Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Was Really Together (Once)

It's not as though I'm even a natural blond, I have no excuse.

I don't do it on purpose, I don't set out to be such a div, in fact it's downright embarrassing. A friend of mine has just called. Actually, we've not known each other socially for that long, but you know how it is when you just "click" with someone? It's nice, feels like we've known each other for ages. Our daughter's are friends, but it's only recently she and I have got to know each other outside of that.

Anyways, we arranged to have lunch together next week. She's not daft, she said she'll phone to remind me the night before, then pick me up on the day, en-route. This is on account of the time before, when I clean forgot and stood her up.

Luckily, she doesn't bear grudges, she knows I was truly mortified to have got the dates wrong.

As she rang off, she said, "Okay, so that's on the twentieth then."

Me: What?

She: Wednesday.

Me: Hold up.. when was the 16th?

She: Um, that would be today, wouldn't it?

Me: Och, for the love of God, nooooooooo - it can't be. Can it??"

She: Yeah, yeah it is, today is the 16th."

Me: Bugger. I was sure that was next week."

(All I can hear is her laughing her bum off at the other end.)

Seventy-five quid this has cost me.

Damn it!!!

Ages ago, I booked into an advanced cookery class, I was sure it was for next week. I even bought a sharp new knife and a brand new apron for the cause. AND it's clearly written in on the calendar. I even mentioned it this morning to hubby, asking if he fancied giving me a trial run up there first, so's I wouldn't get lost on the day. (I have this thing about getting lost, a thing very well founded..)

I wasn't always like this.

(There was a time when I was so, so together - honest Guv'.)

Ooooh, I've got an up-date! God bless her cotton socks - you'll never guess what's happened? That darling woman who runs the course has just phoned to find out what happened to me today. I apologised and explained my marbles have long since departed. She was only good enough to offer me a place (at no further cost to me) on her next available slot. Talk about impressed - she is under no obligation whatsoever to do any such thing. Awwww, how lovely to find you are valued as more than only a number - actually, we have had a few telephone chats prior to this about her courses, and I kind of took quite a shine to her then.. seems my instincts were spot on!

I look at myself and barely recognise the person I used to be. How did it come to this? I used to be bold, bright, indestructible, and virtually fearless. Before I married, I sky-dived, had my pilots licence, was sole proprietor of a business that pay rolled over 500 people. These days, I can't even keep a grip on what day of the week it is.

What the hell happened????


jay said...

HAhaha! I do that. You know what does it, don't you? It's stress, and I think you have a tad little bit of that in your life, doncha? ;)

I once blew my birthday money on a concert, invited a friend to go with me, and arrived on the day after it had taken place. I was not only mortified to have dragged my mate out for nothing, I was pissed and upset to have missed the concert and wasted my money. And it was a one-off, too, with a guy I knew playing. *Sigh*

How wonderful of the cookery lady to give you a free place on the next one! What a sweetie!

Leslie: said...

You know what it is, don't you? It's just that when we reach a "certain age" we tend not to realise just how fast time flies. I wouldn't know what DAY it was, let alone the date, if I didn't still tutor and HAVE to check my calendar each and every day to see whom to expect. LUCKY you got a second chance for the course!

Lori said...

Oh dear lord, I just said these words this morning, "what the hell is happening to me?" I think I was really together at one time. ? :) I look in the mirror and I don't know this person looking back at me. Ugh!

CiCi said...

My dear, you have had a little more than usual to take care of lately don't you think? Pat yourself on the back for coming through it all with a smile and you will get on track soon. I have faith in you.

Scott from Oregon said...

peroxide IS corrosive, after all...

BRUNO said...

It's quite simple, my dear Shrinky---you're now a member of the "Fully-Matured"-group.

Basically, it's similar to the aging-process of a fine-wine. One tends to ferment, and mellow with age.

That is, unless something comes along and gets in our mixture, which interrupts an already fragile recipe.

Then we simply become SOUR, and BITTER---good only for the mash that we feed to the hogs.

But, never fear---we ALL would still "drink" you, even if you DID turn into an imported-VINEGAR, instead of that fine-wine...!

(Wasn't that sweet, now???)

Jinksy said...

What happened? LIFE! lol :)

Shrinky said...

Oh Jay, I can just imagine the frustration - arrrrrgh! I haven't done anything quite as spectaculas as that, but I recently got tickets for a Slade concert and forgot to go on the night..

Leslie, isn't that the case? It's scary how quickly each day seems to slide into the next, I get up, I barely blink, and then it's bedtime again!

Haha, Lori, I see it's not only me who feels that way then..

Aw TechnoBabe, see, that's the whole thing, I used to thrive on stress, was able to spin countless plates in the air - you know what I think? I think I've just got OLD!!

You may have a valid point there, Scott (swat!).

Ah Bruno, that really WAS sweet, and almost poetic, too. I particularly like the reference of something getting into the mix to upset the delicate recipe - now that I can definitely relate to (wink).

Yes, I guess so Jinksy (heartfelt sigh)..

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh am looking forward to the new recipes hun! You can stack the freezer ready for the TT! Blonde Bombshell TT Teas! Sounds good to me!

Land of shimp said...

Oh dear, well I'm so glad the person running the course was so kind about it. It does happen to everyone. The more you have going on in your life, the more likely something will get forgotten.

There's all this science involved also, how your chemical balance has changed over time, so you're literally different and your brain functions a bit differently.

However, that's a guaranteed way to bring any conversation to a screeching halt, "Let us discuss the intricacies of our hormone systems..." Yup, could probably use that one in a crowd, to clear a path.

In terms of being fearless before being married, I think when we have kids, or simply get a little bit older, we have more people for whom to fear, and then also, more experience in the vast myriad of disasters a person can encounter.

That, and you have people that need you. I might occasionally dream of leaping out of a plane, doing a bit of thrill seeking, but not only have I seen things not turn out so well for some -- if I end up as a divot in the earth's surface, who in the world will unload the dishwasher around here? They'd also perish from the lack of clean clothes in short order.

So they'd be grief stricken, and grubby all at once ;-)

I imagine that's a lot of what makes you less fearless these days. There are people who count on you.

Shrinky said...

Haaaaaaaaaa, the bikers can dream on Denise, my annual bunch of hairy bikers are mostly self-catering, they run me ragged enough as it is!

Oh Shimp, you do have a valid point there, I stopped all the flying/diving the minute I decided to have kids.. and I certainly do lay most of the blame on them for my steady brain rot ever since!

Anonymous said...

1. Get a calendar with room to write on.
2. Hang it in the kitchen.
3. Write on it as you set up appointments.
4. Each morning as you make your cuppa, cross off the previous day.

Okay? (wink)I keep mine next to my bed.

Shrinky said...

You'd be proud of me, Chewy, I do exactly that, all but number four, that is! I'll add that on my to-do list.. smile.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I felt all warm-n'-fuzzy when I wrote that.(I think it's because I picked-up the wrong deodorant that morning, got the Missus' instead!)

But, it DID say "Strong-enough for a MAN, but made for a WOMAN."

(Sniff!!!) Excuse me whilst I cry!

(Damned PMS! I just KNEW that stuff was contagious!)

piktor said...
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piktor said...

Dear Shrinky, I only 'know' you through your blog posts and your comments but I have you catalogued as a person of character -in its true sense- and verve, solidly planted on this Earth, intelligent, fun, interesting. A verifiable can-do-will-do sorta gal.

So, you are no longer a stickler for appointments and you sometimes embarrass what. Enjoy your relaxed attitude, you have earned it.

Just remember why you left the grind back at the big city and took to greener pastures, just because you and your good hubby wanted it so.

I say good for you. I, for one, envy your joy of life and your swashbuckling style!

Keep it up girl, you kick ass!!!- if I may say so.

We here can attest to that!

A possible answer to the question???

Hilary said...

So are you certain that the new cooking class time isn't the same as your lunch date with your friend?... ;)

Unspoken said...

Oh, I am sorry, I am laughing so hard. It is just a comfort to know I am not alone. BTW what a bombshell you are in that eye picture! No wonder your husband is so good to you :).

Shrinky said...

Aww Bruno, so good to see how in touch you are with your femmine side (wink).. x

Piktor!! (See my big, happy smile?) How lovely to see you back in here, you have been sorely missed, my friend. Oh, I don't regret the slower pace of life, not really - I simply forget to fly OFF this island now and then, the better to appreciate it from afar. I think I feel a trip to London coming on, perhaps that will shake the cobwebs from my brain! OH! I have just checked your link - HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Fabulous (clapping my hands..)

Stoppit, Hilary - you're giving me a nervous tic here!!

Oh yes Amy, didn't you know? My hubby simply loves me to death.. (wry smile).

Unknown said...

You my dear friend have reached a higher plane of consiousness. The mundane world with it's arbitrary divisions of days and hours isn't for your likes. For you have transcended TIME!

Calamity Jane said...

I don't know what happened but if you find out can you let me know? People used to say I was like a sponge soaking up all kinds of information, well I'm more like a loofah these days ... stiff when not in the water and my core is kind of pithy.

Paul Wynn said...

Atleast you came through.. love the dialogue

Mojo said...

Wait. What? Today's the 16th? Or was anyway. Now it's... um... the 18th. Yeah.

Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

But what's this sock fetish you have goin' on? Always blessing people's socks. Must be a British thing.

Good on the teach for setting you up for another class. And good on your friend for not bearing grudges. Guess she understands they're just too much work.

Mojo said...

Oh, and ditto what ... whoever it was said about that eye shot. Niiice!

PRH said...

I doubt if I ever was together Shrinky...and if I ever was, I can't remember where I put the important parts.

Martini Cartwheels said...

I don't know - I still think of you as bright, bold, and indestructible. I had something else to write but I can't seem to remember what it was.

Cloudia said...

You are getting into the important stuff beneath all the "stuff."


Comfort Spiral

Shrinky said...

SJ, I like it, but try telling that to my kids as we chase for the school bus..

Oh Calamity, that made me smile - yup, I can so relate!

Hello Paul, how nice to see you in here, thanks for stopping by. I kind of liked the dialogue in your post, too (smile).

Haha, Mojo, I don't know where I got that expression from, and I don't even wear socks!

Hey Pat, you don't fool me, I don't believe that for one single moment..

CJ, I sure wish all my fellow bloggers were as senile as you make yourself out to be (wink)!

Cloudia, oh THAT stuff?? Hmmn..

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mummy sez, the more peepol yu hav to look arfter an worry abowt, the mor ov yor brain goes into "safe mode". Leest, that's her excuse! HAHAAH! Yu had a pilot's licence? WOW! Mummy yewst to go gliding an got the ferst stage- she flew a circuit. But she cuddent keep it up cos she dident hav enuff pennys.

~Babs said...

oh, life does get tedious, doesn't it?
Does it help any to know you're in very good company?

Shrinky said...

Oh BT, tell your mummy that's what I flew - gliders! Ask her what school she went through? Small world, eh - smile. And yeah, I think your mummy has hit it on the head, how can a poor brain function full throttle when it has to divide it's attention so much with all the folk it has to fret over??

You know what, Bab's? It actually does! (Wink)

myonlyphoto said...

Shrinky you did it all, you need to rest, I think someone is watching over you and telling you rest rest rest and enjoy doing less, lol. You are awesome woman Shrinky, you did in fact a lot. Anna :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, you are so lucky!! That must be one really awesome instructor-- how fun for you.

There's a silver lining to all this marble losing, but I can't seem to remembe3r what it is.

Shrinky said...

Thing is Anna, if I rest any more, I may be pronounced brain-dead! Truth is, I think it's time I found something to do to re-engage these old grey brain cells again..

imbeingheldhostage, yeah, how great is she, eh? There's a lot to be said for living in a place where everybody knows everyone (smile).

*Goddess* said...

I noticed this "brain going south" thing happened the minute I reached my 40's...damn it.