Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coolest Shirt on the Planet

In London, I took in an Andy Warhol exhibit. I didn't know too much about his work, and was curious. Truth be told, I wasn't overly impressed (it was mainly his short production films on display, and they left me a bit cold). I'd maybe be convinced to give a few of his paintings a bit of hanging space - though probably more in the hall as opposed to anywhere too prominent, yknow? (More as something to impress than to enjoy.) Still, it was worth a visit, I am glad I went.

My bested buddy is a talented abstract artist, she is always hoping to educate me away from my Philistine tendencies, I knew she'd be proud I'd made the effort. Besides, it was fun to rub shoulders with the arty set, young students, serious beatnik types, earnest scholars and the odd perv. My travelling companion had flatly refused to accompany me there on the day before, so I'd decided "stuff it" and had gone on my own.

These galleries are a crafty lot, after taking your tenner for admittance, they won't let you leave without filing past their shop at exit. Well, as luck would have it, my best mate happens to have a birthday coming up, so I was half on the look out to find something she might like anyway.

And there it surely was.

Hanging right at the back, waving and yelling her name out at me, lay the coolest shirt in the universe . Oh yes - belly flops of delight - it's perfect!

So chuffed I was. Um, I kind of liked it as well. A lot. An awful lot as it happened. So much so, I wanted one. I really did. BUT, and here lies the conundrum. This shirt is the only one for sale. The only one in the entire bloomin' shop.


I bought it anyway, and resolved to be noble. But I really did like it. A lot. It wasn't until returning to Craggy Island and getting it out to wrap that I started to feel torn. She could always get something else couldn't she?

It wouldn't be as perfect as this though. Talk about a test of friendship.

Yeah, but. Sigh. She is my best mate, after all. She'd understand, wouldn't she? I needn't even tell her! (Huh, who am I trying to kid? Blabbermouth here tells her everything, course she'd know.)

But it is a very, very nice shirt.

What to do? I wrestled. I did, I did. .

Well, I decided to offer a compromise. She being her, I was sure she wouldn't mind. Naturally, she was all grace itself with my proposition.

After assuring her I had no intentions of hanging on to it (as she was selflessly urging me to) she cheerfully agreed to let me have it for just one day. Whey-hey!

And so it was as luck would have it, also having a convenient sick child off school, I even managed to seize the photographic chance for a permanent record of my brief, but cherished, ownership. Taken in Matt's bedroom (God, did he groan at being dragged out of bed) there is junk strewn all over the floor; please don't blame me, alright? It's the boy who's the slob.

The angle he took it at makes me out a dwarf with stumpy legs, but who cares? At least I have proof positive of having owned the coolest shirt on the planet, albeit if only for one day.

It's winging itself towards her as I type. (Hope she doesn't notice the teensie-weensie bit of make-up smear on the collar, and even if she does, she'll forgive it, after all it's got to be the smallest price to pay for ownership of the coolest shirt in the world).

Sigh. .


Marty said...

Nice "Marilyn Monroe's" you got there. ;D

Carol said...

you are such a good mate Shrinky..
Mates like you are tuff to find!
Hope it looks as good on her as it does on you!

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeee! (clapping hands) You are too much. (shove)

Warhol did series of pop idols and American icons; Elvis, Marilyn, Jackie-O, Cambells Soup Cans - the same image in different colors. Actually, a hallway would be a great place to hang a string of Warhol's silkscreen prints. Sort of like a movie, in which the viewer walks along and views the picture changing colors, instead of the image moving as in a film.

Les Becker said...

That IS a way cool shirt, but I will argue the point of it being the "Coolest Shirt on the Planet", on account of I have already seen the Coolest Shirt on the Planet on some-other-body.

It was the daintiest of dainty prints, which, upon very much closer inspection proved to be little illustrations of pigs. In pairs. Doing what I imagine pigs would do behind closed doors if they had doors to close behind them. The fella who wore it called it his "Pig F-ing" shirt.

If I ever see another one like that I will buy it and post it to you.

Shrinky said...

I think my Marilyn's have seen better days Marty.

Ah Carol, you dont know the half of what I put her through, believe you me! Smile.

Its moot anyway Chewy, my hall couldn't afford to hang even one of his silk prints, let alone a whole string of them, but yeah, I think you have a good point there.

What if you find one, and it's the only one left in the shop though, Les?? Eh, eh?? Laughing. Aww, tell you what, if that happens, give me a shout and we'll both go half, six months time-share a piece, eh?

SJ said...

I've worn some off-normal shirts but this one is a whole new level of ..err... different.

I am sure it wouldn't look good on me :)

Shrinky said...

Hey sj, this is the sorta' shirt that would look groovy on anybody! ('Sides, it's actually meant to be a BLOKE'S shirt, but hey, I'm not proud..)

Mmm said...

Clever gal!

Poutalicious said...

I have the perfect Andy Warhol handbag to go with that perfect shirt. I enjoy your writing style very much. Thanks for visiting and for all of your good advice.

Shrinky said...

Hi Mmm, I thought so (grin)!

hello poutalicious, thank you hon, that means a lot to hear that from you, and I am glad you found what I left useful, at least I hope it will be.

Akelamalu said...

Great shirt! In our local Indian restaurant there is a huge painting depicting Julie Goodyear (who played Bette Lynch in Coronation Street)like the famous Andy Warhol Marilyn. Julie lived in our town and is a regular at the restaurant - it's cool!

david mcmahon said...

That's a great shirt.

Suldog said...

There is little so noble as giving away that which you love. Good karma will come around to you, and soon.

Les Becker said...

You don't believe for a half-second that I would be caught dead wearing a Pig F-ing shirt, do you?!

ArneA said...

and I like your posts from London wandering who shoots the photos

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Cool! I do love his iconic images...

congrats on POTD

Shrinky said...

Hey Les, I am disappointed in you!

Hi there ArneA, how lovely to see you in here. Ah, the London pic's were taken by a travelling companion girl friend of mine, we mutually agreed to part company before the end of our trip. It was quite an experience.

Hey there FFF, wow - I didn't know, thank you for that (trotting over to peek and see..) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Here from David's POTD...great shirt and a great sacrifice...don't think I could have made it.

Merisi said...

Congratulations on winning DAvid's Post of the Day award!

Your gift is one of the special kind, the way gifts should be, something we'd wished somebody had gotten up and bought it for us! :-)

I happen to have a childhood friend, who grew up and became an authority on Modern Art, and golly, have I learned a lot from her! I would urge you to go to the library and get books about Warhol and his times, you will be mesmerized, and from there, I am sure, you will go on to appreciate the actual art he created. I must say, the exhibition sounds a bit short on doing the master justice. Too bad, an opportunity missed to educate the public, a real shame!

Sandi McBride said...

Of course being it is Marilyn it would have been a hard decision to make...I'd have kept it. Sorry, but on this one I'd be selfish, that shirt!

Sandi McBride said...

Ohh, forgot to say, Congrats on Post of the Day mention!

Pat Houseworth said...

Where is my 15 minutes of fame?

CJ said...

Cool shirt. What a good egg you are to send it off to your friend!

Shrinky said...

hi there Moannie (such a daft name to call someone like you, me lass)! Ah, I'm over it now (sob).

Hi Merisi, haha, you have just echoed everything my friend has said and more. Perhaps you are both right, I should give him a closer look, eh?

Thanks Sandi, but you see, I did kind of, didn't I? Grin.

Well cj, after the year I've just put her through, it was the very least I could do, believe me!

Shrinky said...

15mins Pat? Sweetie, you ARE famous, who needs a paultry 15 mins? Smile.

~Babs said...

That Chewy is such a (lucky) spoiled brat!
And it looked soooooooo good on you!


Shrinky said...

I'm laughing bab's - isn't that the most delicious post she put up? And yes, she is, too! (She told me of the wonderful surprise you sent also sent on, so proper chuffed she was, as well she should have been.) Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hey! No wonder my ears are ringing.
Spoiled Brat... me? (giggle) Love that Babs!

Anonymous said...

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