthood, or not.

Will you write to me in prison, dearest?

Anonymous said...



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