Friday, December 19, 2008

More Fun at the Fair

I hate this furry critter - I do, I do , I do!

We had a little mosey back on down to Castletown a little while back, to take in the delights of the Southern Agricultural Fayre. Of course, being on Craggy Island, this had a few of it's own unique attractions.. like the ferrets, for example.

A very sound word of advice here; don't ever get bitten by a ferret, never, ever, not never, 'cos the sodding little blighters don't let go, not until their teeth are drilled from out from their skulls, so's they don't. I am not kidding you here folks, listen to the voice of experience - don't ever volunteer to hold one. Luckily, due to that other little mishap I'd had a few months back, I'm still up to date with my technis shots, thus the family wound up voting a trip to the ER unnecessary, rendering me reluctantly obliged to gamely plough on..

(Can I interject here that my laptop doesn't have a mouse?) Anyways, as you can see, no expense was spared on the entertainments - gave a whole new twist to slap-stick, and it certainly drew my mind off the throbbing thumb, especially when I witnessed this poor chappie fall in to a bone-crunching heap at our feet (though I might add, when the St. Johns ambulance crew arrived, I was sadly miffed to find my family bodily restraining me from presenting my injury to them).

It did actually cross my mind to have a word with the Mayor about the dangers of feeding folk to ferrets, but my guess is, judging by his expression, he'd already been there.

So we moved swiftly on to the vegetable sculptures, and such a fine array there was, too. (Despite the youngest having to sleep in our bed come night time..)

I couldn't resist a photo opportunity; this one's for you, Bruno. See, I can handle a little 'un, no problem! (Oh ye of little faith..)

I'm telling you Bruno, you would have loved the vintage section (bear with me here folks, I know most of us find tractors about as fascinating as watching Great Aunt Enid slurp tea from a saucer, but to Bruno these piccy's are better than a free sweetie-shop to a clutch of kids). There were more, but I don't want to lose my readership - sorry Bruno.

I must confess, the highlight of my day was humiliating the mutt, making him watch his fellow canines run circles round him. He did remind me he's far better with blind folk, and that these show-off's are probably rubbish given a field full of sheep to round up. (Two words Jake; sour, and grapes, my friend.) Anyways, this bit here is really for my other cannine friend, Bosco, 'cos unlike my own hapless hound, I'm sure he would know how to give these guys a decent run for their money.
Aww. One day I will write a post about Bessie-Boots, my own dearly beloved border collie, she followed me everywhere, even came to work with me. She knew a few good tricks of her own, one of which was to sit between my future hubby and I on the couch, bearing her fangs any time he tried to put any moves on me - bless her, eh? Still, even I have to confess I think she would have been pretty hard pressed to compete against this talented and athletic bunch.

We knew it was time to head for home when the horsey events trotted round - Sam is a great horseman, and "Riding for the Disabled" have been after him for a while to train him up for the "Special Olympics". Sam being Sam, he's having no part of it, which is fair enough. But now he gets a little twitchy around organised events; ever the suspicious one, he's convinced one day he'll be high-jacked and made to perform.. I really must work on this boy's trust issues!
(Do you think her bum looks big in this?)


~Babs said...

LOL, love the big bum comment!

Another really fun post,,,,heck, I even liked the tractors!
And that shot of the happy face mayor,,,priceless!

Les Becker said...

I agree. "The Big Bum" comment was priceless.

SJ said...

If I am right this was the first post of yours that I read... time travel IS a reality huh?

Suldog said...

I have never understood the folks who have ferrets as pets, when they could have a nice fluffy kitty or perhaps a big old lovable dog. What is it that someone sees in a weasel that says, Aw! Cute!"?

Oh, well. De Gustibus Non Est Disputadum, as my grandfather used to say to people who questioned why he had a swastika tattooed on his forehead.

Akelamalu said...

I remember when Richard Whitely (formerly of 'Countdown' fame) was on a Yorkshire TV news programme they had some ferrets on and one got a grip of him and wouldn't let go! I take it you won't be keeping ferrets as pets then? ;)

San said...

Shrinky, I'm going to have nightmares. I should be having visions of sugarplums. But oh no, it'll be ferrets and mean mayors and evil veggies and big bums. Thanks a lot!

Fireblossom said...

I half expect that mayor to shout "sanctuary!" and scurry up to the bell tower.

Oh, those Borders!!!! They are so smart and clever and handsome and loyal and true blue and winning and charming and, well, er, Bosco thanks you for including his friends!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Let's go with well rounded for the Bum, shall we? Flaring into such a slender waist doesn't help it's case at all!!

But FAR worse than that big bum, is that idiot hat that poor child has to wear!..(: That thing looks like a soup kettle stolen from a salvation army kitchen!!

Shrinky said...

Hi Bab's, yeah the happy face mayor made my day (laughing)!

Well les, I didn't SAY she had a big bum, just asked an opinion is all.. shrug.

Ah sj, December is the month for re-runs, is it not? Smile.

suldog - hahaha! Yup, takes all sorts I guess, eh?

Akelamalu, I lived in Yorkshire when he was our local news presenter, and I remember that piece well! Shame I didn't heed it when I went to the fair - wry grin.

Hello san, goodness - you are so right, I'm laughing out loud now, gee, I really must stop traumatising my readers like this.

Oh Shay - Quassimodo - yes!!!! ahhhhahahaha, too funny, so true. Give Bosco a pat from me, I knew he'd enjoy that bit. (Smile)

Oh Dan, riding caps are compusary for both kids and adults at any riding stables - they are like crash helmets and have saved many's a life. But you are right of course, they do look bloody ridiculous, don't they? And yeah, I side with you on the bum front, 'tis the slim waist that does her no favour, poor thing (grin).

QUASAR9 said...

aah All The Fun of The Fair!
Looks like A Mighty Fine Day

Anonymous said...

At the fair... you drove a tractor and I flew a helicopter... come see in my sidebar.

Mushy said...

Vaguely familiar! But very nice.

Jay said...

Wow - bitten by a ferret? Poor you! I steer clear of the little beggars, though I do think they're kind of cute ... at a safe distance!

Sounds like an interesting day. I love your slightly jaded take on it - but I guess having your thumb nearly severed will do that to ya! LOL!

Shrinky said...

Chewy, I love that photo, reminds me of a helicopter ride I had to charter once from Glasgow to Fort William - my sister was in labour, and all the railway points were frozen over, it was the only way I could reach her!

Hi Quasar9, yeah, we have a few fun days out in Craggy Island. Smile.

Mushy, you've gone all arty in your new avator - suits you!

Truth is Jay, I am always slightly jaded, the thumb was just the icing on top (wink).

Casdok said...

Love how you captured the Mayors face! And i will remember not to get bitten by a ferret!
Merry Christmas!

Shrinky said...

Hello Casdock, yeah he sure looks to have been having a ball, doesn't he? Merry Christmas to you too bonny lass!

Alex L said...

Ferrets smell... they can be handy though.

It looks like you handle a bike well.

Pat Houseworth said...

CHRISTMAS CAROL! You and the family have a great one!

Shrinky said...

Yeah Alax, so long as it has 4 wheels - I never ever did manage to master the art of riding a bicycle (blush).

Hi Pat, and a very merry, happy Christmas to you and yours too, bonny lad!

Robin said...

merry christmas, shrinky! you've been very kind and a good friend recently. i wish you and your family a joyous holiday.



Rachelle said...

Merry Christmas!
My poppa's funeral is the 29th and I am only home for 2 days before going back to finish all the preparations and help my mom cope so I might not be able to talk with you for a while, thinking about you my friend.

Shrinky said...

Aww, big hugs to you Robin, I hope you are spending it surrounded by those who love you. I will be thinking of you hon. x

Thank you Naval, the card is lovely - Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Oh Rachelle love, my da passed away around this time of year too -I am so sorry love - I am sure your mum will be very thankful to have you around her at this moment. Bigs hugs, bonny lass. x