Friday, March 19, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

The teenagers confiscated my laptop this week for knocking all of theirs off-line.  I didn't mean to.  Besides, we already had a dodgy connection, that's why I got the Mr. Fix-It guy out in the first place, wasn't it?

Ungrateful urchins.

He was a proper darling too, he even upgraded my router for free - how's that for service?  So seeing as how he was so  easy to take advantage of considerate and helpful, I thought I might as well chance my arm ask his advice as to how to secure my network.  I guess he figured he'd save himself a second trip out by doing it for me (dumb blond's sooo rule!).  How was I to know I should have mentioned all the other laptops..?


Anyway, all's well now - this morning our Mr. Fix-It guy did that second trip over he had hoped to leave out, and managed to put it all right once again.  Seems the security settings were set too high for the older laptops to cope with.  Must say, I am well impressed with the service, he came out within a half hour of my call, and I haven't been charged a penny for either visit!  In fact, I was so impressed, I decided I'd ring his boss-man to tell him.

The last thing I meant to do was get him in trouble.


Seems he's not allowed to give out free routers willy-nilly, and he's certainly not meant to be frittering his time away by setting up my security levels, never mind throwing in all these free call outs.

(Good thing I never got around to mentioning how grateful I am about him cleaning up the hard drives, eh?)

Poor lad.  I feel terrible now.

But I do seem to be jinxed as far as machinery goes, and you can bet your sweet arse that whenever anything does go wrong, it's always got to be on the week when hubby is on the mainland.

Take that car I scraped in the college car park the other week.  Okay, I suspected it was my fault, 'cos it was parked up and empty when I hit it.  The woman who initially flew down the steps, in readiness to launch herself across my bonnet, well, she turned out to be really decent in the end.  I got out and apologised profusely, we swapped phone numbers, and we've had several long conversations since.  Turns out her brother works in a paint spray shop, and will fix it up for free.  I'm taking her out for a thank you lunch next week.  Funny how things work out, eh? Seems she had me down as some sort of a nutter, when I first got out  in my fluffy slippers.

I have to confess, most folk over here are pretty obliging.  Remember that ever-so-posh Jag-lady I had to flag down the other week?  She drove over ten miles out of her way after I leapt in her car.
Then, again at the college, when I was parked up waiting to collect Sam, one of his tutors whom I barely even know, well he came all the way over just to tap on my window.  I had been wondering what had held Sam up for so long.  He was kind enough to remind me Sam doesn't come to college on a Tuesday, he goes to a work-placement, a further ten miles along the way.

Sam wasn't too pleased, but as I reminded him, it could have been a far longer wait for him had his kindly teacher not pointed me on my way.  Guess it didn't much help when I snapped the passenger wing-mirror off on his side, on the journey back (oh relax, it's electric, so the wires held it on).

His parting shot each morning now is to remind me where I'm picking him up again.

(I like to pretend to myself he's just being sarcastic.)

It's unfortunate I'm the only driver for five when hubby is off the isle, 'cos I'm the first one to admit I'm not all that good at it.  I was nothing short of delighted when His Lord and Master removed the left concrete post from the top of our drive, least now when I pull down there, it's doesn't bite the car anymore.

Wish we lived near public transport.  So do the kids.  You should just hear them, talk about a chorus of back seat drivers, I've never known such a paranoid bunch of cowards!

But I digress.

What I am trying to say is thank God for the kindness of strangers, there are a lot of good folk out there, it's just a shame I had to run in to a nasty one today, when all I was trying to do was to give a little thank you back.

(Hope Mr. Fix-It understands.)


Leslie: said...

Oh, man, you slay me! LOL You live such an exciting life! Can hardly wait to meet you in person...let's go cruising around and see how much mischief we can get into!

Anonymous said...

Seems your bad luck balances out with good luck. The kids are off your back, happily surfing the web thanks to Mr. Fix-it... Don't you wish you knew how that turns out? Yikes.

Daffy said...

You might not want to plug in the hairdryer directly upon getting out of the shower...just a thought.

*Goddess* said...

Well, dang, since the computer guy was so amenable while he was there, you should have had him do some cleaning:)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Cool! Have a great weekend.

Shrinky said...

Hey Leslie, you think Craggy Island could cope with the two of us? Crumbs, it's not long now before you visit the UK, is it? How exciting!

Oh Chewy, poor Mr.Fix-It.. (cringe)

Hi Daffy, nah, I can't, it blew up on me last week (you think I jest?)!

Goddess, I have a feeling he might soon have some spare time coming up, maybe I should give him a call? (Wink)

Thanks Phillip, you too.

mrsnesbitt said...

Glad I am not alone in my lack of mechanical mindedness! Fortunately hubby is so he is well patronising! lol! Not long now for our visit! Both hotel & ferry all paid for! Will be watching Mad Sunday this year, not sure if I want to take part however, what do you think?

Mickle in NZ said...

Only the 1 "nasty bod" your post, and I bet he is a natural bean counter.

Hope you're seeing signs of Springtime, sending huggles (and snores from Zebbycat should you want them)

Michelle, xxxxx

Shrinky said...

Denise, at my gaff, Mad Sunday is usually spent indoors, with all the doors and windows battened down! Last night Sam and his daddy met up and had a chat with Steve Plater, as well as with some other famous racer (the name of which escapes me) - it's just about made Sam's year!

Hi Michelle, yeah, there is always one, isn't there (smile). All the daff's are out in the garden now, it's a really cheerful sight after the harsh winter we've just had. Give Zebbycat a cuddle from me!

Akelamalu said...

Did your hubby volunteer to work away during the week? (wink) LOL

Brian Miller said...

that stinks...hopefully he wont get in too much trouble. have a wonderful weekend!

Elly Lou said...

Oh thank goodness! I thought I was the only one with such highly developed skills in the random breaking o' things. I'd initiate a fist bump but then we'd both end up in the emergency room.

Shrinky said...

I often wonder, Alelamalu (grin)..

Yeah Brian, I could bite my tongue now!

Ha, commiserations Elly Lou, from one to another, hi (virtual) five!

Land of shimp said...

Oh Shrinky, do I ever understand the impulse to toot the "doing a great job!" horn, but having landed in a similar situation years ago the best way to let it be known that you appreciated something? Tip them. I'm not talking wildly, but slip them a twenty (less where you are) and you'll have made a friend for life.

I hope he didn't land in too much hot water, and poor you! You were just trying to be kind to the fellow. Oh that road good intentions pave, eh?

As for being the family driver, hehe, well at least you're likely earning a rep that will have others spring out of your there's that upside!

Poor you, really I was wincing about the call to the boss because ...seriously, you were trying to return a favor, it must have been a fairly icky feeling when you realized, "Oh...hell."

Having something go wrong is always that little bit more dismaying when you've set out to do something especially nice.

Shrinky said...

Thing is shimp, we don't have a culture of tipping over here - take my Tesco delivery guys, for example, they are BRILLIANT - arry everything straight into the kitchen for me, always cheery, always on time - hell, if I am out, I leave the door unlocked, some have even been known to load my frosty stuff into the freezer for me before they leave.. but offering them money is a strict no-no. I tried - I really did, all I succeeded in doing was insulting them. Seriously, it's true, it's only acceptable to tip at Christmastime, y'know - like once a year. And yeah, I feel a first class twit for my recent efforts, sigh.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You will roar when you read what I've written for next week, dearest Shrinky...I cannot believe how alike we are...I'm always getting into scrapes...We'd be deadly together...and completely oblivious and innocent every step of the way!! LOL...You are wonderful!! This is a delightfully witty post! You are so can write humor with as much flair as you write heart-wrenching fiction! I love your writing! And I love you! Janine XO

Phivos Nicolaides said...

It looks you have an exciting time! Because you love art, have a look here NIKOLAIDES

secret agent woman said...

Aw, how nice of the Fix-it guy!

Shrinky said...

Oh dear Janine, seems we are kindred spirits indeed(giggle)! What a coincidence we both choose to post on related topics, eh? I look forward to reading all about it..!

I am sorry Phillip, I haven't time to follow all the links you send me.

Yeah Secret Agent, but the poor lad is about to find out no good deed goes unpunished, eh?

Realliveman said...

Real Mr Fix-it's always understand! :)

Land of shimp said...

Wow, I didn't realize that, Shrinky! Good to know, if I ever end up in the UK, you've just saved me from making a complete ass out of myself.

Anna said...

Shrinky oh he will, it wasn't anything that you did wrong, probably if he had nice boss, he be getting raise, lol. Well you did it again. I love your writing, it is never never boring, lol. BTW what's with the crossed words, I seen this before? Anna :)