Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday

I found this note shoved under my bedroom door this morning. Little Miss Abby was obviously feeling very hard done by, you can just read her indignation between the lines, can't you?


See, thing is, the agreement at Cassa Shrinky is that hubby and myself take it in alternate weeks to get the kids up and breakfasted. When he is on the island, it's his shout for the early shift, I take over the week he is in London However, hubby is not quite the soft touch I am, he draws the line at taking orders for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast, tea and freshly-squeezed orange juice is sadly missing on his shift. They make their own toast, help themselves to cereal, and are expected to put the kettle on if they want a cup of tea. Understandably, mine tends to be the more popular shift.

This morning it appears it all got a little too much for little Ab's (she really and truly does love her food). Seems she even ran out of squash and actually had to drink a glass of (God forbid) - water!

Yikes, imagine being reduced to that, eh? (Giggle.) So that is why her spelling is all over the place? The poor kid needs her brain-food!

Well, being as how it is Shrove Tuesday, guess I can cut the girl some slack. 'Sides, it's sure nice to know she enjoys he old ma's home cooking.



TheWritersPorch said...

They'll be gone before you know it!
Cook the Pancakes when they want em,they'll come a day when you'll wish they could put in they're order! HA!

Marty said...

Well, she did throw in an extra plz... ;D

Suldog said...

As I think you know, I give up flour and dairy for Lent, so by tonight I have to eat all the bread, cookies (sweet biscuits), crackers, and pasta in the house, and wash it down with all the milk. This is my way of dealing with temptation: Give in to it in one big fell swoop and then repent for 40 days.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Pancakes.

jinksy said...

I used to get pleas for pancakes on any old day, if my kids were feeling peckish still after their lunch. I seem to remember they could tuck away quite a few before peckish changed to full...May have to make some for myself today, after reading this post! x

Anonymous said...

(shrinking away) um... I was going to mail you North Hadley Sugar Shack Maple Syrup... Now I feel all guilty that we ate it. Oops.

Fletch said...

Awwwww ... !

Our Russian neighbours, a couple of floors down, bowled up with what seemed like a HUNDRED pancakes the other evening. Luckily(?) they joined us so we could gorge ourselves on pancakes, and just about every 'spirit' and 'liqueur' in the house. Don't believe the myth that Russians only drink Vodka!

Since it was a bit of an impromptu gathering, the only filling that could be raided from the larder was a bottle of thick-cut marmalade. Never done that before, but it wasn't too bad.

Actually turned out to be a 'fun' evening, especially when the dog had to take me out for a walk at midnight!

Shrinky said...

Carol, I made a stack today (witness my bottom photo!) After tea, there is not a one left. Makes a mother's heart proud (smile).

Oh Marty, all this text-speak - shaking my head. What with that and spell-check.. I wonder if any of my lot can actually SPELL conventionally.

Now that's the way to go, Jim (laughing).. eat like a camel, then sleep like a bear, eh? Good luck.

Hi jinksy, welcome to my humble abode, how nice to see you in here. It took me years to wise up and buy four pancake pans, I have it down to a fine art now, pouring, flipping and serving - smile. Yeah, they can sure put it away, alright.

Che-wy!!! Well that's bloomin' charmin', that is (hands on hips). I have only one thing left to say to you - "OINK!"

Fletch, how come you get the Russians, and all I get is Nutty Nora? (Wanna' swop?) Sounds a pretty perfect evening if you ask me. Oh, and don't mention booze around me, I've taken the pledge this week (giving it up for lent). Sigh.

Hilary said...

With just one left at home, and legally adult at that, I'm thrilled to fill those requests when they come. I'm glad you're enjoying the special orders. And blogging about it to keep us entertained. :)

Jay said...

Well, darn it, I missed it! Oh, well, Cadbury's Flake ice cream will have to do. Oh, dear, what a shame, never mind. LOL!

Little Abby hasn't really experienced deprivation, has she?

I think I won't give anything up this year. I think I'll do what I've done once or twice before. Try to do something positive each day that I wouldn't normally do, even if it's just go out for a walk, or sort out a box in the spare room. Believe me, when you have the chance to sit on your backside all day, that IS a sacrifice.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

As an impartial observer and victim of the "Married Man's Breakfast" (You want some; YOU make it!), it appears that sweet lil Abbie knows how to twirl Mom around her finger expertly!:)

SJ said...

Mmmmm pancakes!

Scott from Oregon said...

I make banana blueberry pancakes once a week.

Whether asked or not.

Dave King said...

An attractive blog; one I shall visit again.

Shrinky said...

Hilary, this the last year I shall all of my children under one roof.. I have mixed feelings about that (shrug).

Oh Jay, cadbury's flake ice-cream, mmmmmmn, yum! I'm giving up the booze (God help me).. expect a few curt posts to come!

"Married man's breakfast", ha! I love it.. funny thing is, it never ocurred to me, but that is so true, I don't recall when I last cooked hubby a breakfast (oops). Grin.

sj, I'll teleport a batch over!

Scott, tell me which day and I'll post the brood over..

Hello Dave, how nice of you to stop by. I am delighted to make your acquaintance, I look forward to returning to your blog again.

~Babs said...

AH,,,the Mum who makes all the rest of us look like losers!
Mine being gone a long time now,,it's a non issue, but I remember it well.
No pancakes during the work week!

Save that adorable note,,,it will become a treasure in years to come, I have several. My favorite:
"You let me cry",,,,complete with a stick figure with HUGE tears all the way to the bottom of the page.

Pat Houseworth said...

Great Note...I loved it!

Cath said...


I luurrrve pancakes!
I'm on my way (if Abby didn't eat them all...)

Alex L said...

I've never had anything other than cereal or toast for breakfast. Your obviously far to kind.

Shrinky said...

Oh babs, that note you described - priceless! Kids so love drama (giggle), and thanks, it never ocurred to me to save these notes, but now you mention it, how could I not? Hugs.

Yeah Pat, it made me smile too!

Ooops, too late Cath.. grin.

Oh Alex, poor baby.. come over, we'll adopt you.

i beati said...

ake that kid to the Mardi Gras Quick !!sandy

Akelamalu said...

I thought I was reading a note from MWM! He absolutely loves pancakes and there's no way I can get away with not making them on Shrove Tuesday. He would eat them by the dozen but settled for 6 on Tuesday layered with syrup then ate his dinner of Lamb Hotpot!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I love it! Poor kid had to drink water (at first I thought that's what she had to have with her cereal).
At least you know you're appreciated :-)

Sandi McBride said...

My lord, haven't heard the word "squash" in years in relation to anything other than a game or a veggie...had to call my son and tell him about it. They did love that drink when we lived in Bucks...that and shandy...of course I was a bit tight on the shandy with them! Didn't want to be rearing any wee alcoholics!
Fun post

Shrinky said...

Sandy, don't encourage her (wink)!

Akelamalu, lamb hotpot?? I haven't made that in ages, mmn, and I love it, too - think you have just inspired me, thanks!

imbeingheldhostage, funny you should say that, that is exactly how I first read it too - I questioned hubby what had happened to the milk (grin).

Sandi, aw - that made me laugh! I didn't realise "squash" doesn't translate across the pond. Shandy - with a good head of froth on top - the only time I ever touch beer! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I think children having some responsibilities is a good thing and making toast & getting a drink sounds fair.BUT once in a while ya just gotta have a PANCAKE :-).

I can just picture everyone tucking into the Mommy Love pancakes.~Mary

Shrinky said...

Yeah Mary, it does them no harm at all to fend for themselves now and then. My eldest is outraged I no longer wash or iron his clothes, but hey, I am doing him a favor, right? And as for their rooms.. maid service terminated long ago. Welcome to the real world, eh? Smile.

*Goddess* said...

Doggone it, as if I'm not suffering enough watching all those Denny's Grand Slam commercials lately!

Pouty Lips said...

Notes under the bedroom door...I remember those. I'll take one of those pancakes too. Plz, plz, and an extra plz.

San said...

You're making me nostalgic, Shrinky, for the days when my kids lived at home and wanted my special dishes.

That looks like one delicious pancake.