Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She Went as a Cave-Woman in the End


Which is kind of fitting, since they seem to always travel in a tribe.

(Don't worry, they weren't let loose on the general public looking like this - we dropped and collected them from an adult supervised bithday party,  held at a school-friend's house!) 

And no, I did not take this picture, despite their pleas.  They had to seek out lil’ sis’ Abby, (the sensibly dressed Zombie) for the photo.

I’d sloped off for a rare, precious early night.  Propped up against a multitude of pillows,  happily snuggled up reading a gruesome, true-life murder (hey, c’mon, we all have our own way of celebrating Halloween, don’t judge!), and having just emerged from a glorious long soak in the tub, with face-mask applied, and toe nail-varnish still a-drying, I’m settling back into Shrinky-heaven.

Then, BLAM, all hell breaks loose!  Suddenly my bedroom is invaded by a bunch of cave-girls, all screaming for a photo-shoot. 

Well sod that, is nothing in life sacred? 

With hubby lumbered to ferry them around for the night, I’d thought I was safe.  Naturally, I told them all to bugger off and sent them packing  (inadvertently splintering my face mask into a thousand cracks in the process).  

"Hey Mum, you should come along, you're a natural for a Witch!"

Oh my, did they laugh - hmph, so much for dignity, eh?    


All the same, payback is mine (smug grin).

Seems no one told them there's good reason cave-girls don't hunt wearing four inch stiletto’s.

(No, I’m not gloating, not really – well, okay maybe just a teensy, tiny little bit.)  That's Karma, that is, for her laughing at me.  It’s okay, there’s no real lasting damage ‘tis only a bad case of the blister’s, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be playing much hockey this week.


Moving swiftly on..


Say hi to Squirt, Abby’s new room-mate.  I’ve been a very busy bunny this past week, re-decorating her and squirt’s new living quarters.               

Wish I had thought to remove my jewellery, and pin my hair up before starting in on the ceiling, ah but what the hell, it’s sure served as a sharp learning curve, hasn’t it?  


Staying on the home front, it appears Sam’s new college friend has taken quite a liking to our place.  Sam keeps showing up at the car with him in tow, assuring me his mum said it’s fine for him to come home for tea with us.

I’ve yet to meet his parent’s, as it’s proved rather difficult to talk to them.  On the rare occasion I have asked A. to pass his mum on, she’s refused to take the phone, claiming to be too busy.


I eventually managed to have a brief conversation with his dad, who, without even enquiring where we lived,  happily gave me Cart-Blanche to have A. back to our house anytime he pleased.


A. is a sweet lad, very gentle and caring around Sam, but he lives 15 miles away, and I truly have to juggle to drop him home again.  Sam has clubs after college, and the girls invariably need a ride after school to their various sporting activities, frankly, I’m spread pretty thin as it is with hubby off the isle.  That said, this is the first real “friend” Sam has ever made, and I have never seen him so happy as he’s been over these past few weeks.

A. joined Sam’s life-skills group in September, along with a group of other kids from a previous school.  I believe he lives with Asbergers’ (a form of autism), but it isn’t coupled with the severe learning difficulties which Sam and most of his peers have.  I’m told integrating these new kids into this course has proved challenging to the tutors.  Far more able and independent, most of these teenager’s have been excluded from previous mainstream school(s) due to disruptive behaviour.  The majority  of these guys appear to suffer from ADHD (attention deficit disorders) and have special needs very different from the ones Sam and his regular group live with.
As a teacher recently confined, “I now count the day a success if I can reach the end of it without serious incident.”  As you might imagine, this has given me more than small cause to feel worried.

That said, A. is not at all the stereo-type I expected.  He may lack some crucial social skills (a common trait in those living with Asberger’s), but he is kind, eager to please, and very easy to be around.  True, he does get bored and has a short attention span, always jumping from one activity to the next, but he does have the ability to focus on those things which do interest him, and one of these, as luck would have it, is PlayStation.  Sam and him both share a mutual love of gaming, and can happily spend hours together playing on it.

He does invite himself round far more than is convenient, and asks to sleep over every time.  I usually parry this request by saying I need to clear any overnight stay with his parents first.  Last week A. phoned me, and passed his father on the line.  He had no objection to A. staying Saturday night with us. 


It’s not that I mind him sleeping over, not exactly, it’s just that it’s hard work explaining to him why Sam doesn’t enjoy the same freedom as he does.  For example, Sam is functionally illiterate, and unable to so much as cross the road on his own, he never goes out without a responsible adult to accompany him.  A. on the other hand, makes the fifteen mile journey into college on his own, and his hobby is fixing up motorbikes (seems his parents are keen bikers).  A. gets restless here, and tries to entice Sam to go out with him.  I can never allow that to happen.  So it wasn’t without a little misgiving that I agreed to have A. spend the weekend with us.  Setting a Saturday drop-off time for 3pm, I figured I could probably summon the energy to cope for the day.

Both he and Sam were very excited at the prospect, and could talk of nothing else.  I reminded A. to pack his PJ’s and toothbrush, but it turns out he usually sleeps in the same clothes as he wears during the day. 

Everyone to their own, I guess.

On the appointed day, despite his father having agreed to the 3pm drop off, A., very conspicuously alone, landed up on our doorstep a full 5hrs earlier than expected.  His dad hadn’t even seen fit to ring the doorbell before driving off.

Luckily for A., least we were at home.

The weekend was fine, there were no problems at all – it was tiring, but successful – both the lads got along like a house on fire.  However, on the ride back to A’s home, a few things came up in conversation that almost had me crash the car!!


Oh hell, I started this off as an up-beat post, now look to where it’s heading!  Truth is, A. behaved himself impeccably well during his visit, I truly like this kid, and am (okay, was) thrilled Sam has a friend.  

Driving along, I attempt to make small talk.

Me:  So do you have any brother's or Sister's, A?"

A.  "Yeah, he's 18.  I hate him."

Me  "Surely not?  He's your brother, brother's should stick together."

A.  "He used to smack me about, but I can flatten him now.  He's not got ADHD or nothing, he's normal, but he still got expelled from school."

Me: (warily)  "Yeah?"

A:  "Yeah, he's racist.  But I don't like them either - what do you call them, them who speak funny?"

Me:  "Um, immigrants?"

A:  "That's them, yeah.  Steal our jobs, don't they?  And they got him kicked out of school."

(Long silence.)

A:  "My brother got a job, but they sacked him for stealing mobile phones."

Me:  "He stole the boss' phone?"

A:  "No, it was a mobile phone shop."

(Even longer silence.)

Me (brightly attempting to change the subject):  It was nice of you to help Sam out when he was upset at college last week."

I'd found A. comforting Sam, who was in tears, when I'd come to collect him.  A girl he likes had told him to shut-up.  A. had put his arm around him, telling him she didn't mean it.

A:  "That's alright, I've known Sam for a long time, he went to (Sam's old school) with me."

Me (puzzled):  "Really?  How come I never saw you there?"

A:  I only went there two afternoon's a week, they wouldn't let me go full time."

Me:  "What?  That's terrible, why ever not?"

A:    "Dunno.  They sent me there after I broke my teacher's arm. My mum told her not to get in my face.  If I ever get mad, all you gotta' do is hug me, everybody knows that.  Even mum said it wasn't my fault - served her right."

(Panic - panic - panic - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek - keep drivng Shrink,  focus, focus!)

Me:  "Shall we just listen to the radio for a bit?" 


(Mental note to self:  NEVER leave Sam alone with A. ever, ever again.)


mrsnesbitt said...

I could sense the rising panic - you deserve a medal you really do!

The blister eh? hahahahaha!


Lori said...

Oh my goodness! You deserve a crown! Your daughter and her friend looked very cute all dressed up like that. I cannot for the life of me imagine wearing high heels like that and keeping them on for hours.

As far as this boy goes...I feel sad for him...and wtf is up with his parents???? Thankfully Sam has you!!!!!

Happy Tuesday! XX

Pat Tillett said...

After all that I think you not only deserve a medal, but a vacation as well...
oh yeah, I'm SOOOOO glad that our five kids are grown and gone!

Leslie: said...

The girl are looking awfully sexy for their age! I guess it's called retribution that she got blisters on her feet, though. Poor Sam! (and you!) He finally gets a good friend and he's violent! The parents don't sound like they have much going on upstairs, if you get my drift. I agree, don't leave them alone! Whew!

mythopolis said...

It is always touching to read about the world of Sam. A's parents seem rude, or in denial. The cave girls are too cute...hope they understand there are lotsa cave men out there ready to drag them away! Careful, ladies!

secret agent woman said...

I was talking to a teenage girl who was describing costumes available to girls: devil slut, angel slut, cat slut, fairy slut, and so on. I guess there is something terribly fun about stepping out of character when it just can't get you into trouble Well, except for hurting your foot, that is!

Hilary said...

Ack.. perhaps the next time you drop A off, you can have a chat with his parents.. try to get a better feel for what you might expect.

Sam and A might well be good for one another but yes, proceed with caution.

Portia said...

Oh. MY. GOD! I would be very concerned with this new friend as well. Just when you think things are looking up, this comes along!

The girls all look adorable and, yes, sexy. I'm afraid I would look like a REAL cave woman dressed like that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Witchy Woman with face as wrinkled as old dried mud, (giggle)

Is that Raquel Welch and her tribe from One Million Years B.C.? I think Beccy needs to see that moviefor proper cave woman foot gear.

For "A" - Always, always arm yourself with a hug.


great costumes and I'd have been screaming at the top of my lungs over sam's friend.

Fen said...

Poor kid. With his lack of a proper upbringing and his Aspergers, it sounds like sometimes he can't control his temper, resulting in violence. From what you've just said it sounds like his parents don't pay him much attention & have filled his head fill of rubbish, not very good role models. You'd be right to supervise him and Sam at all times.

Your daughter looks awesome but I'm laughing about her heels. Ow.

Rock Chef said...

The girls look like they came out of the "Walk the dinosaur" video!

Hm, I would have been a bit pissed that the parents hadn't warned me about A's history! Makes me even happier that my daughter's hooked up with a young Christian group - a really nice bunch.

Rock Chef said...

By the way, this post was for you:

Shrinky said...

Hi Denise, I think A.'s problem is more with with authority figures, which is kind of reassuring to me, as he appears very protective around Sam, whom he sees as non-threatening.

Hello Lori, I do feel A. is a kind of lost boy, he truly has many great qualities, and yes, I am depressed over the slant his view on life is taking.

Hi Pat, I envy you! (Grin)

Shrinky said...

Hi Leslie, I've never met his parents, everything I know about A. I've gathered from him, I know he has been diagnosed with ADD, which often rips families up-sides-down, it's an exhausting job to parent a child with this condition. A. is 17, and a little like Sam, he will probably always be vulnerable. Most parents have a finite time as a carer to their children - perhaps A's parents are just plain worn out? Oh, and I forgot to add on my post, the girls were dressed for a fancy dress party, they didn't set foot outside on the streets dressed like that!

Shrinky said...

Hi Dan, I think I'd feel sorry for the caveman, myself (wink)! It's alright, they didn't parade down the raod like that, they were dressed for a fancy dress bithday bash which a school mate had invited them to!

Shrinky said...

Secret Agent, how sad. I doubt the girls viewed their costume as slutty at all, they dressed in the spirit of the party, and knew they looked hot. There is a huge difference between looking sexy to being judged as a whore. And yes, they were perfectly safe and supervised.

Shrinky said...

Thanks Hilary, no one is always home when I drop him off, I'm told his mother works nights, so she may be asleep when I call. In truth, it's obvious they don't welcome my contact - I think I now have a fair picture of A.'s world, and feel hopeful his friendship with Sam can safely continue to grow, albeit under close supervision!

Shrinky said...

Hahaha Portia, both you and me alike! These days, the more I cover up, the better I look! As for A., well, on the bright side, he is very frank and honest, there is an innocence to him, as he is totally without guile. I think forewarned is forearmed, I know the rules now, and will proceed with caution!

Shrinky said...

Hey Chewy, I even hug the Milkman - we Witchy, wrinkly women with faces like dried mud, need all the huggles we can get! (Cheeky monkey.. shove!)

Y'know it might be fun to get that movie out on DVD for when Beccy next has a sleepover with the girls!

Shrinky said...

Jackie-Sue, I felt a bucket of iced water had just been thrown over me!

Hi Fen, A. went to a mainstream school and suffered a lot of bullying in his past - I am sure that is a contributing factor to his anger issues. I have no idea when the incident involving his teacher occured, but I hope he has had some intervention since, and given better coping stategies to call upon.

Shrinky said...

Ah Rock-Chef, kids are so at the mercy of the peer group they mix with, it's such a relief when they actually fall in with the RIGHT crowd, isn't it (smile)?

I musst tell the girls what you said about their outfits, they'll be thrilled! Ooooh, what's this about a post for me??? (Galloping over to peek..)

Kate said...

What a gaggle of sexy cave girls. I woulda locked 'em in the house! Sam's friend sounds very...err....interesting. Looks like you're going to be spending lots of time with him. 'A' is one lucky bugger to get to spend time with your family. Sending you positive thoughts!

mythopolis said...

PS I really want a pair of those furry sock things!

Kim said...

First of all, I have to say, I wish we lived closer to each other because I really think we'd be good friends! I applaud your love for your children. I feel bad for A but you need to protect yourself and your kids. Loved the post. it seems that teens all around the world dress the same for Halloween. All the teen girls around here were either sexy witches, or sexy fire(women) or sexy kittens:)

BRUNO said...

WHAT??? No picture of the "Zombie"???

As in, YOU or lil' Abby?

I'll bet you had cucumber-slices over those blood-shot orbs of yours too, didn't you?

Yeah, nothin' worse than watchin' your face crack in the mirror, as it dries-out.

Glad I ain't a woman---I don't HAVE TO look good, even for funerals...!!!

Akelamalu said...

The girls look fantastic!!

From what you've written I get the impression that Sam's friend's parents are happy to offload their son on you at any opportunity. I can understand your panic after his revelations. :0

TechnoBabe said...

Oh my goodness. A sounds like he isn't in a cozy family like you have. Now you have one more thing to be cautious about.

Suldog said...

Hmmmm. Every silver lining hides a cloud, eh? I was thrilled to hear that your Sam had a good friend, but... well, maybe he is a good one for a protector, since he seems very able to handle himself in a physical way? God bless there.

The caveladies? Tres sexy. I know that's not the first thing you'd like to hear, but it's true. And I pride myself on telling the truth :-)

Out on the prairie said...

I've heard if you want to eliminate friends just have them come to a family dinner often, but it sounds like this kid might stick. Hey try it out, ask him if he would mind doing dishes or something each time.Enjoyed looking through your blog.

San said...

Shrink, I'm sorry to have been away for so long. But such a lifeful all-encompassing post to land on upon my return! Your offspring--the cave women and Sam--are beautiful creatures. I see they got the "embrace life in its fullest" gene honestly.

San said...

And even "A" the friend does sound huggable at that. Not that I wouldn't be unnerved myself.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh holy cow... never alone indeed!

The cave women idea was a good one, even though the stilettos weren't. They're adorable (in an adult-supervised and chauffeured sort of way) ;-)

Tamara said...

OMW. I would probably have crashed the car. Good on you for at least faking a smile ;-)

And I'd be sniggering too about the blisters. She did look gorgeous though. Racquel Welch lookout!

Shrinky said...

Hi Kate, aw thanks for that (grin).. um, I've just got an update re: A. He has been given a Saturday work placement, and as it is less than two miles from our house, he's been asking Sam if he can spend every Friday with us, and sleep over so he can get to his work easily. I really, really don't want to commit to this.. wish me luck!

Shrinky said...

Dan, I thought you already had two natually furry pelts? (wink)

Shrinky said...

Kim, I feel sure you are right (grin)! As for A., I'm kind of taking it one visit at a time.

Hi Bruno, nah, the cucumbers were put on hold, so's I could read (wink)! As for the Zombie, she refused to be captured on camera, little Varmnit..

Akelamalu, both Sam and A. attend college only four days a week, with a free day on Friday. Sam tells me A. is asking to spend every Friday with us, on a sleep over. He has a Saturday job placement near where we live, I believe his father is keen to be saved the bother of driving him there. I am not about to agree to this (sigh).

Shrinky said...

Hi TechnoBabe, at least it never gets boring, eh?

Shrinky said...

Haha, Jim you are certainly honest, no one ever doubts that. Actually, you have got a very good point about A. being a sound protector for Sam. As I say, he truly does appear to look out for him, his heart is in the right place.

Shrinky said...

Hi Out on the prairie, how nice of you to stop by, thanks for visiting! Um, not too sure about that suggestion.. A. was barely through the door but he dropped the PlayStaion on the floor - he's kinda' tres clumsy..

Shrinky said...

Hey San, is that really you, where have you been all this while? I can call off the search party, then? (Grin) Soooooooooo glad to see you back hon, I've missed you!

Shrinky said...

imbeingheldhostage, whoohoo, how great to see you again (hugs)! Ha, yup, the high heels were a step too far..

Shrinky said...

Hi Tamara, I know, it was just the matter-of-fact way he dropped it into the conversation, y'know? (Eeek!)

Nati said...

hola amigos, vengo a decirte que visitando esta tarde blog, he visto algo diferente en el tuyo, diferente a todos los que yo acostumbro a ver, me ha gustado mucho y he decidido quedarme como seguidora, así entraré a menudo pq aquí tienes muchas cosas y tengo que leerlas poco a poco.
Enohorabuena por tu trabajo.
Yo tengo dos blog y si quieres pinchando en mi foto ya sabes donde encontrarme.
Hasta pronto, besos Nati.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much in this post.

The girls look fab! Love the heels, next time she'll remember to use band aids huh?

The fishy is cute, and the room is awesome!!

I actually feel bad for A. It kinda seems like they just let him do whatever he wants so they dont have to deal with him. Which is sad. Obviously his parents suck. I know you have a ton going on.. but I think A needs your influence.

Shrinky said...

Hello Nati, unfortunately I am unable to read your language.

Hi there Blue Zoo, as long as Sam is happy, then I am happy - A. has only proved a positive force in his life to date, one that I hope will continue (smile).

mythopolis said...

two natually furry pelts? (wink) What?! How do you know this? Did my ex girlfriend post something on Youtube again?! Hell hath no furry, I mean fury, like a...oh, never mind!

Shrinky said...

Erm, actually Dan, I wasn't exactly TOLD so much as, well um, able to view for myself as it were.. Sorry hon, I thought you knew about the pictures on Face Book??

Sabi Sunshine said...

wow what post.. sry was lately and not be able to see your blog..

How are you doing?

Have a beautiful Day!

Sabi Sunshine

Shrinky said...

Hi sabi, hope life is treating you well!

Velvet Over Steel said...

I LOVE their costumes!! & I still hear healed boots 'too long' when and get blisters sometimes.. so I can't say anything. :-)

As far as Sam's friend; I have experienced the same things with my youngest son's friends they always seem to have parents like that & lots of 'issues'!!

What is with some parents now a days?! Geezzz!

Have a Great weekend!!

Shrinky said...

Hi Velvet over Steel! Last time I wore heels was at a Christmas Ball - I teetered to the table, and remained seated, bare foot, for the rest of the night! (blush) As for Sam's friend, he is coming with us to see a firework display this evening - I'm a little nervous he may try to wander off.. wish me luck!

Heff said...

OUCH !!!

.....Must....order.....that outfit for my Donna.......and a large wooden club for me !

Paul C said...

This is so much fun to read your anecdotal slices of life. I also noted the poster in the mirror, 'Keep calm and carry on.' A fitting saying for the post as well?

Rick said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. No wonder they call you Shrinky.

The cave women were frightening. :-)

Land of shimp said...

Oh good lord, how entirely unnerving Shrinky!! I'm surprised you didn't drive directly off the road. It's a shame because A. has clearly been exposed to some rather limited and unkind views, but it doesn't sound as if he's naturally unkind himself. Just a little out-of-control when frustrated. Ay yi yi. Poor Sam, so delighted to have a friend, and his first one is certainly a character.

Shrinky, the thing is that if you're getting this sort of information via A. it's difficult to know what really happened. Is there anyway you could check in with one of the teacher's at the college, find out the real story? Find out if there was a specific incident that was just a freakish sort of disaster? It just sounds like he might be from a sort of rough and tumble home, and I'm not sure that even speaking to his parents (if they were even marginally available) would help much. But one of the teachers might have access to the details, and might be willing to help you figure out if A. is generally safe, or what's to be done if he does get upset.

I feel for you on this one. Mostly you must have been so thrilled at first to see Sam so happy, and that had to be a disheartening moment. I hope it goes well.

Look at your daughter! Ah well, to be young and have abs that could be displayed :-) Besides, it's fun to be able to go a little bit wild...safely, and it sounds as if that's exactly what she did.

Stiletto pain excepted. Those hurt just to look at. But it's a lesson we all learn about the "Looks great, and I'm as tall as an Amazon and...oh my God, what complete misanthrope developed these shoes???" sooner or later!

david mcmahon said...

Shrinky, Shrinky, Shrinky,

There are valuable lessons to be learned from Squirt. Just swim in easy circles; learn to perfect a three-second attention span; throw out the high heels; and pay heed to that posted saying "Keep calm and carry on".

Got that? Yes? No? Maybe?

SJ said...

I guess the poor boy is picking up that from his dad and bro. Sad.

And most zombies I know are sensible.

Kristina Hughes said...

Those gorgeous girls! They looked amazing - lucky things! Should leave the high heels to the grown ups though - I wear my calloused heels like badges of honour!!

Sam's new friend - wow - poor kid. It's a stark reminder that not all kids have parents who adore them and would do whatever they can to make their lives better. It amazed me that, when I went to see the Christmas Production (3 songs!!) at Jude's school (specialist ASD unit attached to mainstream school) last year, only 3 out of 10 sets of parents turned up!!!!! Do some people really find their kids so challenging that they just don't care? Hmm I suppose there's that strong old genetic link - possibly like father, like son...?

Still, I'm delighted to hear that Sam has a friend and is so happy. I guess you'll just have to rig up some surveillance system to keep an eye on things!! Could you bug Jake and make sure he is always with them?

Shrinky said...

Oh Heff, from what I've seen of your Donna, she would even look stunning wearing a bin liner for a costume! But I'd be careful about that club, you might find she is the one using it on you..

Shrinky said...

Never a truer word, Paul! Stiff upper lip, and all that, eh? (Nervous giggle)

Shrinky said...

Hi Rick, ha, that had never occured to me, I took the name from my blog title, but now you come to mention it, it does seem oddly appropriate, doesn't it? (Smile)

Shrinky said...

Hello Alane, you have hit the nail right on the head m'dear (mind reader that you are)! I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow at college, hoping to feel my way around whether or not this incident with A.'s teacher was a one off or not - wish me luck!

Shrinky said...

Haha David, I would love to build up to owning a 3 second attention span, I certainly do swim around in enough circles! The irony of that poster does not escape me (wink)..

Shrinky said...

Hi SJ, where have you been hiding yourself as of late? Good to see you, my friend. As for A., he strikes me as a complete innocent, he's just a ready sponge to soak up whatever he is fed.

Shrinky said...

Oh Kristina, the scars we carry from a mis-spent youth (giggle), eh? That production you went to rang familiar bells to me. When Sam attended a special needs school in London, he had 30 kids of varying disabillities in his class. Over two thirds of these kids lived in care, and I only ever met two other sets of parents who attended any open days there. Yes, it was quite a sad eye-opener.

A. had another sleep-over with us on Saturday night, and I truly couldn't fault his behaviour - but I still left Jake to sleep in the room with them - just in case..!

Skunkfeathers said...

Crikey! Take a mental health time out ;)

~Babs said...

Boy, am I late to this party!

Your cave woman is too gorgeous!

And God bless you for taking such good care of Sam!

Sandi McBride said...

OMGOMGOMG!!! I had to take a breath in between cave women/girls and painting and punk friends...I love your life...mine used to be exciting like that...I'd forgotten how stressful the boys friends could make me, what with running background checks on them and all if I smelled rope scents on them. Hemp,you know? Anyway, you've made my day, and made me thankful for old age
hugs galore


Debbie said...

Those girls look incredible! And quite mature:)

Shrinky said...

Skunk, I already live in a loony bin.

Shrinky said...

hey Babs, you're back! Great to see you again, hon (big happy smile)!

Shrinky said...

Oh Sandi, that is so funny, I can just imagine you running a police check on any new would be boyfriend - hell, I certainly would given the chance (laughing). And another thing that makes me chuckle is hubby's grandad once owned a flex and hemp maufacturing plant (least that's what he claimed it was - teehee!)

Shrinky said...

Oh Debbie, tell me about it (sigh)!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, my!!!! You are amazing!!! Wow! What a lot to deal with!!! May I give you a standing ovation? You simply MUST be the BEST MUM in ALL the WORLD!!! I'm speechless...and in awe...

Just came by to say "hello" to one of my most favorite people!!! Love you, dear Carol!!! ~Janine XOXO

Shrinky said...

Janine!!!! Ahhhh, how lovely to see you, my friend ((hugs)), goodness I've missed you. How are you sweet lady? Hope all is well in your world, how is the art show shaping up? I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way, not that you'll need it, what ever you turn your talents to is bound to succeed (x)..

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holy smokes!!!! That last story was a mouth full. What happens next?

Your daughter and her friends look great! Oh to be young (and thin) again :-)

Cheers, jj

Shrinky said...

Hi jj, A. does tell some tall tales, the more I get to know him (he's on a sleep over tonight), the more I'm realising he tends to wildly exaggerate most things.. least, I'm kind of hoping that's the case!

Margaret Benbow said...

I love your patience and appreciation of the good things about A.--and also your alertness about what's best for Sam. Enjoying the cavelady costumes. Devouring the real-life mystery. You're so deep into real life mysteries and responsibilities yourself, and plainly unvanquished by them!

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hello Dear

just stopping by to say Hello!

Have a beautiful Weekend!

Kit Courteney said...

OMG - you have the patience of a SAINT!

Les Becker said...

Ack! I'm going to have to check on you every day, now. If you don't post, I'll be assuming you were all rent limb from limb by Scary A.

The Cave Girls look... chilly. Mine dressed on the skimpy side this year - again - as the Robin-half of Batman & Robin. I paid $60 for whagt amounted to a few shreds of sparkly green cellophane.

Oh, and HEY! I'm blogging again! :-)

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh. My. God.


A major change has to happen, and everyone just has to get used to it. It's not worth it!

I like Squirt, but I don't quite understand what happened with the ceiling? I can't tell in the photo.

You must be exhausted!! Hang in there, good mom.

Anna said...

Shrinky I would be in panic too, but at least A is very honest, lol. Great story, and the tribal team actually looked good, but those heals ouch for me (I used to get them all the time, and its been years since I had something like that on my feet). Anna :)

Anonymous said...