Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sprucing Up

Is there anything worse than the smell of wet dog?

Oh alright, I guess in fairness there are a few - decomposing flesh for one (oh dearie me - there's an experience I certainly do not wish to ever repeat again, not at all, at all, at all..), and then my big bruv's cheesy feet, maybe, oh - and my da's silent farts, of course, well yeah, they emptied out a room in a nano-second. But all the same, Jake's daily swim sure takes it's toll on the old olfactory senses.

Bad enough he stinks out the car, once home, he snuggles up to slowly steam-dry against my elbow. He leans against me on the sofa (not that he is actually allowed on the sofa, naturally, well. least of all not when dear old hubby is about), no nudging in the world will budge him (Jake that is, not hubby, er, although now I come to think of it.. but even so, hubby rarely stinks that bad.)

I Wouldn't mind so much if he didn't also carry half the beach back home with him. I tell you, we have corners of our house here just screaming out for a bucket and spade. His coat is nothing less than a canine vacuum, it transplants an acre of sand faster than it would take a bevy of bricklayers with super-charged dumper trucks, all working together on a triple-early-finish bonus.

Bathing him is complicated, he is too heavy to lift, flatly refuses to go in the bath, and needs extreme enticement to enter the shower. First I go in clutching a peeled banana (he loves bananas). Soon as he gets all four paws in over the stall, I pounce, sealing the door closed, trapping him inside.

Trouble is, so am I.

It's a close call as to which of us exits the most traumatised.

I've lost the battle with grooming. C'mon, don't blame me, he even defeated the portable pooch-lady, didn't he? Still, since then things have muchly deteriorated, and I've finally been forced to beg employ the daylight robbery services of a professional grooming salon to unstitch his knotted bloomers. His bum was getting into a severe danger of being irretrievably sealed.

Today was the day.
Awww, who's a sweet-smelling, purty little poochie now then, eh?

So this week I got me to thinking. I reckoned what's good for the goose and all that..

Maybe he wasn't the only one in this house long overdue a trim. There comes a time, doesn't there? I guess with my big five zero fast approaching, a new, shorter hairstyle might be in order - so I went and took the chop.It sure feels a lot lighter, and just think of the hours I'll save drying it!


Leslie: said... BOTH look SO fluffy! mean, HE looks much better and you look great! I'm trying to grow my hair - every time I ask for a "trim" I end up with a "cut." grrrr

Hilary said...

You both look great but I assume you've always smelled just fine. ;) I've long passed that milestone and still have my long hair. Maybe it's time for me too... nah. ;)

TechnoBabe said...

"It's a close call as to which of us exits the most traumatised." Your writing can be so funny. I can picture you scrambling into the shower with the dog and a peeled banana. Hahahahaha.
Your picture with the new shorter hair is wonderful. You are stylin' girlfriend!!!

Anonymous said...

(choke) A banana in the shower? Why would you even think to give a banana to a dog? (tee-hee) - Dah-ling, you look fabulous. The change has done you good.

Artful Kisser said...

Congrats on the new haircut. Just lovely.

I have very romantic memories of the smell of wet dog that go back to being a child living on a farm, cleaning and drying my border collie in front of the fire after his hard day at work. I LOVED that smell - probably cos I just adored him. But yes, a dog wet from mud and rain (and yes, after a bath) is very different to wet dog straight from the sea.

Scott from Oregon said...

You know... I thought, perhaps... your hair was threatening closing off your backside.... but... I mean... how do you TELL someone sucha thing?

jay said...

LOL! Yes, 'lighter' is what I felt when I cut my long hair off. And drying is most certainly quicker - it's worth it just for that! You look great, anyway! I think taking a bit of weight off gives you a bit of a lift on top, too.

As to Jake .. these outdoor sporty breeds have this thick, heavy, oily coat, you see. It's one reason we chose greyhounds. The mud tends to just drop off them and they rarely smell doggy. Mwahahaha!!

Actually, of course, they don't much like swimming, either.

BRUNO said...

Well, I don't THINK I smell like a wet dog (I just washed off in the creek last week!)---but, I DO have Jakes' coat of hair!

Hey, it's gettin' into WINTER over here...!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You look gorgeous!!! I love the new style!! And your pup is simply adorable...can I order one? You are such a witty writer...and can take even the simplest daily events, and make magic with them!!! Love you! Janine XO

Shrinky said...

Hi Leslie, I am having fun playing around with the different styles this cut allows - and I DO feel fluffy - teehee! Go for a different look, yes, it's fun to experiment!

Hilary, hair grows, and I confess I am in two minds still.. I guess I got bored always looking the same, but it's whatever you are comfortable with in the end, and for the record, you look just great how you are!

Awww, cheers TechnoBabe, y'know it takes one to know one, glad you have a funny bone I can tickle once in a while! (Smile)

Chewy, he loves any fruit and most veggies, too, but banana's? He literally sits in front of you if you eat one and "chews" on mid-air, drooling all the while.. seriously! As for the hair-do, I am thinking of going shorter..!

Oh, Artful Kisser, you have put me in mind of a new post here! My first and biggest love was my little Bessie Boots - a Border Collie, she came to work with me every day when I was single..

Scott, my bum has not only been sealed off, it collapsed years ago (sob)!

Hey Jay, don't knock it, I was tempted to have Jake buzz cut all over - the hair he sheds has broken every vacuum we've had within a year.. sigh.

Aw Bruno, such a hound dog, you are - good job you are just as loveable, eh? (Patting you on the head)

Sandy Kessler said...

you know I fight it the dreaded bath for 3 big dogs one like yours but it comes a time as you say and oh how glorious after. Happy holidays ahead.sandy