Monday, November 16, 2009

Lightening Bolts and Cattle Prods

We had a spectacular light show the other night. I woke to what I thought was our roof sliding off - no kidding - the rumble was so loud I felt it vibrate through the entire house. It took lightening to strobe the room, for me to grasp what was happening. It even jolted hubby awake, and he sleeps with ear-plugs!

Before I had the chance to check on Sweet Sam, he came barrelling into our room, screaming blue bloody murder. Good job we have a big bed, eh? (Smile).

The storm was pretty relentless, squalls of wind and rain battered the windows, as flashes and crashes of thunder and lightning hammered directly overhead. The house two doors up had a bolt of lightening punch a great hole through their roof (miraculously, no-one was injured). I have yet to check out the damage to the glen, but thankfully, at least we didn't take any direct hit to our property.

In my lifetime, I've weathered a fair sample of what the elements can can throw out, but I have never experienced anything quite like this one before. My, but it was wild!

Little Jess, our cat, sleeps in her basket in our garage at night, and Jake, our Golden Retriever, settles down into his, in the kitchen 'til the morn. When I went down to check on them, Abby had already taken Jess, who was shaking like a leaf, into her bed, and Matt had taken a very puzzled and sleepy Jake through in to his room. Nothing seems to faze that hound, guess being raised on the course of a Super bike race track, he's developed nerves of steel!

It's still all wild and windy out today, but it didn't prevent hubby from catching his flight off the island this morning. Poor lad doesn't fly too well at the best of times, it must have been quite a white knuckle ride for him in the small hundred-seater plane he has to fly out in.

Still, one good thing came out of the storms, it's given me a great idea for an opening to a new story, sparks have been flying from my keyboard!

Actually, I've had quite a week of being indoors, I was virtually bedridden for a couple of days when my back and side muscles went into spasm, I just woke up one morning and could hardly move - well, not without receiving what felt like a thousand volt cattle prod jolting me in the kidneys if I did. Scared the bejesus out of me! Convinced I was dying, I had visions of being under the knife within the hour.

With hubby being off the island, I had my eldest see the others off to school, and called a cab to the Accident and Emergency dept. By the time we arrived, I needed help just getting out of the car.

The doc gave me a muscle relaxant, which was also a sedative, some anti-inflammatories and some strong painkillers. I was mortified. How could it only be a muscle spasm? I expected to receive a cat scan at the very least.

"How do you know I'm not internally bleeding?"

"Because you told us you've not received any injury."

"You sure it's not a collapsed lung?"

"I've sounded your chest and you yourself said your breathing is fine."

"Yeah, but I could be wrong.."

They kept me in for a few more hours until the tablets kicked in, and told me just to relax and rest up until it passed. They did offer to keep me in overnight, but I felt it was more out of pity than concern, they obviously thought I have a streak of Munchhausen's running through me, and being as it was a quiet day for them, they probably thought I'd appreciate the attention. My pride demanded I catch a cab back home again, and the cab driver and my son obligingly helped to half carry me indoors. Bless my boy, he took things over for me until his dad arrived back.

It didn't help that I kept throwing up all the time. Took me ages to work out it was the painkillers, not an over-looked fatal malady, causing it. I was fine once I swapped them over to Nurafen, and they worked themselves through my system.

Yup, I am a complete wimp. Never, ever, ever ill, I didn't know how to handle it. Lord help me if I every really do fall sick, eh?

Although I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed milking it to the hilt for a couple of days - oh, isn't the mobile phone a wonderful invention? (Evil grin.) I had hubby keep his switched on 24/7, so I could reach him on demand. I had him fetch and carry me everything, topping up my hot water bottles, bringing cups of tea, fluffing up my pillows - eeeh, it was proper wonderful, tee-hee!

I'm back to fit as a flea again now, the rest has done me a power of good.. it's amazing what a little pampering can do!


Thumbelina said...

Sounds like a storm stright out of a dracula movie!
Glad the muscles stopped spasming and the only ones spasming now are with mirth! ;0)
Muscle spasms are painful! I know! And I wonder if you were on codeine - that makes me throw up and go semi conscious! Probably what you got too.
Glad you're on the mend. And that the lightening didn't strike you. Looking forward to the story....

(All that's happened to me recently is getting roasted. *sigh* boring life I have. )

smiles4u said...

I like thunder storms but not to this extent of such high winds. I get sick to my stomach from pain pills myself so rarely take them even if I'm in a lot of pain. Glad your are feeling better and I look forward to hearing this story!

jay said...

Sounds like the storm was a real humdinger! Luckily young Sid doesn't care about thunder, he sleeps through it. No fun when you have animals or humans who are phobic though. :(

Sorry to hear about your muscle spasm, too. Yep, those things are incredibly painful, aren't they? I'm glad you feel OK now!

TechnoBabe said...

The good news is that you survived the muscle spasm of the century. How can muscles do the spasm thing for so long anyway? Now that it is over you are able to write in a jolly way about it. And it is great to hear your fingers are pounding the keys and you are writing your brains out this week. Oh tell hubby I know about ear plugs, I wear them these days too, have to if I want to get some sleep. Sweet hubby snores. Last night when the noise was so loud it was like a train coming through the room even with the ear plugs in, I put my hand on the back of his head and gently rubbed his head and he became quiet. This morning he said he did wake up but last night it didn't seem like he woke up, I thought I had found a new way to get him to help him not snore at the volume of the locomotive.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh yes the painkillers! This happened to me after a major op so I can well understand! The euphoric feeling when the tablets were stopped was just so wonderful!

A rest is indeed a good thing hun.
Take Care


Suldog said...

Sorry to hear about the pains, but isn't it wonderful to know you've got good people around who are willing to do marvelous things to make you feel all cozy? Yes, it is!

Akelamalu said...

That storm sounds scary!

I hope your hubby doesn't read your blog or the cat will be out of the bag about you taking advantage of your malady! LOL

BRUNO said...

And, you say a storm like this is unusual? Oh, OK---sorry! I'd forgotten where ya' live!

That's pretty-much the normal spring/summer shower "'round-an'-down-ovah-heah"!

An' we've had some of the gawd-awfullest tornados in the WINTER-months, as well!

Weather. You HAVE TO love it, wherever ya' live...!

Leslie: said...

I recall a lightning storm like that when we lived in Ottawa. The house next door was hit but we excaped unscathed. Thankfully! We were watching out the window when a bolt hit the ground near us and the shock wave threw us back, without breaking the window thank goodness. But those storms can be scary! We don't have them like that here (well, very occasionally) but right now we're having a rain storm of the century (or so it seems!).

So sorry about the muscle spasm episode. I, of all people, can certainly sympathise with that sort of pain. And I know the feeling of having too much of the pain meds! Seriously!!!

Fletch said...


Couldn't relate to any of that. Thunder storms don't phase me (might if I got hit by a lightning bolt, I guess); don't get muscle spasms, not even where I wish they would; don't take pills 'n' potions, Maria does enough for both of us.

So I read the whole post and the only conclusion I could come to was a mild expletive.

"Devious Tart", I thought ...

Just had a thought - hubby and I would get on well. We both detest flying!

chewy said...

Blasts of lightning make me cringe. (shiver) I wonder if Abby and Matt snatched up the pets for their own comfort? That's what I would have done. Grab my cat to hug.

Cheers to Matt for stepping up as a responsible young man to get you to the doctor.

- You left out his walking a mile in the pouring rain to the druggist to fetch your prescription. -

Shrinky said...

Thumbelina, yes, it WAS Codeine - ugh. Never again!

Smiles4U, I am working on it.. wink.

Hi Jay, yeah, it was just a freak storm - but yes, it's horrible enough if a human is afraid, but with animals, if they are spooked, you can't explain to them, can you?

Oh TechnoBabe, I laugh at hubby's ear-plug habit, because that is all that it is, a habit, there is no reason in the world for him to wear them now - he started with them 18yrs ago, when our first child was born - as he had to get up so early for work, it served a purpose. As for the snoring, it's HIM who does that - and you are far more forgiving than me. I just deliver a sharp kick or an elbow to his back - works every time (giggle).

Cheers Denise, yes, it was wonderful to lose the nausea - uck!

Suldog, I am left in no doubt as to how loved I am, I guess not everyone is so fortunate. Yes, it's lovely to feel cared for and protected.

Um, Akelamalu, hubby knows me too well, mid-way through the second day, his phone inexplicablly stopped working..hmph.

You know Bruno, when I hear of the exteme climates some of you guys have to put up with, it makes my blood run cold. You are absolutely right, most of us over here don't know how lucky we are!

Oh my goodness Leslie, that must have got the heart pumping fast! Sounds like a real close call - crikey, what a thing to happen!

Fletch (eyes in best wide, innocent mode), Who, me? Why, as if..

Ooh, that's right, Chewy, he did at that - poor lad came back half drowned, bless him!

Hilary said...

Sounds like the bad backs are making the rounds these days. You're the fourth one I hear of (including myself) in just a couple of day. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Pass the drugs. ;)

Maalie said...

We have had some pretty heavy rain and gales across the water here in Cumbria, but I don't recall thunder and lightning. maybe I slept through it. We have 12cm rain forecast in the next 36hrs!

Shrinky said...

Oh Hilary, my sincere comisserations, hon - I sure hope you feel better soon!

Oh Maalie, tell me about it, there have been severe weather warnings put out on the news for tomorrow. My youngest has a hockey tournement scheduled after school - and they played in hailstones earlier this week - eeek! I'll need to drive a round trip of 30miles of unlit road if it goes ahead. (Help)

Scott from Oregon said...

...and you got spasms why?

Were you laughing spasmodically?

Eat a few extra bananas and raisins this week. And take a vitamin and mineral supplement for a bit.

And hide the ciggies from yourself.

And listen to your sisters...

Anna said...

Shrinky, glad you are back on your feet. You know I have similar problem with my neck, get stiff all the time. I came to conclusion it was some kind of virus in my nerve system. It happened to me every time during flu/cold season. BTW that was some wicked storm you experienced. I once did to experienced a storm when I was in elementary school, and that scared me for life, because if comes to storms I am just get scared to the bones...oh well. Thanks again for sharing your story, and again hope you are okay. Anna :)

Shrinky said...

Hi Anna, hmnn - perhaps a simple blood test can throw up some answers for you? Might be worth checking out, huh? I've never been much ruffled by lightening before, but I can understand now why a lot of people are - it depends on the intensity of it!

Hey Scott, ah, yes, the underlying problem (trust you to hone in on that). I have put my back out a couple of times in the past, and daily exercises are a great preventative - except recently the most exercise I get out of my treadmill is when I dust it. As for the ciggies - I really, really, really must quit - come the New Year (wink). Will bannana bread do? My eldest has perfected it, it's his speciality - and er, raisins.. I'll do you a deal, if I can swap that over to sultanna's, you're on! Vitamins? Oh God, now you are beginnig to sound like my tree-huggers..

Anna said...

Shrinky, those damn doctors don't want to do anything, lol, unless you are on the death bed in here. But when they find something, suddenly I can become an experiment. I stay away from them, and always hope for the best. Thanks for comment back. Anna :)

Thumbelina said...

Carol - get it on your records that you react badly to codeine and it is a no-no for you. Seriously.

Shrinky said...

Oh Anna, that is terrible! YOU know if something is wrong, can't you change your doc, before it gets worse? I sure hope you can resolve this, ignoring symptoms won't make them go away! Seriously, please don't take no for an answer.

Aw, thanks Thubelina, don't worry, I have it firmly etched in my mind now - and so has my nearest and dearest!

PRH....... said...

Reminds me of a time in Vietnam{Tan Son Nhut Air Base Saigon}, I was setting in a Metal Security Tower, 50ft above ground when a lightning bolt hit the perimeter fence nearby....I got to thinking "solid metal tower"....even though it was illegal to do so, I climed my butt outta that tower and layed under a raincoat poncho until the storm passed....heck it was to wet for the enemy Vietcong to be out in the stuff anyway.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Ah, a little bit of pampering does a world of good!!!! So glad you found a way ;-) Can't wait to read what the storm inspired...Hope you'll share a few lines...your writing is always have such a comfortable, literary voice!! I do so love to read your blog, and so I just know I would love reading your outside writing! So glad you are feeling better!!! Love you!! Janine XO

simon said...

I have forgotten what its like....

simon said...

..and its 41c as I type....

Shrinky said...

OMG Pat, it doesn't bear thinking about - stuff of nightmares! I think it was a no-brainer to quit the post of acting as a human lightening rod.. eeeek!

Hi Janine, erm, dunno' about posting any sample - it would be asking a lot from my blog-friends, see, it's the start of a kids story - certainly a new venture for me. But I am having fun writing it - grin. Hope all is well with you my friend, as ever, you always put a shine on my day. (x)

Oh my Simon, I'm not sure how you cope in such baking tempetures - we have severe weather warnings out today, torrential rain ad gale force winds - talk about from one extreme to the other, eh? Smile.

Hello Anonymous, thank you so much for your comment, it's lovely to receive such positive feedback from you - please do pop by again as often as you please!

San said...

Shrinky, I've been in a place where lightning struck. Twice. It's frightening.

And I've been there with the muscle spasms too. OUCH. The only upside to that is being able to lie down and ask people to bring you this and that. Doesn't that feel unnatural though? The magical spell wears off quickly.

I'm so glad you survived both episodes unscathed and are here to entertain us with your dazzling stories.

And it's just like you to take a lighting bolt so personally, as a bolt of inspiration. YOU ROCK, milady.

Anonymous said...

really appreciate YOU -- thanks a lot!