Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Good Life

Okay, we don't have a lemon tree (yet), and I freely confess that although we have been known to grow some cobs in the greenhouse, these I had to buy from the supermarket - but see that fish? It was caught in the river running through our garden. Both the spuds and the spinach are also home grown.

Raised a City girl, I had hardly eaten much organic produce before. not until we moved over here. The difference in taste between mass produced fruit and veg as opposed to the home grown variety is amazing - everything is so much sweeter, and of course, much more fresh.

I also find farmed fish doesn't have anywhere near the same flavour as those that are caught in the wild. (No, I didn't catch this one, I leave that to those who enjoy the sport, I am simply happy to serve up the end result!)

We ate this fish last night, poached in a wine stock, and served up with a cucumber and dill sauce.


My big sis' and her grandson are over from England for the week, so we are out and about, having a fine old time. We are setting off for the Comedy Club tonight.. I'll have much to post and report back soon!


TechnoBabe said...

You are so right about the amazing taste of home grown. The poached fish feast sounds wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your big sis and her grandchild. I still want to move there!!

smiles4u said...

You are so right on about the difference between home grown and that which has been massed produced. I never realized how much so until I moved away from home at 17. I grew up on a farm in which we grew and raised everything. With all the lakes, fresh fish was always a cast away. Anyways, after moving from home and eating store bought, I tasted the difference immediately. Now we have a garden and we buy the produce we don't grow from those that do. Have a wonderful time with your sister and her grandchild.

jinksy said...

Your photo looks like an illustration for a cookery book, it's so well arranged...

BRUNO said...

I was thinking those 'taters look a bit like Idaho Russets---but now, that would be very unlikely, given your location! That is, unless you smuggled a few through Customs, somewhere?

Kinda neat, ain't it? I mean, to be able to go out into your yard, rip-out a root from the ground, an' eat it? It's just so---retro!

Now for some REAL-butter on those spuds, fresh from the cow...!!!

Akelamalu said...

I used to buy my fruit and veg at the supermarket because it was convenient but now I go to the local market every week and the difference in taste is amazing! Next year when I'm retired we're going to try growing our own veg as I'll have more time.

The fish looks wonderful!

Novice Writer said...

Oooh! Wish I could taste the dish u made!
Home-grown vegetables are the best! My hubby's latest passion is researching about growing them.. Donno when he is actually gonna try it out:-)

Anna said...

Shrinky not only tastes better, but also the satisfaction of growing it. PS I been a bit behind my blogging, but I am back again. Have fun with your sister. Anna :)

Anonymous said...
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Kit Courteney said...

Home grown IS so much better you're right... why don't people try it...? I have a tiny garden (at the mo - long story) and the tomatoes are to die for......... ALMOST better than an orgasm... ALMOST ;0)

Love your posts.

You SO rock ;0)

Anonymous said...

That salmon looks "d to the e to the l i c i o u s - tasty tasty". (my Fergie imitation)

(banging my fork and knife on the tabletop)

Have fun with your sisters!

Leslie: said...

Have a great time with your sister at the Comedy Club - I could use a session at a place like that myself right now.

And I must say, our home-grown tomatoes were delish this summer. Plus the green tomato pickle relish I made from those that didn't ripen.

~Babs said...

Enjoy your sister time, nothing quite like it.

I made salsa from garden tomatoes this year, and have little containers in the freezer.I've not tried freezing it before, so I'm hoping it will be good when the snow flies.

Suldog said...

There is little as tasty as a fresh-caught fish! Yum!

Nancy said...

This food looks as though Nature intended. Fresh, natural, and appreciated.

A Comedy Club? We just went to one last weekend - it does the heart, lungs, and face good to laugh so hard!

Scott from Oregon said...

The good life is right!

You should try Rogue River Salmon!!

Sandi McBride said...

We eat all our own home grown produce and it's all organically grown with no poisons...the lettuce is a delight, the brussel sprouts and cauliflower is a marvel...and for supper tonight, broccoli and cheese soup...with homemade french is indeed grand, for your lot and mine!

SJ said...

**grabs plate and runs**

Maalie said...

Happy Samhain Shrinky! Enjoy your Samhain supper, it looks good :-)

Mushy said...

Don't insult that fish, dip it in some beaten egg, roll it in some instant potato buds, and deep fry his ass! Throw some hush puppies and fries, and some slaw on the side.


DeeDee1Whoa said...

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Also, please follow me over Google because I'm already following your blog. Thanks!

Jay said...

Wow! I'm seriously impressed! Is it a trout?

I really hate fishing for sport, but fishing for food is an entirely different kettle of ... um ... fish. I bet he tasted great!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Absolutely mouth-watering, dear Shrink!!! And I'm with you...homegrown and organic beat the supermarket's fare any day!!!! Enjoy your visit with your sister!!! The comedy club sounds like wonderful fun...wish I could join you! Much love to you!! ~Janine XO

Hilary said...

I can sure attest to a fresh water fish being a tasty treat and I totally agree about organic fruits and veggies. Now I'm hungry.. thanks a lot! ;)

Shrinky said...

TechnoBabe, darn it, has that ticket I sent not arrived yet??

smiles4u, oh my lucky you! That really does illustrate the point though, doesn't it?

Aw shucks, Jinsky, 'twas just lying there - honest! (Fingers crossed behind my back..)

Oh Bruno you are so right, there is something magical about stepping out the door to pluck supper from the earth!

Akelamalu, I've tried really hard to find a local farmers market - on two occasions I set out to an advertised venue, only to find them either canceled or totally non-existant! Grrrr.. maybe it'll be tird time lucky for me, I've heard the Villa Marina holds a regular one, wish me luck!

Haha, Novice writer - my hubby did just that when we lived in the city, so there is hope yet! I wish him luck (smile).

Hi anna, oh I totally know where you are at, I've barely had a chance to pop my head into blogland this past week, but it's good to see you back again. Yes, the satisfaction is huge (when it doesn't shrivel up - not everything we attempt comes out as planned)!

Kit (ahem), I beg to differ - gimme the tomatoes any day (blush).

Hey Chewy, 'twas good enough for sure, and thanks, it was fab having the sib's around - I just wish they were easier to cook for (vegan and veggie, lactose and wheat intolerant - arghhhh - talk about faddy eaters)!

Leslie, sounds like I am preaching to the converted! Hope you found something equally fun to do to place a smile on your heart?

Hi babs, aw, there's nothing like getting together with your sisters, is there? We had a ball, I must get myself together to post soon. Good luck with the frozen pickles, sounds delish!

Hi Suldog, it was actually my neighbour who brought it round, she called over with this huge dead fish in a carrier bag (some folk will go to any lengths to get a cup of tea)..

Yes Nancy, it does the soul good to let your hair down now and then. We usually try to take a night out there when my sis comes over - but this time they frog marched me to a table at the back of the room - haha, it didn't work, we still got picked on by the act!

Mushy, instant potaoe buds??? What are they? Giggle. Knowing your excellent cullinary skills, I wouldn't mind giving that a go next time around, sounds great!

DeeDee, those on my blogroll are there for my easy access into, I don't actually "follow" anyone. I thank you for visiting and am happy to return the call, if we have anything in common I may well add you to my roll, but not because I expect you (or anyone else) to list me on yours, nice as that would be - I believe that is entirely THEIR option to decide.

Scott, maybe this IS rogue river salmon? We call it Salmon Trout over this way, what do you think?

Oh Sandi, home made french bread? (Shhhhhhhhh, stop raising expectations I cannot rise to!) What a wonderful accompaniment to what sounds like a mouth watering soup - I'm drooling!

SJ, was that "to" or "away" from the table (grin)?

Maalie, Samhain?? Oooh, I am coming over, save a place for me (swimming as I type)..

I agree Jay, hunting and fishing for food I understand, but killing just for the sake of it is, um, well, plain nasty to me. Frankly, I'd probably turn vegetarian if I ever had to track down and kill my own Sunday roast!

Hi Janine! Oh, it did us all a power of good to be let loose together at the Comedy club (grin). Now the family is older, we are plotting our next trip by leaving them behind - I feel a long weekend in London coming up - hubby can babysit the kids whilst we run wild in his flat (apartment) over there - watch this space!

Hilary, you live in a perfect place for the good life, I'll bet you are spoilt for choice with all the produce you can grow!