Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now You See It..

In this day of recession, isn't it good to know there are still companies out there helping to ease the plight of our unemployed? Heart-warming, isn't it?

One in particular has recently taken to saturating our TV screens with numerous advertisements, the likes of which run something like this:

"Do YOU have any unwanted gold you no longer need? Why not send it on to us in our specially pre-paid and insured envelope? We will value and purchase it by return of post. It's quick, it's easy, and NO fuss guaranteed."

Testimonials follow from satisfied and happy folk who have apparently gone and done this very thing, such as this one from a widely-beaming, teenage cutie-pie;

"I sent off my old wedding ring and I couldn't believe how much I got for it!"

(Rather begs the question, would she have been so hasty to divorce had she only but known?)

Eh, just hang on one cotton-pickin' minute.. UNWANTED gold? Aside from serial brides, who the hell wakes up one morn to think, "Blimey, that chest of bling just has to go, God, I really don't want that bunch of old heirloom at all, what on earth was I thinking of?"

Unemployed target audience?

Any gold items?

No questions asked?

Well okay, call me Lil' Ms.Cynical here..


Either they are punting to the desperately strapped for cash out here, or..

Isn't this just an open invitation for house-burglars to turn their booty into instant cash?

Well, I reckon it certainly has found a gap in the market. After all, it can't be that easy to always find such an obliging fence.

No fuss guaranteed? Maybe what they really mean is, "No FUZZ guaranteed". With the assurance every item is smelted down, it must be so very reassuring to know whatever you send on is rendered completely untraceable.

Wonder if word of it has spread down at The Old Dog and Duck yet?

But seriously, is it just me, or do you find this kind of touting more than a wee bit worrisome?


smiles4u said...

Oh yes, I've seen these commercials. They play on the desperate. I highly doubt that they actually get what they should but when people are desperate they will stoop to doing what they can to put food on the table. Sad that companies get away with taking advantage of the down and out!

TechnoBabe said...

If I want to unload some of my gold stash, I would rather walk into a pawn shop and watch him weigh the gold with my own eyes and get the money in my hot little hand!!

Mojo said...

The hell of it is that everything they do you can do yourself with a few bucks and a little ambition. Oh, and the time and aptitude to build a small furnace (which isn't near as difficult as you'd think).

Helps if you're not skeevish about handling nitric acid too.

On second thought...

Shrinky said...

Hi Smiles4u, oh sadly, there has always been a market to prey on the desperate, but that's not quite my point - what concerns me the most is this new "anonymous" way of selling valuables. If you pawned a ring it could be traced back to you. In this method, the jewelry they recieve could belong to ANYONE, and no one appears to care as to how it was aquired.

Actually TechnoBabe, so long as there is poverty, there will always be a pawn-broker to meet it. It is a sad but necessary life-line for some. I only object to this being extended to any faceless thief as an easy and safe way to off load his ill-gotten gains.

Mojo, hey, welcome back! Ah, c'mon, fess up! It's you placing these ad's, isn't it?

BRUNO said...

And, they pay for DENTAL-gold, too!

Why, if I had any, I'd be a-yankin' as we speak! But, I've checked, and all I have is stainless caps, and the standard fillings, damn the luck!

Guess I could scrape some off the frames of my glasses?

Nope---no dice! I've looked there, too. And they're Titanium...!

Anonymous said...

(jingle, bite, scratch) Damn, another piece of Avon jewelry. Hmm... I wonder what the old lady next door has?

Scott from Oregon said...


The new fencing scam...

Akelamalu said...

Well I actually sent some old unwanted gold items - odd earrings, broken chains, spare links from a bracelet - really crap stuff and I got £74! I wouldn't send good items they'd go to a pawn shop but if you have broken and odd stuff I can recommend it.

david mcmahon said...

Yes, I'm on your side. Hang onto those sovereigns (the gold coins, not the monarchs) for dear life ....

Leslie: said...

Those commercials are seen here, too, and I can't BELIEVE anyone would be SO STUPID as to just send their valuables away in the MAIL without even having a valuation done. IN THE MAIL??? How stupid do these people think we are? But I guess some people are so desperate they'd do anything for a buck! Me? I'm keeping my gold/silver/whatever and if/when I want, I'll have it all remade into something else.

SJ said...

Unscrupulous pawn broking for the 2000s!

Shrinky said...

Hey Bruno, keep on looking hon, aren't there some old gold mines somewhere around you?

Chewy, shame on you (giggle)!!

Hi Scott, and another .com millionaire in the making, no doubt..

Akelamalu, well I guess that is a valid point. Good to hear a positive outcome.

Hey David, good to see you! I sure would if I had any (pout).

Yes Leslie, I think an independent valuation first would be the sensible route to go.

SJ, isn't progress a wonderful thing?

jay said...

Reminds me of that old saying 'If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is'.

Yes, there is something worrisome about these companies and not only the possibility of the criminal element using their services. My intuition is screaming 'DON'T TRUST THEM!!'

Now, what on earth should I do with that stinky old pile of gold I have shoved away in a cupboard? ROFL !

Shrinky said...

Aw Jay, anything to help out a friend, send it on to me and I'll value it for you.. (fingers crossed behind my back)!

Nancy said...

I totally agree with you. I watched a segment on some show where they were actually melting down the gold in Manhattan! Yes, in a building in downtown Manhattan they melt it down, stick it in an envelope and send it to an assayer to determine how high the value. Unbelievable. And I agree it certainly is an enticement to break into houses and steal jewelry. They'll melt it down - no pesky questions asked. Ghaa

Shrinky said...

Nancy, YES!! Thank you, I was beginning to think it WAS only me!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Makes me think of my Grandfather who saved all of his gold crowns when they pulled his teeth and fit him for dentures...LOL...but generally speaking, I think the whole thing sounds suspect!!! I'm with you!!! Hilarious, pithy, and very clever post, dear Carol!!! You cut to the heart of the matter with wisdom and wit!! Love you!! Janine XO

Shrinky said...

Oh Janine, that made me laugh - did he really? How wonderful! He sounds a true character - just like you! x

San said...

Shrinky, I'm really amazed I haven't seen such ads in the U. S. of A. Every other wanna-be con artist is making their presence known.

You know those emails that say you're about to come into a zillion smackers, by the grace of God, if only you'll send money in advance? Well, I know they've been around for years, but this year, they come to the gallery email all of the time. Also, people claiming they want to buy paintings and have them shipped to South Africa, if only we'll pay their shipping charges up front. What a bunch of clowns.

As always, I've enjoyed your witty expose.

By the way, I know a gallery in Santa Fe that will pay you TOP PRICES for any little valuable you happen to have lying around. Have your luxury vehicles ferried across the Atlantic. Send us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses of gold, diamonds, and, for that matter, cold hard cash. We'll send you something really sweet in return.

Do you like Hershey bars?

~Babs said...

We have the ads here too, and Well, I find it rather absurd that anyone would just pack up and send a stranger ANYTHING...let alone something of value!
And just accept whatever they send you back?
Nope. Not me.
I had not thought of the 'fencing' aspect of this, but you are so right,,,,what an opportunity to 'turn the goods'!

Shrinky said...

Hi San, Hershey Bars? Now you're talking - we don't get them over here, got to be worth their weight in gold, eh? (Smile)

Babs, now I come to think about it, my neighbours house is empty right now.. hmmmmmn (looking out my burglar outfit as I type)!

PRH....... said...

Kind of like my money and supply of beer in the one minute, gone the next!

simon said...

I think it shows you just how "dumbed down" we have become...

Shrinky said...

Oh Pat, that's a whole 'nother post (smile)!

Yes, Simon, I think that just about nails it, doesn't it?

Crazy Four said...

This is the heights...who would be foolish enough to send it sealed in that so called spl envelope?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

We think it issent so mutch the unwantid gold that is odd as the unNEEDid gold. Is eny ov yor gold akchewly NEEDid? Unless yor dor key is mayde ov it, probly not!!!

Enyway....they say that if yu don't like wat they offer they will send the gold bak, but Mummy thinks this is ware they cheet yu. They mite offer say, £40 an yu say "NO WAY! IT'S WERTH £200!!!!"
so then they say,
"OK weel send it bak. Now yu hav to pay £10 admin an postage an anuther £23 to inshor it in the post."
So, yu can iver hav £40 or pay £33. An if yor reelly broke that's not a nice choyse.

Wat is funny is the way wun ov the laydeez on the adverts sez BULLion. She sez it like BUHLion.

An the man wiv the starey eyez an Mummy showts "BLINK!!! BLINK!!! BLINK YU FREAK!!!!"


gaelikaa said...

Well, you know, Shrinky, some things just defy explanation.....there's no point in even, you know, wasting your time thinking about it 'cos - the world is full of weirdness and wonder!

Have a great week!

Shrinky said...

Beats me, Crazy Four, but it appears many do..

Oh my goodness Bob, do you know, I had never even thought of that spin on it - sheesh! I'm with your mum on this - I yell at him too (grin)!

Gaelikka, oh I know, I shouldn't vex myself with all this trivia, but I just can't help myself - wink.

Anonymous said...

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