Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jurby Junk

Way up in the middle north, in a desolated spot once housing a WW2 barracks billet post,there lies a weird and wonderful, and mostly deserted Aladdin's cave. Two disused storage shelters have been converted into a shop of sorts, calling itself "Jurby Junk". It is owned and run by a sweet old lady who may very well have some of her own fond youthful memories of this place as it once stood. It is far from easy to find your way here, there are no signs and the roads are few. But is certainly very well worth a trip. Piled from floor to ceiling in glorious squalor, everything you never wanted but can sorely do without is guaranteed to be found, from moth-eaten fur coatsworn out gramophone records,jumbles of mis-matched buttons,to 70's mannequins and original (crap) oil paintings, it's all here for the taking.Take your pick, from second-hand golf clubsto battle-fatigued hockey sticks,it's a cornucopia of veritable trash far too vital to bin.As in Stephen King's "Needful Things", there is bound to be one particular single item to set your mouth to a-drooling and eyes aglaze. It was the hat-boxes that did it for me, what chance did a poor girlie stand in the wake of these piles of heavenly houses? It crushed my heart not to buy the lot outright, but even I knew fifteen quid a throw was far too steep for sense.So I settled my heavy heart and self downto be consoled with a rummage between the stacks and stacks of pick-and-mix, higglety-piggelty, almost ready to topple over on me books instead. It turned out to be a fine old afternoon indeed.


~Babs said...

What a fantastical place!
I love to rummage around for 'needful things'.
(also loved that book!)

,,,and your hat.

Shrinky said...

Oh babs, you would need to be wrestled out, arm twisted up the back, I promise!

Anonymous said...

That place is a lot bigger inside than it appears from outside. I'd get lost amongst all those things. So, what did you purchase?

Shrinky said...

Chewy, I have a confession to make, this top pic is of the building over the way from it, Jurby junk is set in two old air-hangers, but it wasn't so pretty to photograph.

I found a very rude, 1940's postcard, and a bunch of colouring books for sam in the end. I still might go back for the hatboxes..

Mushy said...

What a wonderfully interesting post Carol...lovely tour of an interesting old shop! Thanks!

*Goddess* said...

OMG, all those books! I'd love to see that place. I love old books:)

Alex L said...

There are few things better than being able to sift through peoples old crap, unless you can take it with you.

SJ said...

I was about to say I would pick up an old book and settle down... and that's what you did. Great minds thinking alike and all that stuff you know :)

Scott from Oregon said...

These places all smell exactly alike.

Like my grandma's seat cushion stuffed with straw...

Jay said...

Oh! Jurby Junk! I've been in there!!

We found it by chance, if I remember rightly, and OH's heart sank to his boots. He knows how much time I can spend in junk shops and he loathes it! Poor man. But how could I pass it up?

Isn't it an old airfield, and they use the hangars? Whatever .. it was indeed an Aladdin's cave! I could have spend three days in there, but I had only about an hour - and since we were flying home, I was very limited on what I could buy. OH was very thankful about that! LOL!

Thanks for the memories! :)

mrsnesbitt said...

I love a good rummage!Next Saturday we will be going to Rufforth, York where they hold a monthly auto-jumble. It is mostly bloke/machines stuff but even there I always find something to bring home. Last time hubby bought a paraffin stove......hmmmm with his record of fire incidents it was lucky I bought an original fire blanket box! No blanket but the box looked good. LOL!

Carol said...

Oh what I would've given to join you there, Carol! Those kinds of shops fill my soul. I love being around 'old' things!

Rachelle said...

What, she doesn't quibble? No negotiating?
I wouldn't have been able to leave without the blue hat boxes!!!
They would have found me mouldering and decaying, feet propped up on a cassock with a good book in my hand years from now.
Great minds indeed.

Shrinky said...

Cheers mushy, it's one of those places that just swallows you up, y'know?

Goddess, have a care, if you enter you may never be seen again!

Alex, I couldn't have put it better myself, hon.

sj, a man after mine own heart, that you are!

Oh scott, YES! So got it in one. (Wish I had thought of that line) smile.

Oh Jay, how lovely you know this place (big happy smile), yes it is on an old airfield in middle of nowhwere. You really need to get yourself back over here girl, it would be fun to meet up.

Denise, oh yes, the box was soooo much more useful, wasn't it? Laughing in a knowing way..

Now, now Carol, I am NOT an old thing quite yet, y'know. (Giggle)

Get a grip Rachelle, it's all fine and well for you Yanks, but we're talking British here, it's an offence to quibble!! (Teehee)

Akelamalu said...

Oooo I love places like that!

BRUNO said...

And now you know how I feel, when I get to go---albeit not nearly as often as I'd like!---to a "swap-meet", for true antique equipment, be it tractors, cars, or even tools & workshop machines. Why, if I were a millionaire, I'd be flat-assed BROKE, in less than a year at these sorts of "meets"!

But even if it's just a $20 Case tractor emblem made of brass. Or a worn-out blacksmiths' hammer with a split handle for $10. Or maybe an old Chevrolet radiator tag for $15---I simply MUST come away with something, or it seems like such a "hollow-victory", if you will, in leaving without ENJOYING yourself just a little...!!!

Fireblossom said...

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure, and speaking as a trashy woman, I know whereof I speak.

I clearly recall being fascinated with my mother's hat boxes when i was little. Knowing her, they're still around someplace.

I love the picture of you, but then, I always do.

Leslie: said...

What an awesome find! If I ever manage to make my way over there, I'd love it if you'd take me! :D

Shrinky said...

Akelamalu, me too!

Bruno, my goodness me laddie, I'll bet a tour round your gaff would never lac for conversation pieces..(grinning).

Shay me gal, you may be a lot of things, but I assure you, trashy you 'aint. Oooh, don't suppose you're dear old ma fancies having a clear-out anytime soon, does she?

Leslie, it would be a pleasure, just give me a holler when you get here!

Akelamalu said...

PS you have an award at my place. x

Shrinky said...

OMG, I just love surprises, love, love, love them (skipping off, high-kicking it to snatc-, er, graciously accept what ever awaits me). Cheers Aklamalu (hugs).

Kit Courteney said...

I want the books and the buttons.

They make me dribble.





Hilary said...

That looks like a great place to spend some time. I love Saturday morning yard/garage sales in summer. You never know what treasures are out there.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

For once, I'm glad I came late to the party. Most of your readers won't discover my profound ignorance. Doubled over laughing is within the rules here. Definitely.

What is actually IN the storied hatboxes that so infatuate you. Could it actually be hats???
Are all of your hats like that black thing on your head in the pic? And why can't you just hang it on that peg you threatened your old friend with?

babooshka said...

I still haven't been to this place in 5 years. I really need to go. You couldn't make this pace up.

CJ said...

What were there large gold ball thingies? They might look nice in my backyard. I would love poking around that place. Is it near a pub?

Anonymous said...


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mac said...

i love the place its just like my bedroom only bigger.