Monday, November 2, 2009



We'd looked relatively well-groomed when we'd first set out (well, for us we did).

Little sis', Lainee, did the driving, me giving direction. Actually, I felt quite flattered, I mean, being as it's common knowledge I'm a wee bit spatially challenged and all, I think it was really nice they still chose to trust in me like that (after the last time), don't you?

Anyway, I did get us there to the car park. The restaurant was but a mere few yards away, wasn't it?

Who would have thought the heavens would choose to open up on us like that? (Crikey, now if they had taken my car, I at least have the good sense to always stash a brolly in the boot..this is Craggy Island, y'know.)

"What do you mean, some one's moved it?"

"I'm telling you, it was here, right next to the bed shop - it was!"

Big sis' May tactfully suggested we try the next block down. I gave her the benefit of that, even though her optimism came over as more patronising than diplomatic to mine own ears. I knew damn well where it was! It just wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Someone'd moved it.

I was able to prove it too on our third circut back. Oh, they of little faith! Darn thing was completely encased for demolition and hidden under a ton of sheeting. Guess the pelting rain had obscured me from recognising it for what it was at first.

(What do you mean, I obviously don't get out much?)

Wasn't my fault. Sheesh, think I would have wasted a full good hour with the hair straighteners if I'd known we'd only wind up doggy-paddling it over to our hastily invented plan B?

I'm telling you, what a waste of good make-up that was. And very charitable too that none of my sib's warned me before I stepped out under that broken guttering. Bless 'em, eh? Glad they found it so knicker-wettingly funny. Mind, unlike the two Panda's walking on either side of me, at least my eyeliner didn't run (I've just had it permanently tattooed on) And to think, they actually had the temerity to laugh when they'd first heard what I'd gone and done (now who was the one smiling smugly, eh?).

And before you ask, yes, of course it hurt like hell, you try go sticking a thousand needles into your inner lids to see how it feels, but hey, like I say, at least mine doesn't smudge, unlike others I could mention. Hey-ho, (sheepish grin) sorry, I digress..

Sooo, the thing is, as one of them doesn't eat meat, and with the other one being Vegan, it's one hell of a job trying to find a place where we are all happy to eat out together in. See, me, I'm a complete carnivore.

We did, (find a restaurant) as you can see.. but that's a whole 'nother story. They kept mixing up the order and trying to serve flesh to my two tree-hugging blisters up here - ah, but what the hell, at least I came out smiling - I ended up with three free large glasses of their finest wine (seemed shameless to waste it, seeing as how neither of them drink).

Aw, I love my two sisters hugely, and I've had a wonderful week with them. Despite the fact they don't smoke, cuss or drink, and that I know they lose sleep I'm fast headed to hell in a bucket, I am also secure in the knowledge of how deeply they love me. Lainee is a junior school (to age eleven) music teacher as well as a week-end lay preacher, and May has this successful holistic healing practice, where her speciality there is as a nutritional therapist which mainly addresses allergies - her clients are known to travel from near and wide, and book months in advance just to consult with her. She is quite well known in her own right, frequently pulled on by the BBC for interview in relevant segments. I'm afraid what they do is all mumbo-jumbo to me, but this they know and happily forgive, I guess that's what family is all about - unconditional acceptance. For three kids who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, we turned out alright.

I have a few adventures to relate, but at risk of droning on, I think I'll quit until the next time. I mentioned they can drive me nuts, right? (But only in a nice, scratching my head kind of way - I find their logic hysterical at times.)

We've all parted on the agreement next time we meet up, we are ditching the kids and running off to London on our ownisome - who knows, perhaps I will yet succeed in leading them astray? I live in hope!


Leslie: said...

I also have 2 sisters and each one of us is totally different, like you and yours. It looks as though there's a blonde, brunette, and redhead in your family and at first glance you all look totally different. However, upon peering closely at the photo, I definitely can see a family resemblance. Glad you all laughed and had a good time.

david mcmahon said...

London Town ain’t big enough for the three of you! That’s my call and I’m sticking with it …. But I want to read about the next reunion and what Ken Livingstone has to say about it!

smiles4u said...

Sounds like such a good time with your sisters. I think it's cool that each of you can be so different but yet love and accept one another. Glad you had a good time and it was fun reading about it. Thanks for sharing!

Shrinky said...

Oh Leslie, we sure did have a great time together, but, ahem.. I have to confess.. we ALL actually atarted life out as brunettes - blush.

Hum. I am torn here, David. See, I don't want to appear a name-dropper or anything - BUT (there is always a but in here, isn't there?), Ken was almost solely responsible for my ending up pay-rolling over 500 employees in my hey-day. He granted me a huge government contract (long before I married and settled down). Ah, glory days, eh? (Sadly, it's Boris now, not Ken, who is running things, thesedays.)

Hi, Smiles4u, ah, we have so much more in common binding us together than any differences we might trip across!

TechnoBabe said...

You are so fortunate to have not one but two sisters! Individuals for sure but still that connection. I so love reading about your adventures together and also the differences. Regarding the permanent eyeliner, I was planning on doing that too but first I did the permanent eyebrows. They didn't take! So the salon did it again. Ouch. Two times the pain. And it did not take. That was about ten years ago and now I am so "old" I don't really care anymore. Funny, huh.

Sandy Kessler said...

good plan- my sister receives an award this week so I'm peacocking around on her behalf ha !1

Scott from Oregon said...

You have a pair of veggie teetotalers in yer mix?


Must be great to get all they poke their nose up at...

They look to be perfect renditions of sisters...

but you... Shrinky...

seem to have broken some sort of mold...

Shrinky said...

Hey TechnoBabe, I had my eyebrows tattooed too! I think the fact yours didn't "take" probably had more to do with the person tattooing them, than about you. What do you mean you are too "old" to care anymore? I find the faster I approach my fiftieth in December, the more desperate I am to try ANYTHING (blush) to pickle the ravishes of what's left of my long gone youth.

Ah Sandy, isn't it great when you can bang the drum for someone you love and are proud of? Smile.

Scott, the fairies left me as a changeling in place of their real sister shortly after birth (least that's what they claim).

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Sounds like one of many of my days. I can't fit the whole story here, but if you want a laugh on me, you could read about one of my worst (in a funny way) days here:

I hope today will be a little more normal for you.

Shrinky said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. I'm afraid the link doesn't work, but no worries, as you are probably aware, I have visited your latest post instead.

Fletch said...

I was going to comment, amazed, that there were THREE of you, but on reflection that would not be quite correct!

Three individuals, vaguely connected by birth. One 'non-smoking, non-drinking Veggie', one 'non-smoking, non-drinking Vegan' and one of 'Life's excesses'. Interesting blend.

The fish in the last post would have appealed to at least two ....

~Babs said...

Aaah, the Sisterhood!
Through thick and thin,,
together we stand,,,,
one for all, and all for one,,,
and (no longer) any hair pulling.
I relate so well,only there are 4 of us. We are all so different that we've said we might not even like each other, had we not been born of the same parents.
Great post! And eyeliner.

Nancy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. My family is difficult to feed, as well. My youngest it toally veggie, oldest is mostly veggie, husband carnivore. Oldest daughter is getting certified in holistic nutrition, well you get the picture. Glad you girls could still have fun, but then just being together is what it's all about right? Smeared mascara and all.

Akelamalu said...

LOL well apart from the soaking it sounds like you had a good time. :)

Sandi McBride said...

My goodness! What a wonderful adventure you had and I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall...wouldn't want to horn in on your good time, but would have loved to share a moment! Since I was always the "sinful" sister (eat drink and be merry and for heavens sake pass me a smoke and the wherewithal) my two would be the blushing petals around me, glad you had such a great time!!!
a collard is much like Kale...very much like!

SJ said...

"don't smoke, cuss or drink"
I are the sensible sister :)

Mushy said...

Don't eat meat...god I'd starve to death!

Shrinky said...

Fletch, "Life's excesses"?? Bloomin' cheek! I prefer the term "big appetite for life", if you don't mind (wink).

Hi babs, I am one of four, too! My saving grace from being the black sheep is my big bruv', Ian - a rogue of the finest degree, and all round charmer (much to all his five ex-wives deep regret).

Nancy, my heart goes out to you! I usually host Christmas for the clan each year - add into the mix this also includes a couple lactose and wheat intolerants in there, it sure stretches my culinary skills to the max!

Akelamalu, it's such a pity our big sis' lives away from us, we are tryig to convince her and her hubby to retire over here, we are constantly working on breaking them down - maybe one day, eh?

Sandi, you are a girl after my own heart! Isn't it fun to watch them squirm and throw their hands up, though? (Grin)

SJ, you got it in one!

Mushy, actually I was a vegetarian myself for many years, as we grew up in a vegetarian household. Like you, I could never forsake meat now!

PRH....... said...

Don't cuss, smoke, or drink? The would not have enjoyed our fishing trip to northern Michigan this weekend....not much fish caught, but plenty of those other 3 things going on. :)

Suldog said...

Don't smoke, drink, cuss, eat meat... You are most definitely pick of the litter, my dear. I mean, you're all fine looking, but only you have a soul :-)