Thursday, February 25, 2010

This n' That

Sunday evening, I only had the small compact camera to hand, which is a pity, but still, it was fun to shoot all the same.

Bec and her friends love to play "dress up" at home, and when she does, she's happy to pose any which way I ask .. but hey, Lord help me should I dare to want any "ordinary" shots of her in like, an "everyday" situation. I can't get her to face the camera for all the blackmail and bribery in my entire arsenal (and believe me, that's one heck of a lot)!

See what I mean? It's not that she didn't know I was taking this, no, quite the opposite, it's because she knew, the little horror! The last time she posed smiling and wholesome for me was probably around her tenth birthday - this is all I get now..

Or this (no, she wasn't seen out in public, thank goodness, these were taken in our glen)

Oh, don't mis-understand me, I think these are great - it's just.. (sigh), I wish I could take a natural one of my fourteen year old once in a while.

Moving on - our boiler has packed up again - can you believe it? Ever since we upgraded it's thrown a hissy-fit every year. The guys are working on it as I type . Eldest lad is eyeing them suspiciously from the window.

"Are these guys paid by the hour, mum?"


"'Cos they've been sitting in their van for the past half hour, talking on their phones.."

Cheers son. Some things you just don't need to know.

Ooh! Sam's blue disabled parking badge has finally been reinstated - after only two and a half years of rugby-tackling and chasing everyone down about it. Remember that politician bloke from around Christmas time? What a waste of space he turned out to be, I never heard a darn thing back from him since that email of acknowledgement he sent, telling me about his man-flu'. (Maybe he died?) Anyways, I found someone else to badger, and after nearly four months of me shooting weekly reminders out to him, he's finally followed through -whoohoo! I'll worry about it's renewal again in another three years time, but for now I'm a happy bunny. Mind you, on the downside, I've just been informed out of the blue that he will be leaving school (his special needs unit) THIS year, not next, despite him only being 17. He only goes there one day a week, as he has a life skills course at college he attends the rest of the time, but it still is a bit of a blow, as they can offer no alternative place for him to go. Sam has little outside of college and school for any interaction outside of us, it sucks. (Shrug). But you know me, I've not begun yet - I'll be sure to find him something, watch this space!

Now the weather has decided to lighten up some, I'm itching to take off for a long girlie weekend with my dearest mate, Little Ally - so look out London, I'm coming baaaaaaaaaack!!! Teehee. Hope it isn't as disastrous as my last trip over there proved. Um, long story, but never plan a week away with someone you have only met through blogland - it's so true, there really are a ton of nutters out there - "she" turned out to be a "he", and um, I really don't want to talk about that anymore..! Suffice to say, Little Ally and I have known each other since our teens, and I just know we're gonna' have a ball! I'm ditching the family and flying out the first week of April - ooh (pinching myself) I can hardly wait..

Hum, this isn't so much of a post as a ramble (blush) - sorry folks. To quote me old pal Jim, over at Suldog (sorry friend, I've forgotten how to do links again, but everybody knows you anyway, and besides, you are in my sidebar) "Back later, with better" (Scouts honour.)


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, I love your chatty posts...heck, I LOVE all your posts...Your daughter is beautiful...she's only 14? That's my son's age...but can't say he has as much sophistication... Love to you, Janine XO

Fletch said...

Yeah, tell us about it. The last London trip, I mean!

On second thoughts, best you spare us wrinklies the gory details or you might have the odd 'chest pain' to take responsibility for ...


doesn't matter how she poses..she's drop dead beautiful..
soo sorry about the heater..

Leslie: said...

Your daughter is a natural model - loves and camera and those EYES!

I always love the anticipation of a trip - sometimes even more than the actual away time! ;)

And I do believe you will find something for Sam!

Suldog said...

You don't need to link me, love. I'm already a legend in my own mind.

And your take on my closer is somehow a bit friendlier and not quite as illiterate :-)

"Cheers!", as you folks say.

TechnoBabe said...

Isn't it interesting how much older a fourteen year old looks with all the various forms of make up on the face? When my younger daughter was that age she too wanted all sorts of face paintings and make up.

billy pilgrim said...

once a week i kneel before our boiler and leave 2 pieces of fresh fruit along with a single long stemmed rose.

it seems to work.

Voyager said...

Your daughter is a total beauty, even with the painted face.
Give that boiler a great kick.

Michelle H. said...

Your daughter is a natural model. Those are great photos.

Um... okay. What's the deal with the "she" being a "he" and were there restraining orders involved afterward in London? Inquiring minds want to know, or at least be referred to the post in case you already talked about it!

Daffy said...

She's beautiful!!! And I love her name....

BRUNO said...

About your politician-"friend":Damn you, I TOLD YOU SO!!!

But, that's OK---I won't sit here, and GLOAT. Uh-uh. Not ME! I'm too GOOD for that kind of behavior!

Even if you DID call me "an old-cynic".....!!!

(Elephants and archives NEVER forget!)

And, is that "PETER", whom I see in the lens' reflection, there???

As GODDESS would say: "B-WAH-HA-HA-HA-A-A-A.......!"

Copyboy said...

Very pretty pics 'n post. Glad you're finally going to get to London for some girlie time. Have some fish 'n chips for me. Never had the UK version.

simon said...

My son is a goth- was full tilt at it. now he is beginning to lose the "bling" thank goodness!

Sling said...

Your photos are amazing!
Helped along no doubt,by your lovely subject.
Now,tell us all about the last London trip.

SJ said...

Maybe you can sell the idea to her "behind the scenes" photos than "narutal" or "normal". Correct terminology is everything!

Shrinky said...

Hi Janine, she turns fifteen in May! Sophistocation (so that's what it's called, is it)?? Beccy was born in her twenties - sigh. The funny thing is, my youngest girl, she is thirteen, and she DOESN'T WANT to grow up fast, in fact she even mourned passing ten! Odd how opposite they are..

Oh Fletch, funny how the best blog posts sadly turn out to the ones you CAN'T write, isn't it? (Grin)

Hi Yellowdog, aw, what a lovely thing to say. Oh, the heater is back up and firing now, thanks.

Leslie, seems I barely turned around and here she is almost grown. Yes, I am booking my flights today - it's always a riot when Little Ally and I get together, I'm counting down the days! And thanks, yes, I am hoping to convince a supermarket or cafe somewhere to offer Sam a day of (unpaid) "work experience", wish me luck..

Haha, hi Jim, how very gracious you are, thanks hon, I hoped you wouldn't mind me plagerising you (wink).

Yeah TechnoBabe, she also steals my shoes, clothes, makeup, hairspray, handbags..well, you get the picture, absolutely nothing is sacred anymore!

Haaaaaaa! Oh Billy, that is priceless - I really must try that, it's got to be worth a go (laughing still).

Hello Voyager, the really annoying thing is, our old boiler was fine, never gave us a lick of trouble, we should have left it well alone - hmph!

Michelle, I think this could actually make a whole 'nother book all on it's own, seriously! "She" turned out to be a rather large transvestite, who was looking for love - mine. I. Just. Wanted. To. Die. I don't give a toss about anyone's sexual orientation, but I DO take exception to being blatently manipulated and lied to. ('Nuff said)

Aw Cheers, Daffy! (I don't suppose you are just ever so slightly biased over my choice of name??) Wink.

Oh Bruno, I knew as I typed this post I'd have to conceed you were right all along - damnitt (giggle)! Oh, and will you STOPPIT about Peter?? (Groan, me and my big mouth, I've looked and I've looked, but I can't find the photo's to back that would-be post up, not for the life of me. It just wouldn't be the same without them.)

Ah Copyboy, you haven't lived (grin)! Yeah, I'm really looking forward..

Oh Simon, they all find their own way, regardless - he's obviously got a creative mind, and a parent with the good sense to let him express it.

Aw, thanks Sling. 'Fraid I have already said enough now, some things really are best forgotten (shudder).

SJ, see, this is where getting the take in it from someone more her generation might help - thanks for that, I'll give it try (wish me luck)!

Fen said...

wow look at those lovely long legs. She's a gorgeous young thing who's going to break hearts. Love those pics.

PRH....... said...

We all get sidetracked on my political rants of late.

Sometimes change and misdirection is good....nothing wrong with some family blog posts, as long as you don't give out too much information. Lots of evil out there in cyberspace.

Shrinky said...

Hi Pat, glad to see we are still friends (wink). And yeah, I learned the hard way not to take too much at face value in cyberspace..!

secret agent woman said...

Those are gorgeous photos of your daughter - even the slightly sullen-turned away one.

I'm like your son - I watch people I'm paying idly chatting and fume.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Beautiful faces!

Shrinky said...

Thank you, Phillip.

Shrinky said...

Hi Secret Agent, my son tales after his dad (grin). Bec tends to sail through life, I sure hope that lasts..

otin said...

You daughter could be a model.

Didn't you just do a post recently about the furnace being broken? My air conditioner does not work.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hope to meet up for a drink during TT! I will be on my best behaviour! lol!

Anonymous said...

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Matty said...

Your daughter sounds normal to me. And this coming from a dad who raised two girls through the teen years. She's expressing herself.

I remember the post about the boiler. Still on the blitz, eh?

Shrinky said...

Hi Fen, how nice to see you! Yeah, Bec's legs go all the way up to her neck.. and if she's far from adverse from showing them off (sigh)..

Shrinky said...

Hi Otin, yeah (eyes skywards) that was me, the one with the broken boiler - grrrr! We don't have air conditioning in the UK, it's rare we ever get the temp's for it, nore's the pity. Hope yours is fixed soon!

Hi Denise, so long as you forward on a copy of your passport first to prove you really are who you claim to be (only kidding)!! No, that would be great - let me know the dates when you are over, it would be fun to meet up!

Hi Anon, you sure do have a lot of college assignments, don't you?

Cheers Matty, sure helps to hear she's normal - grin! Boiler is fixed (for now, I'm not holding my breath).

Elly Lou said...

Oh great. You've got mad photography skillz, too? Grumble. Next I supposed you'll tell me that you can tap dance?

Shrinky said...

Two left feet, Elly Lou (I knew there was a reason I loved ya') Mwahhh!

Land of shimp said...

She was a he?

Hmm. This is a bad time to tell you I'm actually a one-eyed troll in lockdown in Camden, isn't it?

Okay, I'm not.

I'm really a cross-dress Zebra with a clubfoot and aspirations of being Godzilla. The fire-breathing lessons are going well, and thanks for asking.

Yes, I think planning on meeting someone prior to making week long plans is a good idea, oddly enough. I've never had a truly bad experience, and I've made friends (who I've later met) through the 'net...but the stories you here make that Zebra thing sound preferable.

*Goddess* said...

Is a "boiler" a furnace?

Anna said...

Well I tell you Shrinky this is very artistic make up, I really like the fourth one down. Anna :)

Viv said...

Your daughter is so pretty, reminds me of when I was her age! I loved experimenting with make-up, and of course I wouldn't admit it, but I did love the attention it brought! Great pics!!