Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ghostie's and Ghoulie's


It was a fine evening, and we had little else to do, so I packed up my camera and joined Hubby, together with our youngest, to take in the "Peel Ghost Walk” tour.


It was great value, and even I (the house hermit) found it much fun.  About 20 others joined us for the gentle saunter round the harbour town.  

This poor kid above found herself singled out from our group, tied up, and led around the town by a rope, to be tried on the harbour as a witch. (Much to her friends disappointment, seems “Health and Safety” prevailed, saving her from the actual ducking).


Our walk commenced at 7pm, in warm sunlight, and lasted three hours.  Peel is a beautiful old fishing town, only a fifteen minute ride from where I live, and seemingly with a (mostly dubious) long and gruesome history of ghostly hauntings.


(I think I may return on my own sometime soon, with the luxury of more time to frame a better shot or two.)


Um, it has occurred to me, perhaps my camcorder would have better captured the mood..?  Ah well, too late now.  you’ll simply have to take my word for it, many folk have (reputedly) met a horrible and grisly end here, a great number of which (we are assured) still walk these old and narrow streets. 


As day rolled into dusk, the setting took on the perfect atmosphere for all things that go “bump” in the night.

It wasn’t hard to imagine the murderous acts, deadly plots, treacherous love, and cold blooded deeds, which our guide so enthusiastically and gruesomely portrayed.


The lighting was nigh on perfect, I am pleased with how the shots came out.  I felt surprised to find myself the only one with a camera in tow, since most of the other's in the group were tourists, and visitors to our isle. 



Making our way over to Peel Castle, I couldn't help but notice the solitary, middle-aged biker guy hanging back at the rear.. whenever the guide started his spiel, he would resume examining the boogers up his nose.  I couldn't resist sidling up to threaten if he didn't quit, I might have to take a picture.

Poor lad was mortified.  I must learn to hold my tongue sometimes, not everyone appreciates a warped sense of humour.  

Peel Castle

I took this for my Australian fellow blogger, Fenella, whose mother is also from these shores.  It’s the area from where her namesake originates.


Fenella beach lies just behind (sorry Fenella, I didn’t manage to pass that way on the tour, but I doubtless will later, at some point).

We did take a leisurely walk along the deserted sands of Peel Beach, as we retraced the steps of long-gone smugglers and ruthless  pirates whom, rumour has it, still stand guard over their ill-gotten bounty amidst the numerous coves dotting these shores.

The tour wound up at a very welcome hostelry, where we gratefully slaked our well-earned thirst.  My biker friend turned out to be from Australia, and graphically explained how he was still recovering from a bout of the 'flu he'd caught in Singapore, which I guess kinda' served me right, a just enough payback for prying into his mucus problem. 


Still, it proved an exceedingly well spent, and extremely enjoyable evening, a spur-of-the-moment jaunt I'm glad we made.

So much so, I'm encouraged to haul myself off to see the open air "Merchant of Venice" performance, advertised for this Saturday.  Not that any of my ungrateful urchins want to be seen dead there, of course, it's only poor hubby who has expressed any luke-warm interest (solely to humour me).

I'll be sure to pack a picnic, that'll cheer him up.


Paul C said...

A most interesting walk tinged with history, mayhem, and mystery.

Chantel said...

Killer shots my dear, what a lovely way to spend an evening! (ghosties and boogers and all!) lol

Jazz said...

Lovely pictures. Now I want to do that walk.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous lighting in your shots. It's good to get out of the house once in a while. (nudge) I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

I hope you didn't shake Booger Biker Boy's hand. (ick)

Akelamalu said...

I'd love to do that tour. When I was a child we used to holiday on your lovely isle (many, many years ago)but I would love to visit again with MWM, who has never had the pleasure. :)

Rock Chef said...

Great photos!

Some of those tours can be really good fun - all seems to depend on the skill of the tour guide.

Love your subtlety with the biker! Added to the fact that most tough looking hairy bikers are, in fact, quite delicate souls underneath...

mrsnesbitt said...

Typical biker eh? Picking his nose! lol! We liked Peel when we visited there in 2008 - reminded me of Whitby in some ways. The streets similar to Staithes too! Lovely photos Shrinky loved the evening ones.


Joe Cap said...

Wow, that is extremely cool!
You are so lucky to live so close to such a moody and interesting place.
I wish I had some great photo ops where I live.

TechnoBabe said...

Three hours means it was really an adventure not just a two street stroll. Sounds like so much fun. And you are right, your camera (and your eye) did a great job.

Jingle said...

very rare and beautiful places.

Fen said...

Oh wow, I adore Peel, of course I may be a bit biased. I laughed and clapped when I saw the bridge name, that's awesome, thanks. There are a few Fenella Cottages too from memory. Maybe one day I'll come back over and track down all the Fenella's!

That last photo is absolutely gorgeous, worth blowing up and framing. You do extremely well behind the lens.

Gah now I want to travel, damn you!!

Fen said...

And yanno what, my Nan and I (Mum's Mum) were just talking about the ghost dog that haunts Peel Castle. So good timing! My young cousin has just visited the I.O.M, staying with my cousin in Douglas. I haven't caught up with her yet to see how her trip went.


what a pretty little town and you captured it so well.

Leslie: said...

I agree with Fen about that last shot, but I also love the one with the sailboat on the left. This truly makes me want to venture over your way to do that tour and mosey around your neighbourhood.

Your narration kept me riveted and then made me laugh out loud about the Oz BB!

Saz said...

those skies, look so good you could eat them.....the light is amazing...

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!

And I love that you called him out on his booger picking. LOL

secret agent woman said...

The town and harbor look so idyllic and you're right - the light was pretty much perfect.

Joanna Jenkins said...

How cool was that! What a great tour. Thanks for sharing and for all the great pics.


Mr. Stupid said...

That's pretty cool. Must have been a great walk in those narrow old streets. Nice pictures.

Shrinky said...

Thanks for joining me on it, Paul.

It was, Chantel, and all the better for it being unplanned.

Hi Jazz, I guess these walks are pretty much available in every town, perhaps you will do one?

Chewy, nothing would induce me to shake his hand, not even with a bargepole (grin)!

Hey Ake, if you ever do, please be sure to give me a shout? That would be so much fun!

Ah Rock Chef, hairy bikers are pussycats, I've known enough of them to realise this (I always have a bunch of them camped out in my shed over the TT races).

Hi Denise, yeah, typical, eh? (giggle) Now you come to mention it, yes I do see a similarity to those places, too.

Hello Joe, oh, I am sure you have lots of places worth capturing on camera around your neck of the woods, it doesn't have to be postcard pretty!

TechnoBabe, the thought of it being over 3hrs was a little daunting, but once we got there, the time flew.

Thank you, Jingle (smile).

HA! Fen, the ghost-dog is probably the most famous of all the ghost-tales related to Peel, and was certainly included on the tour (which was probably the fourth or fifth version I'd heard). Goooooooood, your appetite is whetted again to travel.. maybe after you recover from surgery, you might honour us with a visit, then?? (Wink)

Jackie, Craggy Isle is my adoptive home, and I hope never to take it for granted!

Well Leslie, when you do finally land up on a UK shore, I certainly hope you might catch the ferry over to see us, one day?

Saz, so much in photography is chance (well, it is for me), and I was blessed by finding myself there at the right time and place for a couple of shots (smile).

Blue Zoo, I just HAD to, it was beyond my control.. giggle!

Yup, Secret Agent, the conditions were simply perfect, both for the walk, and for the shots.

Cheers JJ, it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

It was, Mr. Stupid, one I am glad to have experienced.

billy pilgrim said...

i've always had a warm place in my heart for shylock.

Putz said...

thst was down mt american alley>>.thanks shrinky

Mushy said...

Nice photo captures!

simon said...

Awesome 100%

Shrinky said...

Billy, why am I not surprised?

Thank you for that, Putz!

Hi Mushy, great to see you again (smile).

Cheers, Simon, my friend!

Scott from Oregon said...

Gosh... Everything looks so OLD...

Nothing like a fresh coat of mucous to liven things up...

Shrinky said...

That's because it is, Scott (smile).. ewwwh, that guy was something else!

Sabi Sunshine said...

those are lovely picture.. i love all the photographs. That must be good walk with your hubby and youngest one seeking adventure.

Have a good weekend


Parabolic Muse said...

I've never heard of this! These photos are stunners. I think they capture the mood very well, indeed. This sounds like something we'd love to do, and I am keeping a mental note to check into it when we can travel again.

Thanks for sharing!

Hilary said...

What a fun idea. I know of two cities which do ghost walks. One is only three hours away. That's something to consider now. You did a fine job of capturing the mood photographically and verbally.. right down to the boogere. ;)

Shrinky said...

Yes Sabi, it was a fine, unexpected find (smile).

Hi Chris, I like the thought you might keep an eye out for a similar walk, on your travels - be sure to let me know if you do go on one, that would be nothing short of super cool!!

Oh Hilary, if you were to take your camera along on one of these walks, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you came away with a ghost or two trapped in your lens.. and wouldn't THAT be something??

Margaret Benbow said...

Sinister, mysterious, and beautiful shots all around. The ghosts would feel you'd done them and their stamping grounds for the biker, I hope he's now recovered from his little Snot problem (or is Snot only an American word??!)

laughingwolf said...

what, no pix of the inimitable mrs. peel, of the avengers fame? ;) lol

groovin, nonetheless :)

Shrinky said...

(Laughing) Margaret, snot is snot, and certainly a term well used over here. Hope the poor lad is recovered from his unfortuate malady by now (eyes skywards)..

Um, Laughing wolf, 'fraid she was too busy BEHIND the lens, at that point in time (wink). All joking aside, I used to LOVE that series, she was my all time favorite heroine - wasn't she something?

SJ said...

No ghost would be stupid enough to get in the way of tourists that's why couldn't capture any. Try living there.

Great pics.

tattytiara said...

That light was beautiful, and you captured it beautifully. Definitely did justice to all that gorgeous historical architecture my Canadian soul just yearns to see!

Shrinky said...

You could have a valid point there, SJ, guess these ghosts have suffered enough, eh?

Ah Tatty, you have such a beautiful country, I'd love to see it one day. My sister spent some time there, and a friend of mine married a Canadian, and has been living there for 20yrs - she loves it!

secret agent woman said...

Just to let you know, I had to change my blog URL. This avatar links to the new site.

Middle Child said...

Most of Eurpoe woudl be absolutely bogged down with ghosties i'd say - lots of wars and bloodshed and mayhem - we had a ghost in our old house which scared the bejesus out of most of us - you would be doing the ironing and suddenly this feeling would come over you not to turn around - so I'd switch it off and quickly run back to the main part of the old house - the girls had the same thing and my mum refused to sleep in the flat down there - a lovely house to look at but i am sooo glad I no longer live there.

Your photos are beautiful - had to be an Australian biker with boogies didn't it?

Debbie said...

That looks like so much fun! Great photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

FHB said...

Love the shot with the cool light effect.

Pat Tillett said...

That was a photo-tour and narrative worthy of a travel magazine. Seriously!

Thanks so much for the tour! It's a place I'll not likely every visit, but now I feel like I have.